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Huawei nova 12 series is officially released, priced from 2,999 yuan-IT Wave-Northern Network

Huawei nova 12 series is officially released, priced from 2,999 yuan-IT Wave-Northern Network

On December 26, 2023, Huawei’s nova 12 series was officially released. The new series cleverly integrates all-round portrait capabilities with pioneering technological aesthetics, interprets trendy design language, leads young fashion, and brings a comprehensive evolution of senses and experience.

The nova 12 series uses the new color No. 12 to show the hot, lively and avant-garde fashion of nova stars; it integrates luxury-grade embossing into the body design to create a larger and more three-dimensional nova embossing, which is confident and sure; the lens module layout is symmetrical and exquisite, Integrating the essence of classic aesthetics, exquisiteness and sophistication add a sense of order. Equipped with a newly upgraded front binocular stereoscopic vision imaging system, the “binoculars” are moved to the center, and the rear uses a second-generation physical variable aperture, coupled with newly upgraded algorithm capabilities, to achieve clear shots from the hardware. Realize beautiful shots through software. In addition, the nova 12 series is also innovative and pioneering in screen, communication, performance and HarmonyOS system experience.

He Gang, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Device BG, said: “This season’s color No. 12 is fashionable, high-end, and highly recognizable. We use the more eye-catching color No. 12 to interpret the pioneering and confident attitude of young people. Stick to your base color and there will be no stopping you. You are outstanding. Nova is outstanding and cannot stay blue.”

The eye-catching blue, the outstanding “blue” can’t stop

The nova 12 series integrates the vitality and confidence of young people into the design, bringing a new color No. 12 – eye-catching blue, which is hot, fresh and avant-garde. Color No. 12 paired with plain leather makes you eye-catching and confident. The eye-catching blue combined with the glass back panel reflects the blue tone and is fashionable and dazzling. In addition, the nova 12 series also comes in four colors: smoke gray, obsidian black, cherry language white, and cherry language pink. The newly upgraded star ring design draws inspiration from luxury jewelry and uses precision metal processing technology to make it more dazzling. The delicate plain leather perfectly wraps the lens module, making it look natural and even more exquisite. The nova 12 Ultra adopts a larger-sized star logo, presenting a more eye-catching appearance, just like young people announcing to the world: Excellent “blue” cannot last.

It’s all-encompassing and can’t stop appearing “blue”

The front-facing binocular stereoscopic vision imaging system brings 0.7X-5X full-focus zoom capabilities, and is equipped with the unique XD Portrait Huawei DaVinci portrait engine, which focuses on the four portrait characteristics of “shape, quality, light, and color”, and various Selfie scenes are not only captured clearly, but also beautifully. In terms of “shape”, the skin is firm and the face is smooth; in the “texture” level, the skin is clear, soft and delicate; in the “light” level, the light and dark levels are restored and three-dimensionally transparent; in the “color” level, the skin tone is kept clear, hydrated and bright The face shows the beauty of nova portrait.

The nova 12 series is the first to offer three portrait beauty themes: native, texture, and makeup. The native theme retains the true details of the portrait, so what you take is what you get. The texture theme is based on real and moderate adjustments, making it easy to grasp the beauty and create an irresistible atmosphere. The makeup theme is used to beautify the entire face of the portrait, showing off the temperament and beauty, and the aura is unstoppable.

This time, nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro give a new definition to variable aperture, allowing every scene to have a suitable aperture choice. Variable aperture, all-round aperture.

When shooting portraits, it can intelligently switch to the “portrait circle” of F1.4, which brings excellent optical blur and precise segmentation effects. The characters stand out three-dimensionally and the background blurs naturally. When shooting cute pets and capturing natural scenery, you can intelligently switch to the “cute pet circle/landscape circle” of F2.0. The pet hair is delicate and shiny, and the natural scenery is beautiful. When taking a group photo with more than three people, use the “photo circle” of F4.0. Everyone is in C position and everything from far to near is clear. When recording starbursts, the F4.0 aperture becomes the “starburst circle”, making the starbursts sharp, clear and shining.

Fluid dynamic color screen, super cool screen that cannot stay “blue”

nova 12 Ultra brings nova’s first four-sided slightly curved straight screen, which combines rounded feel and precise control.Support 1-120Hz dynamic adaptive refresh[footnoteRef:0]which improves fluency while effectively reducing power consumption; full-screen AOD allows for more timely access to information and easier personal expression; 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming[footnoteRef:1]It can reduce screen flickering and provide a comfortable viewing experience; AI HDR picture high dynamic display[footnoteRef:2]It brings light and dark display effects and presents rich colors.

nova’s powerful communications and advanced battery life

The nova 12 series has an antenna architecture with ultra-wide coverage. You can enjoy high-quality signals in outer suburbs, urban shopping malls, or subways and high-speed trains, and the excitement continues uninterrupted. The dual-SIM dual-pass function allows the nova12 series to achieve dual data parallelism, allowing fast Internet access without waiting; dual-SIM cards can make and receive calls at the same time, so that work and life can be balanced.In the absence of ground network signals, Beidou satellite messages support two-way information communication.[footnoteRef:3]protect every exploration with peace of mind.

In addition, nova 12 Ultra is equipped with 100W smart fast charging Turbo, which can charge to 60% in 10 minutes.[footnoteRef:4]easily get rid of battery anxiety.

HarmonyOS 4, smart, fun and safe

The nova 12 series is equipped with HarmonyOS 4, bringing a smarter and more convenient interactive experience. The first intelligent magic cutout function supports layer combination, so you can cut out your favorite materials at will, making the second creation even more exciting. The new Hongmeng Smart Gallery supports gallery semantic search. Users can accurately search for relevant photos in the gallery by inputting daily colloquial descriptive sentences, making it smarter and understanding of you better. In addition, nova 12 Ultra supports air control and smart payment functions, which is efficient and convenient.

Price and sales channels

The nova 12 series will be on sale starting from January 5, 2024, with a starting price of 2,999 yuan. Users can log in to Huawei Mall and major authorized e-commerce platforms or go to Huawei experience stores and Huawei authorized retail stores to purchase.

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