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Volvo Cars Yu Kexin explains the key to success: Quality service is the key to gaining user reputation

Volvo Cars Yu Kexin explains the key to success: Quality service is the key to gaining user reputation

In the current increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market, how to obtain and maintain user reputation has become the focus of every automobile brand. Volvo Cars, as a world-renowned luxury car brand, has always won widespread praise from users for its excellent service quality. Recently, Volvo Cars’ Yu Kexin gave us an in-depth analysis of Volvo’s success. He emphasized that high-quality service is the key to gaining user reputation.

The listing rate in some markets exceeds that of BBA

For the Volvo brand, each market segment is second only to BBA, and many models have been ranked fourth for a long time, but their performance in various regional markets is different. For example, Volvo sells seven models, XC90, S90, XC60, S60, XC40, as well as V90CC and V60. The best-selling model is the XC60, accounting for nearly 40% of sales, the XC90 model accounts for 10%-12% of sales, the S90 accounts for 20%-25%, and other models such as the XC40 will account for 15%-20%.

Volvo’s point market will definitely surpass BBA, but there is still a long way to go before it can surpass others in the overall market. Volvo’s registration rate in many small cities is very high. For example, Tibet has a registration rate of more than 20%. This also depends on whether dealers work hard to expand the market. There are also many third- and fourth-tier cities that definitely surpass (BBA), and Volvo has been working hard to achieve its ambitions.

In the field of electric vehicles, Volvo’s performance is quite outstanding. Yu Kexin said that the national strategy is carbon neutrality, and what Volvo can do is to strive to practice and develop towards this goal in this industry. The strategies of various automobile brands are also towards the development of electric vehicles. In the first half of the year, Volvo Cars’ sales increased by 41% with pure electric products, and by 35% without pure electric products. Simply talking about electric vehicles or hybrid models, the market share of the Volvo brand is not low among the overall luxury car brands, because the Volvo brand has started the strategic layout of electrification development very early. In the future, Volvo will launch more high-quality products in terms of pure electric models to allow more users to experience a green luxury travel experience.

Hybrid models will be very popular in the second half of the year

If nothing unexpected happens in the second half of the year, the market will still be very good, but now some brands will shrink due to the influence of chips, and some will continue to expand if they are not affected by chips. But this trend is no problem and may continue to grow by the end of the year.

Yu Kexin feels that the Volvo brand is on the right track in the second half of the year. As long as it maintains good communication with dealers and sells products to the market normally, it can maintain a good level of profitability. Especially Volvo’s RECHARGE models, including the newly launched XC60, actually have a great impact on dealers. If dealers complete sales of these models very well, customers’ sense of value for hybrid products will be greatly improved. I think Volvo products are good value for money. Of course, other brands also have hybrid models, but Volvo’s entire range is hybrid.

Many users have a relatively traditional understanding of the Volvo brand concept. The safety-oriented brand concept is getting younger and younger. Volvo is developing the brand in a technological direction. Moreover, Volvo is a hybrid series and does not rely solely on one product to build its reputation. The world. Safety is the DNA of the Volvo brand, but it is not everything. If the brand wants to move forward, it must develop hybrid and electric products. In fact, Volvo has done very well, but it has been labeled by everyone as safety. When it comes to safety, people may instinctively think of safety, while young people may want control and motivation. But in fact, the Volvo XC60 T8 accelerates from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers very well, but it is not well-known by everyone.

Not afraid of challenges from new electric vehicle brands

It’s impossible to be stress-free. In the end, it’s still a battle to grab customers. Every brand is competing for customers, and there will definitely be overlapping customers. The top market must have the highest overlap rate. The strongest and fiercest competition is in Shanghai.

Volvo has been hard hit in coastal markets. But in the inland market, people have not yet realized that electric vehicles are the products they want, so the current stage has little impact on Volvo. For example, are there any users in the northwest region who buy electric vehicles? have! But most electric vehicle users are located in areas such as South China and East China, including some in Beijing. On the one hand, there are green licenses and policy guidance, and on the other hand, it is reflected in service quality.

The Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing his or her own magical powers. The development of major car brands will definitely have an impact on Volvo, but Volvo respects its opponents. As for the status of Jianghu in the future? Volvo itself is not an immutable brand. It will definitely develop in the direction of electric vehicles in the future. Therefore, Volvo will not be submerged in the torrent of the times. Volvo will launch better products and services to create better travel for more users. experience.

Increase support and improve dealers’ profitability

Volvo is a B2C model, dealers serve as middlemen, Volvo is a channel provider, Volvo provides products and 4S stores provide services. The entire model is the same as convenience stores and milk tea shops. Volvo hopes that its dealers can make profits, so Volvo will provide them with good products and good policies. At present, there are a total of 281 sales outlets across all channels. The average dealer profit is still good and will be even better in the future.

In recent years, Volvo has basically focused on letting dealers learn how to make a profit. Through continuous improvement and improvement, dealers’ profitability is indeed much better than in previous years. Volvo’s requirement for dealers is that they hope that they can improve their self-drive through their own abilities and further strengthen their hematopoietic ability. The main job now is to lead them to manage all aspects of the sales structure, make their distribution more reasonable, and at the same time increase the added value in the second-hand car market to achieve profitability.

Volvo’s attention and assistance to dealers will also not be absent. For example, Henan is now experiencing a rare and sustained heavy rainfall. As the most solid backing for its dealers, Volvo must decisively lend a helping hand in the face of the disaster and work with its dealers to tide over this difficulty. Therefore, Volvo immediately assessed the impact of the disaster on its terminal business and comprehensively deployed five major measures. First, the July sales target assessment will be completely canceled to help dealer partners actively adjust their posture, restore confidence, and maintain a state of file operation; second, Volvo will make policy adjustments in parts ordering, parts return, customer research, etc. ; Third, Volvo will also assist dealers to properly handle commercial vehicles that have been flooded; fourth, it will exempt assessment items involved in the third quarter quality inspection to reduce the burden on dealers in disaster-stricken areas and help them quickly resume operations; Finally, Volvo will provide comprehensive support for damaged materials in dealers’ showrooms to ensure normal operation and maintenance of dealers’ showrooms.

In addition to dealers, Volvo also sent Volvo’s care to users and the masses in the disaster areas. Volvo sent risk warning and rescue text messages to Zhengzhou car owners, and also coordinated two special rescue vehicles for each 4S store in Zhengzhou, and confirmed their current status to all customers who called for rescue every 20 minutes; Volvo also called on Zhengzhou car owners Friends, organize everyone to respond to the disaster together.

Volvo has sent a message to its dealer partners and users, that in the face of natural disasters, the Volvo brand is as reliable as the safety of its cars. Volvo will work together with dealers and users to overcome the crisis. difficult!

Use services to obtain user reputation

For the automotive market, advertising is worth tens of thousands. In fact, Volvo’s greatest reputation is through referrals. Most of its customers come through word of mouth. Therefore, if Volvo does good after-sales and the customers are satisfied, then the customers it brings to Volvo are actually more affordable than Volvo’s advertising. For the back-end market, if the reputation is good, the more the car runs on the road, the better.

In the past, customers criticized the price for being expensive. In fact, it was not that it was expensive, but a deviation in customer awareness. Now Volvo has made adjustments, including infinite care for customers. This kind of investment seems to be huge, but it does not happen every day. It is more about high-quality products and practical care that can be recommended to customers, which is much more effective than Volvo’s advertising. This is not a cost issue. Volvo really needs user reputation.

Through Volvo Cars’ analysis by Yu Kexin, we understand more clearly that high-quality service is not only a service standard for Volvo Cars, but also its core weapon to gain user reputation and win market competition. Volvo Cars has always been guided by user needs, constantly improving service quality, and bringing users a more comfortable and convenient car buying and using experience. It is this ultimate pursuit of service that makes Volvo stand out in the fierce market competition and become the preferred brand in the hearts of users.

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