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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group conducts intensive learning and exchange seminars

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group conducts intensive learning and exchange seminars

On June 29, the Theoretical Study Center Group of the Party Committee of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank carried out a three-group study seminar on the theme of education on the theme of learning and implementing Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Li Guoqiang, the leader of the 22nd Tour Steering Group of the Municipal Party Committee’s Theme Education, and Wang Ruliang, a member, attended the meeting to give guidance. Tang Yiping, Secretary of the Party Committee, presided over the collective study and took the lead in exchanges and seminars. Other members of the leadership team made exchanges and speeches.

The members of the leadership team of the head office have carefully studied the Chinese-style modernization, high-quality development, rural revitalization strategy, prevention and resolution of financial risks, etc. In terms of key chapters, in accordance with the standards of the “quasi” life meeting, exchanges and discussions will be carried out around the topic three, “deeply comprehend the theory of Chinese-style modernization, and promote high-quality development through hard work.” Members of the leadership team exchanged specific practices and learning experiences in terms of personal study and work practice, from the aspects of taking responsibility, daring to fight, and being responsible, strengthening supervision and accountability, preventing and defusing financial risks, and strengthening the modernization of rural commercial banks. Highlighted problems were identified, and ideas and measures for improving the work were proposed. Through exchanges and discussions, I have a deeper understanding of the truth power and practical power of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and further enhanced the consciousness and ability to consciously use the party’s innovative theory to solve problems and promote development, and further consolidated consensus and clarified direction, motivated.

Team leader Li Guoqiang pointed out in his commentary speech that the Party Committee of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank attaches great importance to the theme education. Through the three-topic exchange and discussion, it reflects that the leading group of the Rural Commercial Bank has completed theoretical study in the early stage, has a high degree of practical research, adheres to the “accurate” life meeting standards, and combines The actual work of the whole bank, inspection and inspection of existing problems, firmly grasped the profound connotation of Chinese-style modernization and high-quality development, and achieved the expected results. Li Guoqiang emphasized that it is necessary to continue to promote the theme education to go deep and solid. First, to consolidate the main responsibility, so as to “not relax and never tire of war”. The members of the team actively fulfilled the “one post with two responsibilities”, and the Theme Education Leading Group Office did a good job at the beginning and the end, and did a good job in promoting the implementation of the next step. The second is to continue to promote theoretical study and investigation and research, insist on learning what to do, to achieve systematic study, timely and active follow-up study, and practical key study. At the same time, we must pay attention to the transformation of research results. The third is to continue to make efforts in rectification and rectification, insist on promoting item-by-item rectification of the list of problems as the general starting point, dynamically adjust and improve the list of problems, especially take special rectification work as the top priority, and focus on the effectiveness of rectification and rectification work. The fourth is to truly promote the high-quality development of rural commercial banks through themed education, summarize the phased results of themed education, and deploy tasks for the second half of the year. Use financial services to help the construction of the “Ten Actions” and “Tiankai Park”, and effectively strengthen and promote the development of rural commercial banks themselves. Ability to develop high quality.

Tang Yiping said that the Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee has solidly promoted the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics theme education, closely focused on the central task of the party in the new era and new journey, and strengthened forward-looking thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, and overall Adhere to the original intention of finance, and transform the great power of thought into practical measures to develop, build and revive agricultural business. The first is to strengthen the connection between theory and practice, and carry out in-depth investigation and research. Go deep into the front line of the grassroots, ask the masses, ask questions in practice, use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the world outlook, methodology, and the viewpoints and methods that run through it to discover and solve problems, understand and grasp the real situation, and reflect the opinions of the masses Come up, summarize the experience created by the masses, and solve the outstanding problems that restrict high-quality development. The second is to boost the spirit of being active and responsible, and promote the high-quality development of the whole bank. Adhere to the main responsibility and main business, focus on key areas and key issues to plan and deploy, formulate practical and feasible implementation measures, and really put effort into observing the facts, making practical moves, doing practical things, and seeking practical results. The third is to implement the three major tasks of “serving the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks, and deepening financial reforms”, adhere to the political, popular and professional nature of financial work, and support the “ten actions” of financial work, fulfill financial responsibilities, and demonstrate financial performance. Insist on serving the real economy and serving the local area of ​​Tianjin, continuously improve the level of financial services for agriculture, rural areas and small and micro enterprises, and truly transform the effectiveness of the theme education into the vivid practice of promoting the high-quality development of rural commercial banks and supporting the construction of a modern metropolis in Tianjin.

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