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“Very good!” This service of Industrial Bank is not “explicit” at all.

“Very good!” This service of Industrial Bank is not “explicit” at all.

“Scan the QR code to pay, very good!” Recently, a Lebanese young man born after 2000 downloaded mobile banking, Alipay and other apps with the help of staff from Yiwu Guomao Branch of Industrial Bank, and successfully exchanged a 300 yuan “coin purse”. “Xingye’s service is very good!” He praised repeatedly in broken Chinese. As a Chinese culture enthusiast who has just arrived in Yiwu, he has a very good impression of “International Yiwu” and Industrial Bank.

In early March, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Further Optimizing Payment Services and Improving Payment Convenience”, focusing on six aspects including bank card acceptance, cash use, mobile payment, consumer payment options, account services and publicity and promotion, to further Improve payment convenience. Industrial Bank acted quickly and provided professional services and thoughtful and heart-warming actions to ensure that foreigners in China, the elderly and other groups can enjoy convenient payments.

The blue “coin purse” is well received

“May I help you?” Hong Qiuxiang, the account manager of Xiamen Lianhua Branch of Industrial Bank, said a fluent greeting, which made a pair of foreign young people seem to have “found a savior.”

“I was in the lobby at the time and saw two foreign friends walking into the branch. Their eyes were a little uneasy, so I stepped forward to ask.” After asking, Hong Qiuxiang found out that the two international friends had just arrived in Xiamen today and wanted to exchange some RMB. But I didn’t bring any foreign currency cash and I didn’t know what to do. “The ATM machines at our outlets support cash withdrawals with overseas cards, so I guided them to the ATM machine to handle the process.” Hong Qiuxiang said that just a few days ago, she participated in relevant training in the industry, and she did not expect that it would be available so soon. Useful place.

Seeing two international friends successfully withdrawing RMB cash, Hong Qiuxiang did not forget to introduce to them the “coin purse” of Industrial Bank. “Considering that they need change for taxis and meals in Xiamen, I introduced this service. They exchanged 500 yuan in change and were very satisfied with our service.” Hong Qiuxiang said that after the service was completed, the young couple He also took the initiative to take a photo with Hong Qiuxiang.

Nowadays, international services like this are happening in more Industrial Bank outlets.

“The ‘Coin Purse’ is very convenient and saves a lot of exchange time. Your enthusiastic service makes me feel that China is a loving country, as warm as home!” Captain Kasha from Ethiopia took the Industrial Bank “Coin Purse” “He showed a big smile. “This will make it more convenient for me to eat Chinese food!”

Due to his flight schedule, Kasha travels back and forth between Ethiopia and China all year round. After work, he likes to walk around and feast his eyes and mouth on everything. “He said that he had to queue up to exchange money before. This time he came to our Industrial Bank and found out that there is a service that allows him to exchange change without queuing up. He was very happy!” said a staff member of Industrial Bank Zhengzhou Airport Branch. It is reported that the branch is adjacent to an agreement hotel for an international flight. Since the normalization of international cargo routes last year, the bank has received a gradual increase in the number of foreign crew members coming to China. This blue coin purse has become their “good partner” when traveling in China.

In addition to tourists, foreign businessmen also favor this coin purse. Jinjiang is home to many international entrepreneurs. Recently, a young Syrian man came to the Jinjiang branch of Industrial Bank to exchange change. He has been in Jinjiang for many years, mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of shoe materials, and has a great demand for change in denominations of 10 yuan, 20 yuan and 50 yuan. With the help of the account manager, the young man successfully exchanged 500 yuan in change and returned home satisfied.

To optimize payment convenience for foreigners coming to China, Industrial Bank not only focuses on improving hall services, but also actively goes out of its branches to increase services in scenarios such as “food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, medicine, and education.” In Kunming, a popular tourist city, Industrial Bank actively ensures cash supply in foreign-related scenes, scenic spots, hotels, ports, foreign or Taiwanese investment zones, free trade zones and other places, focusing on providing “coin purse” services.

It is reported that since Industrial Bank launched the “coin wallet” service, it has won praises from many practitioners in the vendors, wholesale and retail industries. With the recovery of international economy, trade and tourism, this coin purse has also become a “business card” for Industrial Bank to serve international friends. So far, Industrial Bank has issued more than 21,000 coin purses and exchanged more than 13 million yuan in coins.

Efficiently open a card and enjoy convenience

In addition to changing change, many international friends also choose to open cards at Chinese financial institutions to experience “swipe card” consumption and card-linked mobile payments.

Recently, the Taizhou Yuhuan Branch of Industrial Bank met such a customer. He is from Sweden and works as a teacher in Taizhou. He walked into the branch with the new version of the Foreign Permanent Residence ID Card of the People’s Republic of China that he had just obtained. After the branch lobby manager checked the ID card’s online information, he successfully opened a bank card for him through the smart counter. “Too fast!” the Swedish friend said in Chinese.

Coincidentally, at the Industrial Bank Dalian Branch, staff also recently served a Swedish customer. “This customer is a Swedish Chinese. He returned to China to visit his parents during this period. He holds a short-term tourist visa and encountered difficulties when opening the card.” The branch staff said that after confirming the customer’s information and account opening requirements, the bank card was quickly issued. It was done. “This card can not only be used domestically, but when customers return to Sweden, they can also enjoy corresponding discounts on overseas cash withdrawals, consumption, transfers, etc.”

“We recently opened a ‘Global Life Debit Card’ for a Chinese-American. It was processed at the smart counter. The customer was very satisfied with our service efficiency.” A staff member of the Shenyang Branch of Industrial Bank said, It is convenient for foreigners to open a card. The smart counter supports machine-readable authenticity verification of permanent residence certificates. This not only ensures the security and compliance of the account, but also greatly saves customers’ time and energy in handling business. At the same time, through the ATM machines at the outlets, foreigners can also conveniently check their balances and withdraw cash in RMB.

In Yiwu, Mustaf, a buyer from the Netherlands, actively requested to open a digital RMB personal wallet after successfully opening a RMB account at Industrial Bank. “This customer is doing business in Yiwu and is very satisfied with our bank’s services and is looking forward to the digital RMB payment experience!” said a staff member of Industrial Bank Yiwu Guomao Branch.

In recent years, Industrial Bank has been actively promoting payment convenience for foreigners and other groups. In accordance with the principle of “swiping cards for large amounts, scanning codes for small amounts, and pocketing cash”, it has accelerated the transformation of software and hardware of overseas bank card acceptance equipment, and optimized card opening and cash withdrawals. process, and actively build a diversified and multi-level payment system to create a better financial environment for foreigners coming to China. Currently, merchant card acceptance improvements have been carried out in cultural and tourism scenes such as Fuzhou Sanfang Qixiang Scenic Area, Putian Meizhou Island Scenic Area, and Nanping Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area in Fujian, greatly improving the payment convenience for overseas visitors to China.

A small coin purse, an efficient business process, and a warm and thoughtful professional service. Every detail demonstrates the speed and warmth of Industrial Bank in serving foreigners in China. There is no end to optimization services. In the future, Industrial Bank will further implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, conscientiously implement the relevant requirements of the “Opinions on Further Optimizing Payment Services and Improving Payment Convenience”, adhering to the service concept of “a good bank, helping to make life better”, and strive to be more Effective measures will be taken to further improve payment service levels.

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