Put in enough hard work, real effort, and real effort to draw a new chapter in paired assistance? Shanghai Bank went to Yanshan County, Yunnan for an on-site visit to do practical things


From March 21st to 22nd, Wang Ming, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of the Bank of Shanghai, led a team to Yanshan County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, and went deep into the three administrative villages paired with the “100 Enterprises Helping 100 Villages” to conduct visits and provide practical services. On-the-spot understanding of the project implementation results of the Bank of Shanghai in the areas of industrial development, rural construction, student assistance and quality medical care, etc., and discussions and exchanges with He Chang’e, Member of the Standing Committee of the Wenshan Prefecture Party Committee and Secretary of the Yanshan County Party Committee, to discuss consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization Effective connection to further enhance the effectiveness of assistance.

Since its paired assistance with Yanshan County’s “100 Enterprises Helping 100 Villages” program in 2018, Bank of Shanghai has followed the decisions and arrangements of the central and municipal Party committees and the municipal government, focusing on “what Yanshan needs and what Bank of Shanghai can do”, with precise planning, classified policies, and linkage with the whole country. The entire industry and all sectors of society have worked hard, hard, and real to help paired areas promote rural revitalization.

  Make great efforts to attract resources and projects

  Finance watered industry revitalization “fruit of wealth”

The blueberry trees stretch into stretches, with strings of crystal “sapphires” dotting the branches, exuding an alluring fruity aroma. Workers are sorting and picking in an orderly manner. After processing, cold chain transportation is sent to fresh food supermarkets in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Walking into the Yanshan Blueberry Base of the Nuopoxin Group, a modern agricultural version of “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” with blueberries hanging on the branches and “berries” leading to a good life and a bright future comes into view.

The unique geographical location and lighting conditions make Yanshan’s blueberries highly nutritious and taste good. During the Spring Festival, they can be sold for up to nearly 300 yuan per kilogram. The unique innovative technological planting method of the Nuopoxin Group has enabled it to be launched out of season in winter and spring. It has become the main force in the development of the blueberry industry in Yanshan, and has also become a new example of industrial transformation and upgrading in Shanghai Bank’s financial empowerment paired areas.

The prosperity of industry will make the countryside prosper, and the prosperity of industry will make farmers rich. Industrial revitalization is the foundation and key to rural revitalization. Since pairing up to support Yanshan, Bank of Shanghai has focused on industrial revitalization and helped create an industrial “blood-making” mechanism. On the basis of donating funds to help three paired villages form a “one village, one policy” characteristic industry, the Bank of Shanghai gave full play to its financial resource allocation function, actively identified service enterprises within its jurisdiction, and guided agricultural-related enterprises to expand their presence in Yanshan County. Give full play to the leading advantages of talents, ideas, technology and funds, activate local resource endowments, and leverage the transformation and upgrading of agriculture-related industries in Yanshan County.

It is with the financial support of the Bank of Shanghai that Nuopoxin Group, as a Shenzhen agricultural technology service high-tech enterprise, vigorously develops the blueberry planting industry in Yanshan, Yunnan, with the support of expanding the “single characteristic crop industry chain”, and not only moves the R&D center to When arriving in Yanshan, we also built a processing plant and cold chain transportation system in Yanshan, realizing a total investment of 500 million yuan in the construction of the Yanshan Blueberry Modern Industrial Park, with a total planting area of ​​over 8,000 acres, directly creating an annual output value of 400 million yuan for the local Yanshan area. Yuan. In addition, through the “company-village collective economy-farmer” interest linkage mechanism, dividends can be distributed to the village every year, which has promoted the employment of nearly 10,000 local farmers, cultivated a group of “local talents” and “field experts”, and achieved the goal of linking farmers to lead farmers and enriched farmers. .

“Our village gets dividends every year. If you work here, you can earn more than 100 yuan a day. Blueberries are grown with high technology. As a farmer, I have also kept up with the development of the times.” Sister He, who is picking and packaging blueberries, is very satisfied with her job. She learned standardized picking here, and every year she had the opportunity to learn new cultivation, pest and disease management and other technologies from crop PhDs from top universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. In the words of Sister He, “The busier we are at work here, the happier we are and the more we have the ambition to achieve.”

  Make full efforts to improve quality and expand scope

  Little things can turn you into a “big dream”

“Is your home far from school?” “What are the difficulties in study and life?”

Every time he visits a village, Vice President Wang Ming communicates in detail with students and teachers to communicate their needs. Children are the future and hope of the motherland. Bank of Shanghai always takes the healthy growth of children at heart and continues to care for them with heart, emotion and deeds.

Ahjiao Village has the most difficult conditions among the three paired villages of the Shanghai Bank. Children usually eat outdoors, but it is particularly inconvenient to eat in windy, rainy and other weather conditions. In addition, because there are not enough dormitories in the school, many teachers rely on the village committee. To this end, the Bank of Shanghai has invested more than 1.6 million yuan to build a comprehensive building for children. Without affecting teaching, workers are stepping up construction. After the construction is completed, these problems will be solved.

