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Tianjin Mobile held the launch meeting of “Mobile Love Home Service to Home”

Tianjin Mobile held the launch meeting of “Mobile Love Home Service to Home”

As the “March 15” International Consumer Rights Day is approaching, on March 12, Tianjin Mobile held the launch event of the “Mobile Love Home Services at Home” themed event and a home product refresh conference. Bian Chunrong, deputy director of the Tianjin Communications Administration Bureau, Zhang Zheng, secretary-general of the Tianjin Consumers Association, Ma Jun, deputy secretary-general, Zhu Zhe, deputy general manager of Tianjin Mobile, as well as some government and enterprise customer representatives and household customer representatives attended the event.

(Picture | Tianjin Mobile held the launching ceremony of the “Mobile Love Home Service to Home” themed event)

The theme activity of “Mobile Love Home Service at Home” is the specific implementation of China Mobile’s “Mobile Love Home” brand in Tianjin, aiming to comprehensively upgrade it through the 12-word home service commitment of “door-to-door testing, professional adjustment, usage and satisfaction guarantee” Family customer service capabilities bring new digital and smart home experiences to the majority of family customers.

Zhu Zhe, deputy general manager of Tianjin Mobile, said in his speech that Tianjin Mobile, as a central enterprise in Tianjin in the field of network information, actively implements the “three responsibilities” of politics, economy, and society, and actively plays the “three roles” of technological innovation, industrial control, and security support. , by carrying out this theme activity of “Mobile Love Home Services to Home”, we will create a unified decoration and maintenance image, refine home service specifications, enrich home service supply, and comprehensively upgrade home customer service capabilities. Tianjin Mobile hopes to further shorten the distance with customers, fully stimulate the demand for integrated information services in families, and better integrate the new smart Internet experience into thousands of households in our city, share the “Mobile Love Home” digital smart good life, and help our city Contribute mobile strength to comprehensively build a modern socialist metropolis and strive to write a chapter of Chinese-style modernization in Tianjin.

(Picture | Zhu Zhe, deputy general manager of Tianjin Mobile, delivers a speech)

Zhang Zheng, secretary-general of the Tianjin Consumer Association, said that Tianjin Mobile’s event closely follows this year’s Consumer Rights Protection Year theme of “stimulating consumption vitality” and promises to provide home-based services to eliminate customers’ consumption concerns. Through one-stop smart home solutions and multi-smart home Product supply expands the digital consumption scenarios and needs of household customers, reflecting Tianjin Mobile’s original intention to stand firm on the people’s side and its awareness of continuously improving service quality. It is hoped that Tianjin Mobile will implement the important requirements of “Four Good Works”, better understand customer needs, enrich product categories, resolve consumption conflicts, improve service quality, promote the implementation of the “Ten Actions” for high-quality development of our city, and help our city’s international Consumption center city construction.

(Picture | Secretary-General of Tianjin Consumers Association Zhang Zheng delivers a speech)

At the press conference, Tianjin Mobile announced the virtual IP image of its smart home engineer “Brother Loves Home”. “Family Lovers” are the epitome of Tianjin Mobile’s thousands of smart home engineers. They are enthusiastic, professional and reliable, and have become the link between Tianjin Mobile and thousands of households. They are always committed to helping the people of Tianjin enjoy the beauty of digital and smart homes. Life contributes the power of mobility. Lv Baoliang, a smart home engineer from China Mobile Tietong Tianjin Branch, represented all the “home-loving guys” of Tianjin Mobile and pledged his commitment to the quality and standard implementation of home services.

(Picture | “Brother who loves family” swears an oath)

  At the event, Tianjin Mobile Huanxin launched a series of home products such as Intelligent Sparring Baduanjin, 5G New Call, and Mobile Video Link, providing a wealth of product solutions for a better life in digitally intelligent families.Intelligent Sparring Baduanjin“invite” Baduanjin masters into your home through a TV and a mobile phone, making health within reach;5G new call servicebased on previous video calls, adding functions such as real-time voice subtitle display to make calls more convenient and warm;mobile video link,With the cloud platform as the capability base, and with the help of multiple technologies such as video, Internet of Things, and AI, it provides information service systems such as video perception and interaction, which can be applied to various scenarios such as smart homes, smart shops, digital villages, and smart communities.

(Picture | “Intelligent Sparring Baduanjin” product display)

It is understood that in recent years, Tianjin Mobile has focused on the focus and hot issues of the majority of users, continuously upgraded service measures, improved service guarantees, launched the “10 Commitments for Heart-Level Service”, launched the “Sunshine Action” to protect customer rights and interests, and organized “Heart-Level Service” “Experience Officer” recruitment activity, complete flood prevention and emergency response support with high quality, rely on digital intelligence technology to firmly build information security defense lines, and protect users to enjoy a fast, transparent, clear and safe mobile life. Tianjin Mobile will always adhere to the concept of “customer-oriented, service-oriented”, continuously improve the heart-level service system, upgrade digital and intelligent service capabilities, comprehensively build a socialist modern metropolis, strive to write a chapter of Chinese-style modernization in Tianjin, and contribute more mobile power . (Li Yan Wang Shi)

(Picture | “Mobile Love Home Service to Home” themed event poster + “Love Home Brother” IP image)

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