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Wenjie M9 and Huawei’s winter full-scenario press conference held today to unveil many new products

Wenjie M9 and Huawei’s winter full-scenario press conference held today to unveil many new products

Wenjie M9 and Huawei’s winter full-scenario press conference were held in Shenzhen. This time we brought Wenjie M9, nova 12 series mobile phones, Huawei FreeClip ear clip headphones, Huawei MatePad Pro Collector’s Edition, Huawei Smart Screen V5, and Huawei router BE3 Pro 2500M network mouth version and many other full-scenario products. The new products at this conference cover diversified application scenarios such as consumer smart travel, smart home, and smart office, further improving Huawei’s all-scenario ecology of the Internet of Everything.

One generation ahead of the top ten black technologies, the luxury technology flagship SUV Wenjie M9 is officially released

Hongmeng Zhixing’s annual blockbuster product, the luxury technology flagship Wenjie M9, has been officially released. A total of 4 models have been launched, priced at 469,800-569,800 yuan. Wenjie M9 is fully equipped with Huawei’s top ten smart car black technologies, bringing a generation-leading experience such as smart cockpit, smart driving control, smart driving, and smart safety. It redefines smart car standards and creates a smart travel experience that subverts imagination for users.

  Wenjie M9 has a leading variety of space, with all three rowsIt has the largest space performance and passenger space in its class.[footnoteRef:0]It reaches the largest size of 2725mm in its class, has a higher room acquisition rate, and supports 3, 4, 5, and 6-seat various seat modes.Equipped with six equal-weighted first-class seats, the co-pilot Shuyun double seat applies Huawei’s original patented seat-back separation technology, and the new zero-gravity seats in the second row feature the industry’s first horizontal adaptive dual armrests.Easily meet users’ travel needs in all scenarios.

  Wenjie M9 has a leading smart cockpit. The entire car is equipped with 10 screens, which can easily realize multi-person, multi-screen and multi-device interaction. The industry’s first car-level projection system is now on the car, and the 32-inch lifting projection screen recreates a cinema-level viewing experience. The new HUAWEI SOUND series has flagship configurations,Equipped with 25 units of professional-grade audio, the power amplifier output reaches 2080W, and it also brings super-sensory spatial sound, smart sound field, privacy sound shield, and smart sweet spot.[footnoteRef:1]Many other industry-unique functions make the sound more than just listening to music.. The new Xiaoyi Smart Assistant is equipped with a large AI model for the first time, creating more full-scenario possibilities for users.

  Wenjie M9 is equipped with the leading Touring intelligent chassis, which adopts front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension. The entire series is equipped with intelligent closed air springs and CDC variable damping shock absorbers as standard. Through the multi-modal fusion sensing system, HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system use software capabilities to maximize mechanical qualities, bringing a better, safer, and more comfortable driving experience. HUAWEI ARHUD immersive head-up display system, HUAWEI XPIXEL megapixel smart projection headlights and many other black technologies are on the car, bringing smart driving control into the era of light.

Wenjie M9 has fully upgraded the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end intelligent driving system, equipped with a newly designed 192-line lidar, which can accurately identify vehicles and pedestrians through GOD (General Obstacle Detection) Network 2.0 and RCR (Road Topology Reasoning Network) Network 2.0 , traffic facilities and signs, pile tubes, etc.No need to rely on high-precision maps, it can be opened all over the country[footnoteRef:2]the high-end intelligent driving experience of driving better and better can be started immediately.

  Safety is the greatest luxury. Wenjie M9 has leading hard-core safety. The super-strong Xuanwu body aluminum alloy accounts for 80% of the volume. A total of 12 parts of the whole car are made of 2000MPa nuclear submarine grade hot-formed steel.[footnoteRef:3]. Wenjie M9’s forward stationary car AEB[footnoteRef:4]Active braking supports a maximum speed of 120km/h. ESA[footnoteRef:5]Emergency Steering Assist System: When there is a risk of collision between the vehicle and the target ahead, the system will help the driver avoid a collision by steering, raising active safety capabilities to a new level.

