Mitsubishi Electric’s 2023RUN FOR ECO “beneficial starting running and planting new green” helps environmental protection

Mitsubishi Electric’s 2023RUN FOR ECO “beneficial starting running and planting new green” helps environmental protection

From February 28 to March 6, 2023, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mitsubishi Electric”) once again joined hands with the China Environmental Protection Foundation to launch the RUN FOR ECO online public welfare activity “Running and Planting New Green”. The activity aims to provide a platform for people from all walks of life who care about environmental issues to contribute to society. It cleverly integrates environmental protection and running. It is easy for men, women and children to participate. Donate money to support China’s environmental protection.

This RUN FOR ECO “Running and Planting New Green” activity was held online through the Mitsubishi Electric WeChat official account. By authorizing the number of WeChat exercise steps, you can participate in the challenge while completing daily exercise, and share your own strength for the cause of environmental protection. During the event, players have one chance to donate steps every day, and get corresponding EcoPoints according to the number of donated steps. The total number of EcoPoints donated in this activity is limited to 150,000. When the total number of donated EcoPoints reaches the upper limit, the donation will end. EcoPoint points will be converted into donations to support green environmental protection activities. Participants can also share check-in posters, calling on more people to check-in and donate steps to help protect the environment. If you insist on donating steps, you will have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw to win exquisite gifts. As long as you walk your legs, you can participate in social contributions. This novel and meaningful public welfare activity has received widespread attention and enthusiastic participation from everyone since the first day of its launch. During the one-week event from February 28 to March 6, a total of 4,606 people participated and won 145,940 EcoPoints, with a final amount of 150,000 yuan raised. The fund is jointly used by Mitsubishi Electric and the China Environmental Protection Foundation for the green environmental protection undertakings in Xiong’an New Area, China.

At present, the world’s environmental problems are facing major challenges, such as global warming, resource depletion, and land desertification are becoming more and more serious. As a century-old enterprise, Mitsubishi Electric has always fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities, taking environmental protection as its own responsibility, and has joined hands with governments and institutions at all levels to organize a variety of ecological and environmental protection activities. In 2015, Mitsubishi Electric founded the RUN FOR ECO charity running event for the first time, and it has been successfully held five times so far. Through the combination of online and offline, novel and interesting models, it has attracted many enthusiastic people who care about environmental protection to participate, and the accumulated amount of funds raised has reached 607,674 yuan. All the donations will be donated to the China Environmental Protection Foundation for greening construction and other environmental protection activities. Mitsubishi Electric’s charity funds went deeper into Laojun Mountain in Yunnan, Xiong’an New District and other areas to carry out tree planting activities. Over the years, Mitsubishi Electric has also insisted on organizing the “China Youth Environmental Protection Promotion Activity”. Through experts and scholars sharing high-tech green environmental protection technologies, on-site visits to smart green factories, and field ecological inspections, it actively guides young people to participate in environmental protection public welfare undertakings, cultivates Environmental protection talents will help ecological restoration and build a beautiful China.

Picture: Previous Mitsubishi Electric RUN FOR ECO activities

In the future, Mitsubishi Electric will also continue to promote the group’s long-term environmental management strategy “Environmental Vision 2050″, and will solve social problems and contribute to the environment as an important issue of management. Society” products and services, create a sustainable future with heart and technology, and actively contribute to the cause of green environmental protection.

【About Mitsubishi Electric】

Mitsubishi Electric Group is one of the world’s top 500 companies. Its business philosophy is “contributing to the realization of a vibrant, prosperous society with unremitting technological innovation and endless creativity”.

At the same time, Mitsubishi Electric, with the attitude of being more committed to better things and constantly transforming into a group, takes “Changes for the Better” as its corporate declaration, which represents the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s determination to “always pursue higher quality and continuously promote change”. Mitsubishi Electric promises that everyone will jointly develop a “better future” with a strong will and great enthusiasm to continuously challenge change.

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