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Top 100 services are warmer and lights are brighter in thousands of homes? The Business Department of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch won the title of “Top 100 Demonstration Units” for Civilized and Standardized Services in Banking Business Outlets

Top 100 services are warmer and lights are brighter in thousands of homes? The Business Department of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch won the title of “Top 100 Demonstration Units” for Civilized and Standardized Services in Banking Business Outlets

The unparalleled land of flowers and moons in the south of Beijing, and the most prosperous city in the north of Jibei. Tianjin has always been famous for its beauty, enthusiasm and vitality. Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has a history of 20 years since its establishment in 2003. Tianjin Branch moved to the new location of the current building in June 2018. Both the external image and the internal office environment have been greatly improved. The branch business department has also made higher requirements and made great progress in outlet optimization, service upgrade, cultural leadership and team building, which are precisely the major prerequisites to ensure the steady development of business.

Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank regards the branch business department as the facade and signboard to serve customers and enhance its influence. In line with the concept and mission of “a first-class bank for a century of prosperity”, it always keeps in mind the service value of “sincere service, accompanied by growth”, in accordance with the head office’s “four In line with the strategy of “Four Stable Advances”, it is determined to build the outlets of the sales department into a banner of Tianjin’s financial industry, and establish a retail business philosophy of dual-track parallel online and offline. With this spirit of persistence and hard work, the business department has continuously summarized and absorbed the excellent establishment experience of other banks along the way from five-star to “Thousand Best” and then striving to create “Top 100” outlets in recent years. Combined with Xingye’s spirit of fighting hard and winning and Tianjin’s unique historical and cultural characteristics, it finalized the creation theme with “colorful service culture” as the main line, aiming to build itself into a first-class business and service capability, first-class operation and management, market Modern boutique banking outlets with a first-class brand image create value for society and customers.

The Business Department of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch, as a member of the “New Top 100”, requires itself to continue to innovate, and has established special areas such as low-carbon and environmentally friendly banyan trees, inclusive financial cloud chains, colorful cultural themes, and intangible cultural heritage exhibition areas. During the visit, Chairman Lu said: I hope the whole bank can imitate innovation and integrate into the action of “strive for excellence with deep learning, dare to be the first, and strive for effectiveness with hard work” to help business development. In this creation work, in addition to improving the hardware facilities, Tianjin Branch has worked hard to improve service concepts, branch culture innovation, social responsibility and business integration, and strive for excellence.

Upgrading the outlet culture. The branch extracted a colorful service culture, which is the guidance of “Party Construction Red”, the blueness of “Industrial Blue”, the feelings of “Humanism Gold”, the hope of “Environmental Protection Green”, the vitality of “Employee Orange”, and the “Service Green” Affinity, smart white efficiency. It symbolizes that Tianjin Branch will take the opportunity of the top 100 outlets, take the colorful service culture as the direction of operation, actively explore and innovate continuously, and strive to build itself into a modernized company with first-class growth and service capabilities, first-class operation and management, and first-class market and brand image. The diligent pursuit of boutique banking outlets.

Convey the concept of green environmental protection. As one of the first batch of joint-stock banks’ “carbon neutral” outlets in Tianjin, the business department of the branch has set up a special environmental protection area, displaying an electronic banyan tree with luxuriant leaves and covering it proudly, and carefully set up customer interaction links on the screen. Customers can donate Your own WeChat steps help the banyan tree grow, and then you can get the carbon emission reduction number and donation certificate on your mobile phone. We hope that through this move, the concept of green environmental protection will be implanted in the hearts of the people, better carry forward the spirit of the banyan tree, convey the concept of green environmental protection, and protect the green water and green mountains together.

Promote traditional culture. The business department of the branch established an intangible cultural heritage exhibition area to protect and inherit the intangible cultural heritage. The exhibition area combines intangible cultural heritage objects with modern VR to showcase the traditional culture with Tianjin characteristics, allowing customers to experience the intangible cultural heritage culture immersively, travel around Jinmen, and appreciate the charm of Tianjin’s history and culture. By creating such an intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, we hope that more people can understand Tianjin’s traditional culture and love Tianjin culture. This is also a concrete manifestation of the “humanity gold” in the colorful culture of the branch business department.

Practice finance for the people. Broaden the depth and breadth of inclusive financial services. The business department of the branch has set up a Pratt & Whitney cloud chain map screen in the public service area, which can realize various query functions. When a customer selects any product on the cloud chain map and enters the company name on the screen, the system will automatically pop up the country that matches the company. Functions such as the latest inclusive financial policies or financial products corresponding to branches help the development of small and micro enterprises.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will base itself on a new starting point, aim at new goals, seize new opportunities, continue to carry forward the industrial spirit of daring to fight and win, continue to write a new chapter of “colorful culture” on the land of Tianjin, and strive to promote the high-quality development of Tianjin!

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