With overwhelming popularity on the first day, the Beijing Gift Fair drives productivity with “new quality”


As the “new quality productivity” strategy clearly promotes the innovative development of China’s economy based on local superior resources, the first exhibition of the gift industry in 2024 – the 49th China·Beijing International Gifts, Premiums and Household Products Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Beijing Gifts and Home Products Exhibition ) will be held brilliantly at the China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) in Beijing from March 21 to 23, 2024.

  The first day of the exhibition was very popular and the enthusiasm for trading was high.

As the largest and most influential industry benchmark exhibition in the northern region, this year’s Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition once again achieved a full hall scale, with eight major exhibition halls open. On the first day of the exhibition, both popularity and transactions were booming at the exhibition, fully demonstrating the Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition. industry influence and the new normal that the gift industry has regained rapid development momentum since last year.

Domestic and foreign brands and enterprises gathered together, competing in 20 categories such as food, small household appliances, daily necessities, culture, cultural and creative products, and kitchenware, and 200,000 creative gifts gathered to meet employee benefits, business gifts, event promotions, Full-scenario procurement needs such as e-commerce product selection.

At the beginning of the new year’s peak purchasing season, an efficient trade platform for communication between supply and demand parties in the gift industry in the northern region has been established. B-side purchasing enthusiasm is high, business negotiations are busy, the exhibition hall is crowded, and the scene is bustling with excitement.

  Increase new momentum for development and promote new quality productivity of gifts

New quality productivity is high-quality productivity in the new era, and its foundation lies in innovation that keeps pace with the times. At this exhibition, Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition demonstrated a wealth of curatorial innovation, channel innovation and the absorption of innovative exhibitors, striving to create new quality productivity.

In view of the fact that the exhibition is held in Beijing, a center of higher education, the organizers specially set up a themed display of “College Admission Notice Awards”, where various audiences can appreciate the most “cultural connotation” design masterpieces. The organizer also uses this to incubate and help the most innovative and creative cultural and creative enterprises to implement their design cases.

The “Colorful Food” in Hall 2 gathers special food and drinks from Beijing, the north and other regions across the country, as well as agricultural products and gifts from all over the country.The organizer has set upHappy Life, “Food” Featured Theme Interactive Exhibition Area. Buyers from all channels interact and negotiate with exhibitors on-site here, and conclude business in a relaxed atmosphere tasting delicious food from all over the world.

E-commerce product selection hall, exhibition festival, online shopping exhibition, the trend is coming! For the first time, this Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition has set up an e-commerce selection hall in Hall 5 with the theme of e-commerce, including smart technology, boutique life, personal care and beauty, household department stores, pet supplies, maternal and child toys, office equipment and consumables , food and agricultural and sideline products, outdoor products, textiles and other popular e-commerce categories, as well as trendy hot products, one-stop solution to the problem of resource docking in the e-commerce industry.

When the e-commerce product selection hall first opened, a product selection team from the leading domestic live streaming e-commerce agency Make Friends came to the site for product selection and negotiation. At the same time, the organizer also invited many emerging live streaming e-commerce track waist home furnishings The vertical category experts Qingzi’s Beautiful Life, Sister Li’s Life, Dianzi’s Life, Luo Lihe’s Uncle, Miss Lin Jubai, Ding Jiayi, Pineapple Youpin, Dongma, Wenjie’s Home, etc. participated in the exhibition festival held on site.

Buyers from all over the world participated in the exhibition in real time through the live broadcast room and the official “Cloud Exhibition”, interacted with exhibitors, and “had fun” together on the cloud.

  Big buyers, big orders, product selection and investment fairs, transactions are productivity

With such a large scale, complete categories and many new products, the gift industry’s first exhibition in the Year of the Dragon is an efficient and economical procurement platform that administrative procurement managers of enterprises in the north, including Beijing, cannot miss. It is reported that Toyota Motor, Leading Future, Jinqi Cultural and Creative Technology, Jinrui Tongda Technology, Zhongao Tongyu Technology, Qianxing You and Me Technology, Thirty Degrees North Network Technology, Tiancheng Chuangxiang Technology, etc. came to purchase with large orders.

After completing the pre-exhibition docking work, at the exhibition site, through a special product selection and investment promotion meeting, exhibitors and buyers expressed their satisfaction with this efficient and highly compatible one-stop docking service, which enabled both suppliers and buyers to achieve the maximum on-site Commerce and business negotiation.

  8 bigthemeThe forum and 30+ distinguished guests gave birth to new productivity

Innovation is a kind of ability, and creating new productive forces requires learning to keep pace with the times. This Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition also focuses on helping exhibitors and buyers present to share the direction of business innovation and improve innovation capabilities. During the exhibition, an exhibitor training session and the largest number of eight themed forums to date will be held, covering topics such as new e-commerce, employee benefits, cultural creativity, collectibles, digitalization, and cross-border e-commerce.

Three themed forums were held on the first day of the exhibition, namely “Golden Bull Classroom. Kuaishou Management Open Class”, “New Economy and New Business Forms | New E-commerce Activates New Consumption”, and “Enterprises under Great Change: Bringing Welfare Care and Crossing the Cycle” . The venue was crowded, the speakers shared passionately, the audience was attentive, and the interaction was lively.

It is reported that more than 30 guests from industry leaders Yunzhonghe, self-media and e-commerce platform Kuaishou, Duoduo cross-border TEMU, Amazon and other giants will successively interpret industry trends and share industry experience with the audience to help participants understand and master New business opportunities, innovative productivity.

The 49th Beijing Gifts and Home Furnishings Exhibition keeps pace with the times. Through innovative exhibition methods and themes, it brings together new highlights, new products, and new solutions with a new texture to create a better experience for national exhibitors, terminal buyers and channel dealers in the gift industry in the northern region. Multi-value, empower all parties in multiple dimensions, and promote the development of industry productivity.


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