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To popularize financial knowledge, Postal Savings Bank of China has sharpened its “golden eyes” in anti-fraud

To popularize financial knowledge, Postal Savings Bank of China has sharpened its “golden eyes” in anti-fraud

Recently, the release of the movie “All or Nothing” has pushed the whole society to prevent telecommunications and network fraud to a climax. Many viewers believe that this film, which fully exposes the shady scene of the entire industry chain of telecom and network fraud, can be described as “touching the nerves of the audience and responding to social concerns”.

The “National Video and Telephone Conference on Combating New Types of Illegal Crimes in Telecommunications Networks” held this year proposed to strengthen publicity and prevention, establish an all-round and wide-coverage anti-fraud publicity system, strive to create a strong anti-fraud atmosphere in the whole society, and continuously strengthen the public’s anti-fraud Awareness and deception ability.

Since the beginning of this year, Postal Savings Bank of China has organized and carried out activities to popularize financial knowledge throughout the bank. Rights protection publicity activities help consumers understand financial common sense and financial risks, and improve financial literacy.

  Give full play to the role of outlets to build a strong anti-fraud defense line

“Excuse me, is this how it works?” On a scorching summer afternoon, a middle-aged woman hurriedly came to the Postal Savings Bank of China Wanzhou District Bai’anba Branch, holding a mobile phone to ask the manager of the outlet lobby about Alipay and mobile banking. Operation method.

“While talking, I found that her mobile phone had repeatedly indicated that she was calling from Malaysia. This seemed abnormal, so I hurriedly reported it to the sales supervisor.” The manager of the branch told the “Financial Times” reporter.

After careful inquiry, the staff learned that the overseas call told the lady that her TikTok delivery qualification had been approved, and she needed to pay a sum of money before she could bring the goods. Due to Alipay’s limit and non-counter transaction limit, the lady’s attempt to transfer money has not been successful. The overseas call asked her to bind the savings card of the Postal Savings Bank, and then persuaded her to transfer the money through the bank’s ATM, and asked her to tell the bank staff. confidential.

With a high degree of vigilance and daily anti-fraud work experience, the sales director of the branch preliminarily judged that the customer had encountered a telecommunications network fraud. “So, I explained to the customer in detail the common methods of telecommunications fraud, analyzed the characteristics of the incident, and persuaded her not to transfer money. After her emotions stabilized, she realized that she had indeed been defrauded.” The binding of the bank card was confirmed, and the safety of the funds was confirmed on the ATM, avoiding the loss of funds of 36,247 yuan.

In fact, bank outlets are an important line of defense against telecommunications and network fraud. Since the beginning of this year, Postal Savings Bank Chongqing Wanzhou District Sub-branch has attached great importance to anti-fraud work, internally strengthened staff training, improved anti-fraud capabilities, and externally carried out normalized prevention of telecommunications and network fraud Publicity activities, continuously improve citizens’ awareness of risk prevention, and do our best to be the guardian of customer funds.

  Adhere to audience orientation to improve publicity effect

Since the beginning of this year, branches of Postal Savings Bank of China have carried out differentiated publicity activities in response to the financial knowledge needs of different groups, and earnestly implemented the concept of finance for the people.

Huainan Branch of Postal Savings Bank vigorously carried out publicity activities such as “Sending Financial Knowledge to Schools” for minors to guide students and preschool children to learn and understand financial knowledge, establish good consumption habits from an early age, and subtly teach them to pay attention to the balance of income and expenditure. Help minors establish a healthy consumption concept. In addition, the bank insists on being customer-centered, closely following the needs of new citizens to carry out financial knowledge education and publicity, spares no effort to provide all-round and multi-dimensional comprehensive financial support for new citizens, and popularizes financial knowledge to them to help new citizens identify scams , away from the trap. Today, in Huainan City, Anhui Province, whether it is a bank branch, a vegetable market, a stadium, or a community, a school, or a supermarket, the staff of the Postal Savings Bank Huainan Branch can be seen everywhere to popularize financial knowledge and publicize anti-fraud common sense.

In Wenshan, Yunnan, the staff of Postal Savings Bank Wenshan Branch went to towns, schools, bus stations, and merchants many times to carry out anti-money laundering publicity activities. Ways to popularize the main methods and typical cases of money laundering to the general public, let the general public understand the dangers of money laundering activities, guide the public to put an end to buying and selling bank cards, lending bank cards, etc., and do a good job in personal account management. “Through our efforts, people’s awareness of anti-money laundering has been improved, and the ability to identify and prevent money laundering crimes has been significantly improved.” The staff of the bank said.

The reporter learned that in terms of personal business, Postal Savings Bank Wenshan Branch relies on business outlets to carry out positional publicity. , not for sale) to inform the work, strengthen the anti-money laundering awareness of financial consumers, and create a strong publicity atmosphere.

  Enrich the carrier channels and expand the scope of publicity

Walking into Jiafeng Beiyuan Community, Ningwei Street, Hangzhou, the staff of Xiaoshan Sub-branch of Postal Savings Bank of China are carrying out the “caravan” cash service activity. “If you don’t need coins, small denomination banknotes or damaged coins at home, you can exchange them.” The introduction of the staff of the bank attracted many residents in the community to stop and understand.

The reporter learned that with the countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games, in order to implement the concept of “cash for the people” in practice, optimize the cash circulation environment, and make every effort to ensure the cash service of the Asian Games, the Xiaoshan Branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China has recently carried out extensive “love The on-site publicity campaign of “My Asian Games, smooth use of RMB cash” has received good results.

In addition, in the Shuixiechunchun and Xujiang Huating communities around the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, the staff of the bank visited the merchants on the ground floor, issued proposals for cash services to welcome the Asian Games one by one, left the contact information of the nearest outlet, and informed the merchants that if they have change needs, they can exchange money. Contact the outlet in advance to ensure that there is “change” and “money for exchange” during the event.

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, the bank has carried out more than 100 financial knowledge publicity activities and grid-based cash service activities in various forms, popularizing more than 5,000 customers, earnestly fulfilling the social responsibility of financial institutions, actively improving the level of cash services, optimizing the circulation environment, The role of financial knowledge propagandists expands consumers’ financial knowledge reserves.

While relying on outlets and visits for publicity, Postal Savings Bank also actively carried out publicity through online channels to further expand the scope of publicity. Postal Savings Bank of China Beijing Branch pushes consumer rights and interests protection emoticons to the public through its official WeChat public account, using vivid and interesting cartoon images to make financial knowledge deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; “Insurance” column, combined with issues of concern to consumers, updated graphic and text content, and popularized financial knowledge with easy-to-understand graphic and text; Postal Savings Bank of China Anhui Branch used the official WeChat public account to reveal the ” Acting for complaints” and other risks, warning that improper rights protection may be investigated for legal responsibility; Postal Savings Bank of China’s Linyi City Branch in Shandong Province jointly set up a column with the media to expose new types of fraud by summarizing and sorting out a series of new fraud cases and publishing short videos for popularizing financial knowledge. Help the public raise awareness of risk prevention.

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