Experience is king Ouxia? Mediterranean Hotel releases the strong potential of emerging brands


The oversized floor-to-ceiling glass windows and ultra-wide viewing terrace integrate the soft line design of ancient Greek art styles such as arched viewing windows and arc doors, with blue, white, olive, golden, log and other colors, supplemented by art pendants , clay pot decorations, log furniture, rattan decoration, and ocean rock oak walls create a comfortable and comfortable holiday atmosphere. This is the unique logo of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel and the unique experience it brings to the majority of tourists.

As the first innovative brand created by Jinjiang Global Innovation Center (GIC), Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel was founded in 2019 and is an emerging brand. Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has formed a unique market positioning based on the changes in the new consumer market, and has dual genes of business travel and leisure vacation.

Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel takes the Mediterranean style as its brand blueprint, integrates the balanced design of Mediterranean nature and architecture, a comfortable and warm lifestyle and distinctive healthy food in its products, and perfectly replicates the “Mediterranean” style of leisure for consumers. Vacation experience, while relying on the value proposition of “enjoying good time in leisure time”, while meeting the dual needs of consumers for business travel and leisure vacation, create a unique vacation experience.

In the eyes of industry insiders, the development process of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel is a process of exploring the possibility of urban vacations, a process of building a happy experience for tourists, and a process of creating value for investors.

As an emerging brand with a strong IP, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel matches the booming vacation needs of the new middle class with its distinctive vacation attributes, and at the same time has complete business functions to provide consumers with more diverse business needs. It can be said that urban resort hotels with business functions represented by Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel are becoming the mainstream of the future market.

Moreover, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has a high degree of territoriality and freedom. It can be used as a light vacation in a business city, and it can be more holiday-style in a tourist city. This also makes Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel Have a broader market space.

The market development layout of “one city, one sea” has further improved the vacation experience and industry standards of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel. Linking mountains, rivers and seas, it will also promote the perfect integration of islands and seas, cities and seas in the future. Through the deepening of the brand concept and value of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel through key projects, it has truly established a Mediterranean-style resort brand business card.

The unique vacation experience, the dual genes of business travel and leisure vacation, and a broader market space have not only made Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel popular among consumers, but also won the attention of investors. With the further release of the vigorous potential of emerging brands, the expansion of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel is also gradually accelerating.


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