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What are the uses of mobile phone earthquake early warning and satellite phones?Be sure to pay attention to these

What are the uses of mobile phone earthquake early warning and satellite phones?Be sure to pay attention to these

At 23:59 on December 18, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in Jishishan, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. Subsequently, mobile phone earthquake warning, mobile phone satellite phone and other functions attracted the attention of netizens. How to enable these services? What is the use? What should you pay attention to when using it?

  What can earthquake early warning and satellite phones do?

Image source: Screenshot from Weibo of the Ministry of Emergency Management

According to the popular science poster released by the Ministry of Emergency Management and Science China, earthquake early warning can effectively reduce casualties. Theoretical research has shown that an early warning time of 3 seconds can reduce the casualty ratio by 14%; if the warning time is 10 seconds, the casualty ratio can be reduced by 14%. The ratio is reduced by 39%; if the warning time is 20 seconds, the casualty ratio can be reduced by 63%.

It is understood that earthquake early warning can give people a few seconds or even dozens of seconds to avoid danger. And not only mobile phones, but also television, radio, etc. can provide earthquake early warning services.

In addition, in a disaster situation, base station failure or unstable network signal may be unavoidable. Satellite phones and satellite messaging allow people to make calls or send and receive messages within satellite communication coverage, even when there is no conventional mobile network signal nearby.

Nowadays, the earthquake early warning function is becoming more and more perfect, and many netizens have posted earthquake early warning videos on TV and mobile phones on the Internet. Satellite phones have also begun to enter the hands of ordinary users, and some mobile phones already support satellite calls or satellite messaging functions.

As early as 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a basic telecommunications business license to China Satcom, approving China Satcom to operate satellite mobile communication services and satellite fixed communication services nationwide.

  How to turn it on?

But not everyone understands how earthquake warnings are turned on. China News Network recently visited and learned that some elderly people said that “we older people don’t understand this very well”, while others said that “we know that this function exists, but we don’t know whether to turn it on or not.”

Pictures provided by interviewed users.

At present, various mobile phone brands have inconsistent access to enable earthquake warning functions. Taking a certain brand as an example, you need to open settings, security, emergency warning notifications, and earthquake warnings in order. For most mobile phone brands, you can also search for the keyword “earthquake” in the settings to find the relevant options to open.

There are more conditions for opening satellite calls. For example, if Huawei Mate 60 Pro supports satellite calls, you first need to activate the relevant services of the satellite service operator. The specific services shall be subject to the actual services of the local operator.

The operator that currently supports calls from the above-mentioned satellites is China Telecom. Its customer service told a China News reporter that China Telecom is currently the only operator in China that supports mobile phone satellite calls. Its coverage area is mainland China. Domestic satellite calls can be made and received. Telephone calls are 9 yuan per minute, international long distance calls are 20 yuan per minute, and international satellite long distance calls are 50 yuan per minute.

  What should you pay attention to when using it?

It should be noted that earthquake early warning on mobile phones needs to be connected to the Internet. In addition, not all mobile phones support earthquake early warning. Some overseas brand mobile phones such as Apple and Samsung do not support it for the time being. Instead, they need to download a separate APP to enable it.

Recently, “users claimed that none of the seven Apple phones issued warnings during an earthquake” has attracted attention. There are even “jokes” online claiming that while other phones are warning, Apple’s phones are “Wish you a good dream.”

The content of the popular science poster jointly released by the Ministry of Emergency Management and Popular Science China shows that there are blind areas in earthquake early warning, which is not equivalent to earthquake prediction. With the epicenter of the earthquake as the center, the 21-kilometer radius area is the blind area. Users in the blind area will feel the vibration first. Hear the warning siren again.

In addition, China News Finance reporter learned from a certain brand of mobile phone that if users find that the function interface displays “early warning is not supported in some areas,” don’t worry. This information only means that earthquake sensors have not been deployed in the current area, but sensors in nearby areas can still be received. Warning information provided. Please make sure that the earthquake warning service in the system remains turned on.

To use a satellite phone, two conditions must be met. The mobile phone supports satellite calls and has activated related services. Both are indispensable. When using satellite messaging, be sure to activate it in advance and don’t wait until you actually use it. For example, Mate 60 supports satellite messaging, which requires activation through the Changlian App in an environment with a terrestrial network before use. (over)

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