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Tianjin Poly Champagne Sub-branch of Minsheng Bank carried out the activity of “popularizing financial knowledge for thousands of miles”

Tianjin Poly Champagne Sub-branch of Minsheng Bank carried out the activity of “popularizing financial knowledge for thousands of miles”

In order to continue to popularize the basic knowledge of consumer protection, increase the scope of the public audience, and enhance the awareness of consumers’ rights and interests protection, from June 1st to June 30th, Minsheng Bank’s Tianjin Poly Champagne Branch continued to carry out the 2023 banking industry “popularization of finance” to consumers. “Knowledge Thousand Miles” publicity campaign.

Internally, promotional banners are posted in the hall of the sub-branch, roll-up promotion display racks are placed, and promotional foldouts are displayed on the publicity platform to fully create a consumer protection publicity atmosphere. Externally, the sub-branch organized publicity personnel to use the time when corporate customers came to open the card to carry out activities focusing on consumer credit, personal information protection, and preventing sales misleading. Explain.

On June 20th, on the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Poly Champagne Sub-branch organized consumer protection knowledge promotion in the sub-branch. With the time of making dumplings for the customers present, the service team preached “About Beware of Illegal Loan Intermediaries Inducing Consumers to Reloan in Violations” “Risk Reminders”, which provide detailed interpretations of various risk cases such as intermediary violations, advance payment of “bridging funds” interest fees, “repaying loans with loans”, “on-lending”, and “illegal fund-raising”.

In addition to publicity activities, the sub-branch has carried out many publicity activities in the halls of the sub-branch, one by one publicity to customers who have visited the outlets, and distributed leaflets, explaining in detail the eight basic rights of financial consumers, so that consumers can improve their right to property security, right to know, and independent choice awareness of basic rights such as human rights, fair trade rights, education rights, and information security rights, and tips on common traps of high fees and prevention of illegal fundraising. If you need to repay the loan in advance or have other financial business needs, you should consult with formal financial institutions such as banks to understand the relevant situation, understand daily financial knowledge, and protect your legitimate rights and interests. Consumers are reminded to enhance their awareness of risk prevention and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

This series of publicity activities, the publicity of the “Popularize Financial Knowledge Miles” campaign has been highly recognized by the public. Minsheng Bank Tianjin Poly Champagne Sub-branch will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “serving the public and caring for the people’s livelihood” and actively carry out normalization Propaganda, earnestly fulfill social responsibilities, and contribute to building a harmonious financial environment!

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