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Is annuity insurance worth buying, how to buy it, an article tells you

Is annuity insurance worth buying, how to buy it, an article tells you

What does annuity insurance mean? Annuity insurance refers to the personal insurance that pays the insurance money based on the survival of the insured, and pays the life insurance money in installments according to the agreed time interval. Annuity insurance is characterized by high security, and it can be used for pensions, child education reserves, asset allocation, wealth inheritance, etc. Different from protection-type insurance, annuity insurance has a very special function—mandatory savings function. Simply put, annuity insurance can help you leave a sum of money for future use.

If you want to solve the problem of your child’s college tuition in the future, you can consider buying an annuity insurance for your child now. If you want to plan for future retirement issues, you can also consider buying an annuity insurance for retirement. Whether it is an annuity insurance used for education benefits or pensions, there are clear agreements on when, how, and how much to receive, and various details are specifically reflected in the policy contract.

So, how to choose a better annuity insurance? First of all, we need to choose the right product according to our cash flow needs at a certain stage, paying attention to the payment method, collection time and amount. Secondly, we can pay attention to other functions of annuity insurance, such as whether to link with a universal account, and obtain asset value preservation and appreciation through compound interest. The historical settlement interest rate and the minimum guaranteed interest rate of the associated universal account can be used as a reference for selection. Again, about the cash value: If you need money urgently, how much can you get back if you surrender the policy, and will you lose money. Also, regarding the death insurance amount: how much money can you leave to your loved ones after a hundred years.

Here we recommend the Zhonghong Hengying Family Manulife Insurance Product Plan launched by Zhonghong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. The main advantages of this insurance product portfolio are: 1. Determined benefits, constant wins in life: “Hengying Family” survival annuity and maturity The insurance payment is determined, and there is no fear of changes in the economic environment. 2. Compound interest and value-added, long-term abundant wins: “Hengying Family” can be linked to the universal insurance universal account to maintain and increase the value, which is better for long-term planning. 3. Flexible planning, win every step: “Hengying Family” can be associated with universal insurance, and the collection operation can be done at will, and the future needs can be planned calmly. 4. Worth planning to ensure a win-win situation: Zhonghong Hengying Family Manulife Edition insurance product plans to resist unknown risks in life and protect the happy life of the whole family.


This product plan consists of Zhonghong Hengying Family Annuity Insurance (referred to as “Hengying Family”) and Zhonghong Manulife Premium Whole Life Insurance (Universal Type) (referred to as “Manulife Premium”).

This product plan can be combined flexibly, and you can associate or not associate universal whole life insurance according to your own needs.

  “Manulife Premium Edition”For universal insurance, the part where the settlement rate exceeds the minimum guaranteed rate is uncertain.

The content of this document is for reference only. The specific insurance liability, liability exemption, surrender fee and other details are subject to the terms of the insurance contract.

  Insurance companies shall not sell non-insurance financial products in violation of regulations, and shall not participate in illegal fundraising.

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