A fashion pioneer and all-around portrait, the nova 12 series is a powerful interpretation of “excellent and irresistible”

The nova 12 series cleverly integrates portrait capabilities with pioneering technological aesthetics, interprets trendy design language, leads young fashion, and brings about the evolution of senses and experiences. In terms of appearance, the vitality and confidence of young people are integrated into the design, bringing a new color No. 12-eye-catching blue, which is hot, lively, and avant-garde. nova 12 Ultra, color No. 12 paired with plain leather, is eye-catching and confident. The newly upgraded star ring design draws inspiration from luxury jewelry and uses precision metal processing technology to make it more dazzling. The lens module is wrapped in fine plain leather, and the integrated craftsmanship is natural, adding to the sophistication. The use of a larger size star logo presents a more eye-catching posture, just like young people announcing to the world: outstanding, “blue” can never stay. In terms of screens, nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro bring nova’s first equal-depth four-dimensional micro-curved screen, which combines rounded feel and precise control.

In terms of imaging, nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro are equipped with a front-facing binocular stereo vision imaging system, bringing 0.7X-5X full-focus zoom capability, and are equipped with the XD Portrait DaVinci portrait engine, focusing on “shape, quality, light, and color”. “With four portrait features, various selfie scenes can not only be shot clearly, but also beautifully! At the same time, there are three portrait beauty themes: native, texture, and makeup. At the rear, nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro give a new definition to variable aperture, allowing for a suitable aperture selection for every scene. Variable aperture, every time it turns, the film will be released.

In terms of comprehensive experience, the nova 12 series has an antenna architecture with ultra-wide coverage. You can enjoy high-quality signals in outer suburbs, urban shopping malls, or subways and high-speed trains, and the excitement continues uninterrupted. The dual-SIM dual-pass function allows the nova12 series to achieve dual data parallelism, allowing fast Internet access without waiting; dual-SIM cards can make and receive calls at the same time, so that work and life can be balanced. nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro support two-way Beidou satellite messages. When there is no ground network signal, they can send and receive Beidou satellite messages, protecting every exploration with peace of mind. At the same time, the nova 12 series is equipped with HarmonyOS 4, bringing a smarter and more convenient interactive experience. The nova 12 series is equipped with 100W smart fast charging Turbo. The nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro can be charged to 60% in 10 minutes, easily getting rid of battery anxiety.

  In terms of price,The price of nova 12 starts at 2999 yuan, the price of nova 12 Pro starts at 3999 yuan, and the price of nova 12 Ultra starts at 4699 yuan. The nova 12 series will start pre-sale at 16:08 on December 26, 2023.Among them, nova 12 and nova 12 Pro will be officially launched at 10:08 on January 5, 2024, and nova 12 Ultra will be officially launched at 10:08 on January 12, 2024. Users can log in to Huawei Mall and major authorized mobile phones. Purchase on the merchant platform, or go to Huawei experience stores or Huawei authorized retail stores.

Huawei enters the open headphone track, and the “C-position small planet” leads the new fashion

Huawei’s FreeClip ear-clip headphones implement minimalist aesthetics with an innovative spherical design. It comes in two colors: Streaming Purple and Starry Black, to meet users’ fashion needs. The open shape is not ear-breaking, the “C-bridge Design”, and built-in nickel-titanium memory alloy are reliable and durable. The whole shape is designed based on the principles of ergonomics and naturally fits the auricle. A single earphone only weighs 5.6g, achieving a comfortable and burden-free wearing experience. Combined with the 10.8mm dual magnetic high-sensitivity unit, it brings a pleasant listening experience without entering the ear canal. Equipped with inverse sound field acoustic technology to reduce sound leakage. A single earphone can last for 8 hours of continuous music playback when fully charged, and when paired with the charging box, the entire device can play music for 36 hours. It also supports smart experiences such as multi-device connection and audio sharing. At the same time, HUAWEI Care+ service is provided, which can be purchased with a new phone to provide more considerate protection for the headset. Huawei FreeClip ear clip headphones are priced at 1,299 yuan. Pre-sales will start on December 26, 2023, and will be officially launched through all channels on January 12, 2024. Users can log in to Huawei Mall and major authorized e-commerce platforms or go to Huawei Experience Stores , purchase at Huawei authorized retail stores.

Huawei MatePad Pro Collector’s Edition and Bundle (Star Flash Edition): Lighting up a new ecological experience

This year Huawei released the new MatePad Pro dual flagship tablets, which have a thin and light form, professional experience, and powerful capabilities. Now, Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch Collector’s Edition, Huawei MatePad Pro Set (StarLight Edition) and Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard (StarLight Edition) are available simultaneously.

