With a market size of 100 billion, how can Walaida ride the wind and waves and achieve large-scale brand development?


In the huge catering consumer market, with consumers’ love for food rising like a tide, various food brands have sprung up. Among them, bullfrog, as a special delicacy, has set off a craze in the catering industry with its delicious taste and unique meat texture.

In recent years, Bullfrog has developed from a single production and sales link into a complete closed-loop industrial chain model, and its market size has reached 100 billion levels. Under such a market background, Walaida, as a well-known brand focusing on bullfrogs, has successfully ridden the wave of a market size of 100 billion and achieved large-scale brand development with its unique business strategy and unremitting efforts.

  Clear category focus strategy

Walaida’s success is inseparable from its focus on categories. Since 2015, Walaida has firmly chosen to focus on bullfrog delicacies, and continues to work hard to create every dish with ingenuity. The first twelve flavors of frog pot, allowing consumers to experience new surprises every time they taste it. This kind of focus and persistence on the category allows Walaida to stand out in the fiercely competitive catering market. At the same time, it has established a distinct brand image in the hearts of consumers and won their love and trust.

  Standardized business strategy

In order to achieve the goal of nationwide expansion, Walaida adheres to the chain franchise business model based on its unique business model, standardized all daily operations, and successfully launched it in hundreds of stores across the country. Through strict store inspection, evaluation and coaching improvement mechanisms, Walaida ensures that each store can steadily implement the company’s strategies and concepts.

As a member of the formal dining industry, Walaida has implemented a highly standardized strategy by focusing on single products in the complex catering industry. This high degree of standardization is not only reflected in the kitchen processing technology, but also includes all aspects of front office services and daily management of the store. This is also the key to Walaida being able to expand to hundreds of stores in a short period of time and lay a solid foundation for its subsequent expansion into thousands of stores.

  Understand changing consumer needs

Walaida not only focuses on the product itself, but also focuses on understanding the changing consumer needs. With the diversification of consumer tastes and eating habits, new consumption demands are updated iteratively. Walaida keeps up with the trend and through product upgrades and scene upgrades, it not only meets the new needs of consumers, but also connects with them emotionally. resonate.

Nowadays, the scene of Walaida has been upgraded six times. The latest super night market style has moved the night market into the shopping mall. The two different scenes are merged together, reflecting the fashion and modern human fireworks in the huge contrast. The unique dining environment allows consumers to enjoy a pleasant dining experience while tasting delicious food.

After 15 years of careful hard work and unremitting efforts, Falaida has become unique in the field of bullfrog cuisine and has set an industry benchmark. As the first frog catering brand with more than 400 stores, its large-scale development results are particularly prominent and significant in the Bullfrog food world and even the entire catering industry. This achievement not only demonstrates the brand strength of Walaida, but also wins wide recognition and respect in the fierce market competition.


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