Chairman Chen Jianming leads Sansheng Hongye to learn from history, clarify the direction, and realize reorganization and transformation


Use copper as a guide to correct your clothes; use the past as a guide to understand the ups and downs; use people as a guide to understand gains and losses. In the development of an enterprise, summarizing the previous results, gains and losses is a reflection of the enterprise’s self-reflection based on history. Shanghai Sansheng Hongye Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as “Sansheng Hongye”) is a company that is good at summarizing, sorting out and purifying. In annual and monthly summaries, it identifies gains and losses and clarifies the way forward.

Not long ago, Sansheng Hongye held a monthly work meeting in the conference room on the 21st floor of its headquarters, Sansheng Hongye Building. This meeting brought together all the middle and high-level cadres of the group to jointly discuss and layout the company’s future work priorities.

  Summarize the past, draw lessons from history, and clarify the direction of corporate development

At the meeting, Huang Qizao, President of Sansheng Hongye, conducted a comprehensive assessment of the work in February and made a comprehensive deployment of the work in March. He emphasized that March is a critical month for the group to achieve breakthroughs in restructuring and transformation, and all cadres must attach great importance to ensuring that all work is advanced in an orderly manner.

Chairman Chen Jianming delivered an important speech at the meeting. He first expressed his full affirmation of the work arrangements of President Huang Qizao and other senior leaders, believing that they had accurately grasped the key points of their work. Then, he reiterated the importance of implementing the spirit of the 2023 annual summary meeting, and pointed out that this is the company’s strategic policy to overcome difficulties and forge ahead and rise from the ashes.

  Move everything forward, go deep and far, and create conditions for the future development of the enterprise

Regarding the future work of the company, Chairman Chen Jianming put forward specific requirements in six aspects. He emphasized that we must first thoroughly study and understand the spirit of the 2023 Annual Summary Conference and ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the established policies and tasks. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen effective communication with all relevant parties and make full preparations for the group’s reorganization. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job in various basic development work, carry out in-depth inspections and negotiations, and create good conditions for the implementation of relevant development projects in April.

Chairman Chen Jianming also emphasized the importance of corporate management. He requested that the original management system be improved and optimized based on the principle of simplicity and efficiency, and further enhance the standardization level of enterprise management. At the same time, he also put forward the requirement to vigorously carry out training and learning, strengthen assessment and incentives, and orderly promote the company’s reshaping of team work.

At the end of his speech, Chairman Chen Jianming raised ardent expectations for the group’s senior leaders. He hopes that senior leaders can lead by example, take the lead in setting an example, and focus on the “five models.” These five models include: a model who implements policies and strengthens confidence; a model who is diligent in learning and self-cultivation, a model of three integrity and one truth; a model of research and improvement, pragmatic innovation; a model of hard work and courage to shoulder heavy responsibilities; a model of strong execution and efficient work.

“The Analects of Confucius” says: “I examine myself three times every day.” Self-examination and summary are exactly a process of recognizing practice, then drawing experience from practice, and then improving understanding and correcting behavior. After summarizing and sorting out the experience, all the cadres of Sansheng Hongye expressed that they would invigorate their spirits, go all out, break through the difficulties with iron will, and implement the annual work goals with the momentum of a tiger descending from the mountain. Looking forward to the future, under the leadership of Chairman Chen Jianming, Sansheng Hongye will remain firm in its original aspirations, shoulder corporate responsibilities and responsibilities, achieve breakthroughs in restructuring, transformation and development, and be reborn from the ashes.


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