Xinyuan Lingshan Bay? The second phase of Longxi ushered in a grand delivery. Ideal life is within reach

Xinyuan Lingshan Bay? The second phase of Longxi ushered in a grand delivery. Ideal life is within reach

According to the monitoring of the Crane Product Strength Research Center, as of the beginning of December 2022, about 20 large-scale real estate companies have adjusted their product strategies based on their own corporate product concepts and changes in the market environment, and held press conferences at the group or regional level. Not long ago, Xinyuan Group ushered in the delivery of several projects again. Focusing on the five major indicators of delivery, it carried out risk control in the whole process and the whole cycle from the “before, during and after” delivery, and carried out rigorous and thorough work deployment. Quality, guarantee delivery service quality.

On November 24, the second phase of Xinyuan Lingshanwan·Longxi in Qingdao was delivered. The planned total construction area of ​​Lingshanwan Longxi project is about 600,000 square meters. The first C2 plot has a land area of ​​about 96,000 square meters, a total construction area of ​​about 162,000 square meters, and a plot ratio of 1.01. Moreover, the plot is adjacent to Binhai Avenue in the north, Xingguang Island in the east, and the sea in the south, so the geographical location is superior. In the house inspection and acceptance process, the engineer will accompany the owner one-on-one to carefully inspect the appearance of the community building, landscape water system, landscaping, public area facilities, and construction details such as indoor floors and walls, from moving house to maintenance service and property management , Owners can call property management services online and offline at any time to enjoy a professional one-stop house collection experience.

For the grand delivery of the second phase, Xinyuan Lingshanwan·Longxi has always adhered to the professional and responsible service concept, strict epidemic prevention inspection, place scanning code, rigorous body temperature detection, escorting the homeowners back home. Carefully guide the owner to carry out procedures such as identity verification, sign-in, formalities, and key collection. The one-stop perfect service is not only a responsibility to the family, but also a dedication to the profession.

At the same time, as of 2022, Xinyuan has delivered 16 projects nationwide with the highest quality assurance, covering an area of ​​nearly 800,000 square meters, covering cities such as Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Foshan, Zhangqiu, and Huzhou. customer satisfaction. In addition, Xinyuan also made frequent voices and continuous efforts in product development this year, covering aspects such as apartment type research and development, product series release, and service upgrades, which coincide with the focus of this year’s product development, such as “improvement” and “rejuvenation” and other innovative directions combine.

As the “son of Henan” that originated in Zhengzhou, grew up in Henan, and grew stronger across the country, Xinyuan Service has been deeply involved in property services for 24 years. The mission and the practice of the concept of “six hearts” service have become a banner for Henan’s local material enterprises to go out of Henan and develop in a diversified way.

In the face of the ever-changing changes and development of the real estate industry, Xinyuan is also constantly strengthening the group’s innovative research and development of apartment types, improving the group’s product strength, and enhancing the adaptability of apartment types to regions. And customer research and judgment, innovative research and development of the 3.0 version of localized house type, committed to practically implementing the beautiful vision of more owners about the home.

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