Huawei MatePad Pro set (StarLight Edition) includes the industry’s first keyboard using StarLight technology and HUAWEI M-Pencil (third generation) that also uses StarLight technology, taking the lead in completing the StarLight ecosystem in professional creation and mobile office scenarios. The closed loop makes office creation more stable and efficient, once again broadening the boundaries of tablet experience. The Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch Collector’s Edition also includes Huawei FreeBuds Pro 3 headphones, silent calls, and two-year HUAWEI Care+ service, giving the device extra peace of mind.

The Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch collector’s edition is priced at 12,999 yuan, the Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch suit (star flash version) is priced at 8,999 yuan, and the Huawei MatePad Pro 11-inch suit (star flash version) is priced at 6,299 yuan. The above products will be launched in 2023 Reservations will open on December 26; Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard (Star Flash Edition) is suitable for HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2-inch and is priced at 1,099 yuan. Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard (Star Flash Edition) is only suitable for HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11-inch 2024 model. The price is 999 yuan. The above products will be on sale on January 18, 2024. Users can log in to Huawei Mall and major authorized e-commerce platforms, or go to Huawei experience stores and Huawei authorized retail stores to make reservations to purchase.

Huawei Smart Screen V5 officially debuts, unlocking hundreds of ways to play the “giant screen phone” for the whole family

Huawei has released a new smart screen V5, which maintains its consistent advantages in the smart screen category. In terms of smart functions, it continues to be equipped with Huawei Lingxi pointing remote control, bringing a new interactive experience of “playing TV like playing on a mobile phone”; with the super desktop function, a large number of mobile phone applications are brought to the big screen, unlocking hundreds of new “giant screen mobile phones” How to play. In terms of image quality, SuperMiniLED Honghu image quality supports “1080P to 4K in seconds”, presenting more delicate and clear picture details. In terms of entertainment experience, it is equipped with HarmonyOS 4, which uses multi-device collaboration and diversified living room entertainment methods to create an 85-inch giant-screen theater exclusive for the whole family. Huawei Smart Screen V5 85-inch will be available for pre-sale through all channels on December 26, 2023, and will be officially launched on December 30, 2023, priced at 17,999 yuan. At that time, users can log in to Huawei Mall and major authorized e-commerce platforms or go to Huawei experience stores and Huawei authorized retail stores to make purchases.

Huawei router BE3 Pro 2500M network port version is now available for sale through all channels

Huawei router BE3 Pro 2500M network port version will be sold for the first time online and offline on December 26, 2023, priced at 499 yuan. As Huawei’s first Wi-Fi 7 router, Huawei Router BE3 Pro has three major advantages: higher speed, higher stability, and lower latency. MLO dual-band aggregation mode supports terminal devices to connect to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands at the same time, greatly increasing the network speed and further expanding the core high-speed area of ​​the home network. Even if there is a wall between the router and the router, there is still a high-speed area behind the wall, so you can enjoy fast speeds. Quick network experience! 4K QAM supports the transmission of larger amounts of data at the same time, increasing the rate to 120%! There is also M-RU technology to achieve efficient data transmission, and the speed of online videos and large-scale games is stable and guaranteed! At the same time, it has a 1000M e-sports exclusive network port. After connecting to the terminal, this network port enjoys priority network bandwidth allocation rights at home, making the game easier to unlock! The 2500MWAN/LAN adaptive network port can easily handle 2500M bandwidth, or connect NAS devices to build a high-speed home data center. With the support of HarmonyOS smart network, Huawei Smart Life APP also supports humanized functions such as visual intelligent diagnosis, distributed game acceleration, and children’s online care!

The new Huawei flagship store in Shanghai was unveiled on December 30

At the same time, consumers can experience new products such as the Wenjie M9 and nova 12 series at Huawei flagship stores across the country. Huawei is continuing to accelerate the construction of flagship stores and build a high-end brand palace. At the press conference, Huawei Managing Director, Terminal BG CEO, and Smart Car Solutions BU Chairman Yu Chengdong announced that the new Huawei flagship store in Taikoo Li, Qiantan, Shanghai will open grandly on December 30, 2023, bringing more innovation and more Artistic store design and professional and warm services continuously improve consumer satisfaction, allowing more consumers to experience the wonderful experience of smart life in all scenarios.

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