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AMD’s killer move! FSR 3 is here: Game frame rate soars

AMD’s killer move! FSR 3 is here: Game frame rate soars

Since September last year, Nvidia has successively released the RTX 40 series of graphics cards, using the new Ada Lovelace architecture. Although the core specifications and memory bandwidth have been hit, relying on the new architecture, its performance is still very good.

At the same time as the graphics card, there is also a brand new DLSS 3 technology. Compared with the previous one, the new Frame Generation interpolation technology, that is, frame generation, can double or even increase the frame rate of the game. Called the game weapon.

On the other hand, AMD, although it released the brand new RX 7000 series graphics card in November last year, also predicted that the new generation of FSR 3 will be launched in 2023.

But there was no news throughout the first half of the year. Until the recent Cologne Game Show press conference, everyone finally had new hope. In addition to launching the new Radeon RX 7800XT and RX 7700XT, AMD also announced that it will bring FSR this fall. 3.

It is understood that a technology called “Fluid Motion Frames (smooth moving frame)” is introduced into the brand new FSR 3, which is officially called “AFMF”. The “frame generation” belonging to AMD is finally coming. It is the frame generation in DLSS 3, but the official did not disclose too many technical details.

According to the official introduction, in the game “Forspoken”, under the setting of 4K resolution + ultra-high light pursuit,If FSR 3 is not turned on, the RX 7800 XT only has 36 frames, but after turning on FSR 3’s super-resolution, Anti-Lag+ and “smooth motion frame”, the frame rate soars to 122,The improvement rate reached 3.4 times.

AMD also provides a native anti-aliasing mode, which can better protect the picture quality while increasing the frame rate. Under the setting of 2K resolution + ultra-high light tracking, turn off FSR to 64 frames and turn on FSR 3 NATIVE AA It has been increased to 106 frames, and there is basically no difference in the picture after zooming in 3 times.

AMD also confirmed that FSR 3 supports Radeon RX 7000, 6000 and even older graphics cards, and it is recommended to enable them on RX 6000 series and newer models.

Nvidia’s RTX 20 series graphics cards also support FSR 3, and it is recommended to enable it on the RTX 30 series. In addition, RX 590 and some low-end cards of RX 5000 series and Nvidia GTX 10 series also support FSR 3, but do not support the latest “AFMF” function.

Compared with Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology, FSR 3 covers a wider range of products, and both A and N cards can be used.

Games to support this, the first supported titles will be the demos Spelllands and Immortals of Aveum, but no exact dates have been announced for either.

Follow-up will also support “Avatar: Frontier of Pandora”, “Cyberpunk 2077”, “Frostpunk 2”, “Tactical Squad”, “Starship Troopers: Extinction”, “Black Myth: Wukong”, “Yakuza: Infinite Fortune” ” and other games.

The good news is that although it is still late, there is finally new news about FSR 3, which gives everyone some hope. The official test data is also very good, and “AFMF” has a very significant effect.

Moreover, compared with DLSS 3, it supports a wider range of graphics cards, and is more friendly to some old graphics card users; the bad news is that there is still no specific release time given, and it is hard to say whether it will be a “cake” drawn by AMD, and currently Looking at the games supported by FSR 3, there are not many games, compared with the over 50 games of DLSS 3 (covering releases and upcoming releases), the gap is not small.

In addition, AMD also once again mentioned the HYPR-RX graphics card one-click performance improvement technology, which integrates Radeon Super Resolution, Radeon Boost and Radeon Anti-Lag technologies, through which players can choose the most suitable configuration file for the game.

The technology will be available in early September as part of the latest Adrenalin GPU driver update. Moreover, the “AFMF” technology of FSR 3 will be integrated into HYPR-RX, but it is still being further optimized, and it will not be supported until the first quarter of next year.

According to official data, in the highest quality of 4K, 73 frames without HYPR-RX (including AFMF) is turned on, and 178 frames after it is turned on, which has achieved a double improvement. Of course, the “AFMF” technology is integrated in Before HYPR-RX, the game frame rate will not improve so much.

However, compared to FSR 3, HYPR-RX only supports AMD’s Radeon series graphics cards, after all, it is part of the driver software.

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In general, late is better than never. I hope that FSR 3 will be launched this fall as scheduled. After all, AMD has already lagged behind Nvidia in terms of graphics card products, especially in the field of high-end graphics cards. The price advantage can still be contended. With the blessing of FSR 3 technology, the competitiveness will also be improved.

Compared with DLSS 3, the biggest advantage of FSR 3 is that you don’t have to pick graphics cards so much. Both A and N cards can be used. Some old graphics cards are also OK, and the range of support is wider, but the game needs to work harder. Currently Although more than 10 games have been announced, many of them have not yet been released. Compared with DLSS 3, the support of existing games is definitely far behind, and needs to be continuously expanded in the future.

HYPR-RX looks very good. A set of “combination boxing” is composed of multiple technologies to achieve one-click optimization. Next year, “AFMF” technology will be added, which is more convenient and useful for ordinary players.

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