Xu Xiuxian, President of Huitongda: Enterprise and social value go hand in hand, use numbers to help reality, use numbers to promote sales, and use numbers to help farmers

Xu Xiuxian, President of Huitongda: Enterprise and social value go hand in hand, use numbers to help reality, use numbers to promote sales, and use numbers to help farmers

On March 5, 2023, the government work report of the two sessions clearly pointed out: around the in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure; expand domestic effective demand, promote regional coordinated development and new urbanization; ensure national food security, vigorously implement rural Key tasks such as the revitalization strategy were proactive, and the battle against poverty was won as scheduled.

In the past five years, Huitongda has actively responded to the national strategy, promoted the effective connection between the development of the industrial Internet platform and the revitalization of the countryside, and used the industrial Internet to drive industrial digitization, activate consumer demand in sinking markets, and help the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

Xu Xiuxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Huitongda

In 2023 and the next five years, Xu Xiuxian, president of Huitongda, said that it is necessary to implement the spirit of the policy, continue to promote the deepening of Huitongda’s industrial Internet and “digital new business road” innovation, and help rural revitalization and development.

Use numbers to help promote the high-quality development of small and micro entity industries in townships

The government work report emphasizes the need to implement an innovation-driven development strategy and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. As early as 2012, Huitongda keenly grasped the opportunities in the rural market—the market has large geographical differences, long channel chains, and low supply chain efficiency. Therefore, the huge rural market and the urgent need to solve the digital upgrade of in-depth industries, Xu Xiuxian judged this: “Any small Every industry has the potential to create a trillion-dollar market.”

The small and micro entities with large scale and low operating level in China’s townships are the cornerstone of driving the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. In 2012, Huitongda established a hub to serve the rural circulation market with an industrial Internet platform—a township mom-and-pop store, providing a “5+ service” empowerment model, upgrading the supply chain service model with commodities as the core and digital technology services with SaaS+ as the core. The digital operation capability of township member stores has been improved.

Huitongda Industrial Internet enables small and micro entities to maintain continuous high-quality development capabilities and form a symbiotic relationship. “The company’s sales scale exceeded 100 billion, and the total number of member stores exceeded 192,000; the profit growth rate was higher than the scale growth rate, and the cash flow growth continued to improve.”

“The new development concept must be fully, accurately and comprehensively implemented”, “We must unswervingly deepen reform and opening up, and deeply transform the development mode”. Xu Xiuxian said that Huitongda will strive to increase the service output of a single store while expanding the number of member stores, so as to transform the development mode and stabilize growth for the small and micro entity industry.

Promotion by numbers, invigorating the county economy and unblocking the spiral growth of the urban and rural cycle

The government work report states: “Expand domestic effective demand, promote coordinated regional development and new urbanization.” According to statistics, the scale of the sinking retail market in 2020 is 15.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 79.2% of the overall retail market, and it is expected to reach 20.6 trillion yuan in 2025. Xu Xiuxian said that the consumption potential of the sinking market has been released and is becoming the most important driving force for China’s economic growth.

Since 2012, Huitongda has gone deep into the sinking market to develop the county-level economy, focusing on the industrial layout focusing on rural family life and production needs, and gradually perfected the “” Digital B2F+ empowerment service”. Xu Xiuxian said that the consumer electronics and new energy vehicle markets in the county-level consumer goods category have more room for imagination, and Huitongda will continue to make efforts to contribute to the growth of domestic demand.

“It must be the starting point and the end point to meet the people’s growing needs for a better life.” Huitongda implements the corporate mission of “making farmers’ lives better”. Since 2020, along with the economic development of the county and the emergence of a wave of entrepreneurs returning to their hometowns, Huitongda has created a series of training activities for young people in small towns, such as focusing on live broadcast tools and traffic marketing, etc. , Training new farmers and new farmers to create blood for the county economy.

Huitongda also held large-scale promotional activities to quickly activate consumer demand in the sinking market. In 2023, the “Warm Wind Action” township small store support plan will cooperate with suppliers in various fields to provide nearly 1 billion worth of subsidies and 2-3 SLR collections per month. And super brand day, monthly promotion activities.

“It is necessary to better coordinate the effective improvement of quality and the reasonable growth of quantity.” Xu Xiuxian said that at present, it is necessary to maintain strategic focus, start from the needs of consumers in the sinking market, adhere to the “B2F innovative supply chain + empowerment service” model, continue to increase strategic cooperation with TOP brand manufacturers, and improve the digital level and Circulation efficiency.

Use numbers to help farmers, digging into the potential of digital infrastructure both vertically and horizontally

The government work report pointed out that “We must vigorously develop rural characteristic industries, broaden the channels for farmers to increase their income, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, and resolutely prevent large-scale poverty.” Agriculture requires high yields and harvests, and high-quality agricultural products are the ballast stone.

Huitongda provides a stable and efficient agricultural material supply chain and product service digital infrastructure for agricultural development, covering five major industries including feed, fertilizer, pesticide, agricultural machinery, and agricultural service. It has achieved digital services from factories to farmers, and then from fields to production The new model of agricultural industrialization with full link and full scene processing will help the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

On the one hand, in order to cater to the rigid growth in demand for agricultural production materials such as fertilizers, feed, and seeds, Huitongda cooperates with China Salt Red Square, Yuntu Holdings, Zhejiang Agricultural and other leading agricultural materials production companies to reverse customize “Huizhong” through the C2F model. ? “Compound fertilizer series products. In the whole year of 2022, Huizhong will serve more than 200,000 mu of farmland in the six major grain production areas of Sulu, Henan, Anhui, Hubei and Hebei, benefiting more than 11,000 farmers.

On the other hand, in order to stabilize agricultural product sales order agriculture, we have reached a formal cooperation with Sinochem Modern Agriculture (Jiangsu-Wan) Co., Ltd. on the Sinochem MAP project, so as to further develop the business of farmer planting order collection and storage. At the same time, Huitongda has also carried out in-depth cooperation with Chongqing Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and Anhui Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperatives in terms of supply chain, customer, member sharing, and informatization.

High-quality development is the primary task of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Xu Xiuxian said, “When an enterprise develops to a certain stage, it must not be an individual enterprise, but a social and national enterprise. In the future, Huitongda will achieve steady growth, improve quality, and increase value, and become township mom-and-pop stores and partners. To achieve a win-win situation for all parties and create more value for enterprises, capital and society.”

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