Continuous delivery proves its strength!Xinyuan Group once again handed over the excellent enterprise answer sheet

Continuous delivery proves its strength!Xinyuan Group once again handed over the excellent enterprise answer sheet

With the economic recovery under the normal control of the epidemic and the deep transformation of the market, the real estate industry may fully return to the competitive track dominated by product strength. Among them, Xinyuan Group, which has been working hard for 25 years, has always adhered to the development concept of “quality real estate” and forged ahead. This year’s product and service capabilities have delivered an answer that satisfies customers and the market. Not long ago, the second phase of Qingdao Xinyuan Lingshanwan Longxi ushered in a grand delivery. Judging from the satisfaction of the delivery site, Qingdao Lingshanwan Longxi undoubtedly completed the assessment of product cashability once again.

Life is art, and architecture is aesthetics. For Xinyuan Group, delivery is not just “delivering a house”, but also “delivering life”. For the grand delivery of the second phase, Lingshanwan Longxi has always adhered to the professional and responsible service concept, strict epidemic prevention inspection, site scanning code, rigorous body temperature detection, escorting the homeowners back home. Carefully guide the owner to carry out procedures such as identity verification, sign-in, formalities, and key collection, providing one-stop perfect service.

In the process of house inspection and acceptance, Xinyuan Group arranged engineers to accompany them one-on-one throughout the whole process. From the appearance of buildings in public spaces, landscaping, to the ground and walls of homes, etc., the owners carefully explained and discussed Check carefully. Immediately arrange for the master to repair the minor problems on the spot, and arrange for professionals to record and deal with the rest, so as to build a happy future for the owner’s family.

At the same time, Xinyuan Group has been committed to the construction of product system, from the initial “Outline of Residential Standardization” to the later “Elegant and Intelligent” products, and then to the “White Paper on Xinyuan Group’s Residential Product Line Strategy” released last year, the product system The idea of ​​construction is gradually mature, and the results are gradually perfected.

Up to now, Xinyuan Group has accumulated 60 development and construction projects, with a cumulative development area of ​​more than 20 million square meters, providing high-quality housing for more than 200,000 owners. Based on the different divisions of land attributes, customer group attributes, product spirits and design concepts, Xinyuan has established a relatively complete product line, including Royal Pin, Zhenpin, Yuepin, and Lepin.

It can be said that by turning “exceeding expectations” into a standard delivery standard, Xinyuan Group has lived up to the expectations of the owners and the market for its high-quality products, and has given the owners a sufficient sense of security and happiness in life. In the future, Lingshanwan Longxi will continue to bring better and more considerate services to the owners, create a warm and high-quality residence with heart, and stick to the road of original products. It also brings more value return for the future development of the real estate industry.


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