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Want to buy a laser TV?I advise you not to waste money

Want to buy a laser TV?I advise you not to waste money

With the rapid development of television and projection technology, various products are also emerging, among which the appearance of laser TV has aroused extensive discussion. I believe that many friends are planning to buy a laser TV, but I would like to persuade everyone in front of the screen not to rush to spend this wrong money.

Everyone must know that the essence of laser TV is projection.

I think everyone has been exposed to projection, especially every time the company has a meeting, you have to turn off the lights and draw the curtains, look at the glowing screen in the dark environment, and hear the sound of the whirring fan cooling.

Such an experience is definitely not an experience worth recalling. And laser TV, to put it bluntly, is a short-focus projection, but it can project a larger picture within a shorter distance. So some of the problems that exist in projection also exist on laser TVs.

  1. Serious image quality loss during the day

Like projection, laser TV will lose a lot of image quality during the day,It is also difficult to see the content on the screen in direct sunlight, and if you want to get the high-brightness picture that is officially advertised, then you need to be in a dark environment.

  2. Loud noise

Laser TV heats up more seriously than ordinary projection, so the noise will be higher during operation. You can hear obvious humming, which is somewhat similar to the working noise of the host computer under high load.

  3. Insufficient clarity

Different from LCD TVs, many of the so-called 4K picture quality of projection are fake 4K. XPR technology is used to quickly shake the image to generate 4 pixels, and the pixel value is obtained in the form of analog pixels, which belongs to fake 4K. If you If the debugging is not good, and the ambient light is more complicated, then the image quality will be lost more seriously.

  4. Limited viewing angle

Projection is generally projected onto a white wall or a curtain, and the same is true for laser TVs, which are generally projected onto a screen. But if there are some bumps and unevenness on the screen, the viewing effect will be poor, especially when viewed from the side, the unevenness brought by the soft curtain is more obvious.

So, don’t worry, everyone, if you have the money to buy a laser TV, you can buy a very good LCD TV.

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