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“WeChat takes up more than 200 gigabytes of my memory” hot search

“WeChat takes up more than 200 gigabytes of my memory” hot search

#微信 occupies more than 200 gigabytes of my memory# has become a hot search topic, and this is not the first time such a topic has appeared, so many netizens affectionately call WeChat Juxin.

  Some netizens said that WeChat occupied more than 200G of my memory, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. Everyone lamented that if this continues, a 1TB mobile phone will not be enough.

According to statistics, calculated through screenshots of stored information from multiple users, chat records account for between 75% and 95% of the storage space occupied by WeChat. Most of the storage space is used to make room for chat records.

WeChat has been suffering from the problem of memory usage for a long time. How to clean it up? In order to prevent accidentally deleting chat records, you can also back up WeChat chat records on your computer.

In addition to regular WeChat memory cleaning and computer backup of chat records, you can also turn off the “automatic download” function to prevent the APP from automatically downloading large files such as videos and photos.

Click “Me – Settings – General – Photos, Videos, Files and Calls” and turn off the three options of “Automatic Download, Photos, Videos”. You can also turn off “Automatic video playback on mobile networks”.

Memory can also be saved by turning off WeChat’s discovery page and accessibility features. Click “Me – Settings – General – Discovery Page and Accessibility”, select the features you don’t need and turn them off.

Previously, WeChat released the 8.0.46 update for iOS, and the storage space slimming function has surfaced.

  As you can see from the update, the new version of WeChat splits the space for other data into two categories: resource files and chat records of other accounts, as well as necessary files. Therefore, you can clean up resource files and chat records of other accounts with one click and release them instantly. provide more storage space.

In addition, by filtering chat records by time, type, and sorting method, you can also delete some unimportant chat records, or directly clear WeChat’s data cache to free up more storage space.

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