At Luotaiyi Village Primary School, children are taking turns to answer math questions in front of the smart blackboard. This teaching method is novel and interesting, and both teachers and children are immersed in an interactive classroom. The Banbantong smart blackboard is the teaching equipment donated by the Bank of Shanghai to improve the quality of school teaching. The Bank of Shanghai has also built multi-functional classrooms for children such as music and sports, setting up a stage for all-round development of the children.

On the campus of Ajicun Primary School, loving bathhouses, smart blackboards, disinfection machines, drinking fountains… teaching and living facilities supported by Shanghai Bank can be seen everywhere. Principal Ma Yinling said that the donation from Bank of Shanghai not only improved the students’ learning and living conditions, but also sown the seeds of love in the hearts of the children. As a child who graduated from Aji Village Primary School, she chose to return to school to teach because she wanted to give back with practical actions. Bank of Shanghai’s charitable act.

In 2024, through the “Shanghai Bank Love·Yanshan Dream” pairing student assistance activity, the number of Yanshan students paired with Bank of Shanghai employees will be expanded to 100 to raise scholarships, extracurricular books, and letters of love for the children, using Bank of Shanghai employees The sincerity and true feelings will contribute to the healthy growth of children.

Warm love ignites the light of hope, and every piece of true love holds up the rising sun of tomorrow. In the new round of assistance, Bank of Shanghai will focus on students and teachers, starting from “key little things” and working hard to support children’s dreams of growing up and becoming talents.

  Make real efforts to solve people’s worries and benefit people’s livelihood

  Drawing a new blueprint for a beautiful countryside bit by bit

The village clinics in the three villages have bright and clean windows, reasonable functional layout, and comfortable treatment environment. They are equipped with functional service areas such as waiting rooms, treatment rooms, and pharmacies, as well as basic medical equipment such as infusion chairs, treatment instruments, and disinfection machines. In response to the villagers’ basic medical needs, Bank of Shanghai helped build three village clinics, dormitories and multi-purpose rooms, and donated basic medical equipment, allowing villagers to enjoy convenient and high-quality one-stop medical services at their doorsteps.

Since the aid, the Bank of Shanghai has learned from the experience of the “Ten Million Project” and has always been concerned about doing practical things for the villagers. It has expanded water supply, street lights, activity squares, and clinics…a series of projects to improve villagers’ lives. Support the next implementation.

The Bank of Shanghai also takes party building as the guide, and carries out joint party building with the party branches of three branches under its jurisdiction and three paired villages. Through online exchanges and on-site visits, it guides cadres and villagers to learn party history, broaden their horizons, and strive to create a better new rural life.

In the Aji Village Love Supermarket built with the help of Shanghai Bank, villagers come in from time to time to buy goods. As the only daily necessities store in Aji Village, it not only meets the daily needs of the villagers, but also pays 4,000 yuan in rent to the village every year, creating two job needs.

While promoting the paired villages to be more tidy and orderly and improving rural governance effectively, Shanghai Bank continues to promote the vigorous development of the paired village industry.

On Lao Li’s family farm in Luotaiyi Village, several cows were eating feed leisurely. The Bank of Shanghai has donated more than 1 million yuan to Luotaiyi as village collective assets to provide financial support for villagers’ breeding.

Since the assistance, the Bank of Shanghai has injected donated funds into the collective assets of the village, using the “village + company/cooperative + farmer” business model, combined with the resource endowments of paired villages, to leverage the formation of vegetable planting in Ajiu Village, beef cattle in Luotaiyi Village, Beekeeping is a specialty industry in Aji Village. At present, the annual output value of the three villages’ specialty industries has stabilized at 15 million yuan, driving the per capita disposable income of the three villages to exceed 10,000 yuan.

Relying on Shanghai’s large market, large platform, and large circulation, the Bank of Shanghai has also actively helped create a full-chain assistance model at the production end, circulation end, and consumer end, and assisted Yanshan’s specialty agricultural products in holding promotion meetings in Shanghai and applying for the “100 Counties and 100 Products” “, and put it on the micro-official website and live broadcast room, and carried out a series of activities such as entering enterprises, entering communities, and entering universities to help Yanshan’s agricultural products break out of the circle.

In order to help the rural revitalization of Yanshan, the Bank of Shanghai has created the “Head Goose” support plan, organizing local enterprises and leaders of rural revitalization to go to outstanding agricultural-related enterprises in Shanghai to inspect agricultural product planting and processing, modern production and outstanding cases of Shanghai’s rural revitalization, and open green production Technical training classes are held to learn new technologies and new concepts, and promote Yanshan to form a new situation of rural revitalization in which “the leading geese lead and the geese fly together”.

In addition, the Bank of Shanghai delegation visited three paired villages to provide assistance to farmers in need, listened to their appeals for difficulties, and sent condolences to encourage them to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and overcome difficulties together with the care of party organizations and help from all aspects of society. Live your life better and better.

The love between Shanghai and Yunnan is deep, spanning mountains and seas. As a municipal financial state-owned enterprise, it is the responsibility, mission and emotion of the Bank of Shanghai to do a good job in pairing assistance between Shanghai and Yunnan. The Bank of Shanghai will continue to struggle with a higher political position and stronger responsibility. For the sake of success, we work hand in hand with the paired areas to continue writing a new chapter in rural revitalization.


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