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Zhonghong Insurance Tianjin Branch actively carried out a series of activities on the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”

Zhonghong Insurance Tianjin Branch actively carried out a series of activities on the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”

On the occasion of the eleventh “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, Zhonghong Insurance Tianjin Branch (hereinafter referred to as our company) launched a series of rich content with the theme of “insurance power, work hard for you” Publicity activities, focus on creating a good atmosphere of public opinion and social environment, and contribute to Zhonghong’s efforts to protect a better life.

Our company advocates that “every day is a publicity day”, organizes and carries out the “insurance five entry” activity through “going out, please come in”, communicates with insurance consumers and the public face to face, listens to the needs of the public, carries out public welfare services, popularizes The concept of insurance can effectively improve the satisfaction and sense of gain of the people.

During the daily publicity period, our company and Nankai District Yanyang Road Community launched a multi-dimensional financial security education publicity campaign. At the event site, the staff of our company introduced financial common sense and financial management knowledge in a simple way, and popularized the characteristics of financial risk fraud, common methods and how to prevent them, guiding residents to raise awareness of risk prevention, beware of various types of pension and telecommunication fraud, and keep old age People “money bag”.

At the same time, our company launched a publicity campaign to prevent telecommunications fraud from entering kindergartens. We watch anti-fraud videos with children, lead them to learn case knowledge together, and guide them to understand what Internet fraud is and how to prevent it. Through practical drills, let children receive anti-fraud knowledge in listening, speaking, and acting, and improve their comprehensive anti-fraud ability!

In June, our company combined with the “Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising Publicity Month” activities, continued to carry out financial and insurance knowledge publicity related activities, and did a good job in the education of insurance consumers. With the theme of “keep the money bag and protect the happy family”, we actively guide insurance consumers to establish risk prevention awareness and actively protect their legitimate rights and interests by popularizing anti-money laundering knowledge.

During the publicity month, our company also makes full use of outdoor activities to publicize to past residents by setting up publicity stands, distributing publicity coloring pages, brochures, on-site explanations, etc. Promote and demonstrate to the society, conscientiously implement important measures to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and contribute to cultivating a culture of high-quality development in the insurance industry and creating an environment for high-quality development in the industry.

Through the series of “National Insurance Publicity Day” activities, our company has demonstrated the social responsibility of the insurance industry through active actions in strengthening the cultural construction of the insurance industry, publicizing and implementing the core values ​​of the insurance industry, and conveyed the positive energy of insurance. Protect the happy life of Tianjin people.


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