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Together for a better future, Postal Savings Bank of China made an appearance at the 2023 CIFTIS

Together for a better future, Postal Savings Bank of China made an appearance at the 2023 CIFTIS

From September 2 to September 6, the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (referred to as the “Service Trade Fair”) will be held in Beijing. As one of the representatives of the financial industry, Postal Savings Bank participated in this service trade fair, and created the Postal Savings Bank Beijing Branch Exhibition Area, Digital RMB Exhibition Area and Digital Currency Avenue, showing the PSBC’s financial services to the real economy and digital financial empowerment from multiple angles. The practical results of smart life.

  Financial services full of “sense of technology”

Postal Savings Bank Beijing Branch Exhibition Area

In the Beijing Branch exhibition area full of sense of technology, Postal Savings Bank Beijing Branch took “Innovation·Technology·Open Green Makes Life Better” as the theme, and set up “serving a better life”, “serving rural revitalization”, “serving the real economy” and “scientific and technological innovation”. The four sections of “Enabling” attracted many visitors to stop and learn.

Among them, the most eye-catching “Technological Innovation Empowerment” section has set up multiple technological interactive experience areas such as “Glance on the Cloud” and “Looking at the Future”. Visitors can experience the brand-new experience brought by technological elements on the spot. “It’s the first time for me to wear MR (Mixed Reality) glasses. I can watch the pictures of PSBC employees explaining financial products, and the surrounding natural landscapes such as the ocean are superimposed. The visual effects are gorgeous and the experience is very good!” In “Looking into the Future” In the experience area, Ms. Yang sighed after wearing MR glasses.

In the other three sections, Postal Savings Bank Beijing Branch also set up a wealth of exhibition content, showing the practical results of financial services and digital transformation. The section “Serving a Better Life” shows the various credit card products and financial services that Postal Savings Bank has created to create a comprehensive “finance + life” service platform for young people, car owners, women and other customer groups; the section “Serving Rural Revitalization” has an interactive The small game integrates the stories of Postal Savings Bank employees supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers, presenting the vivid practice of Postal Savings Bank in serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers; the “Serving the Real Economy” section shows the online scene service launched by Postal Savings Bank – enterprise mobile phone Banks, corporate online banking 3.0 and other mobile one-stop comprehensive financial service platforms, as well as multi-product and multi-level financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the center of the exhibition area of ​​Beijing Branch, Postal Savings Bank Beijing Branch also launched a series of activities for financial consumers, such as “PSBC Micro-lectures”, and financial knowledge micro-salons such as “Investment is the road to stability and long-term success” and “Financial Management in the 5G Era” to help visitors understand Financial common sense, enhance financial literacy.

  The digital currency payment scene has become a popular “check-in place”

The digital renminbi exhibition area displayed the construction results since the postal savings bank’s digital renminbi pilot, and set up a number of digital renminbi payment scene experience activities such as self-service shopping, which attracted many visitors to check in.

Digital RMB Payment Scenario

At the digital renminbi exhibition area, Postal Savings Bank employees introduced digital renminbi business knowledge to visitors while distributing folding fans printed with the use process of the digital renminbi APP, which attracted a large number of visitors to stop for understanding and exchange. In addition, visitors also experienced digital renminbi payment scenarios such as self-service shopping and postcard printing on the spot, and fully felt the convenience and speed of paying with PSBC digital renminbi.

As the designated operator of digital renminbi, Postal Savings Bank continues to enrich the construction of digital renminbi products and scene ecosystems. At present, the digital renminbi scene has covered many fields such as government affairs and people’s livelihood, transportation and travel, leisure and entertainment, retailers and supermarkets.

Since the beginning of this year, Postal Savings Bank’s digital renminbi application has made new breakthroughs in the field of smart contracts. It has launched digital renminbi prepaid service products in the e-commerce industry and fitness industry respectively; it has accelerated the application of digital renminbi credit scenarios, expanding from personal consumption loans to corporate loans. Credit, successfully issued digital RMB loans based on supply chain finance and inclusive financial scenarios in several pilot areas; launched the “green bill + digital RMB” innovative discount product “Green G Sticker”, which further enriched the PSBC’s green financial product system and improved Intelligent service level of bill business for green industry customers.

  Stroll through the “Time Street” on Shubi Avenue

Visitors experience the “Time Street” of Postal Savings Bank Digital Currency Avenue

In the retro red brick setting, you can smoke blind boxes of stamps, taste nostalgic food, and experience AR scenes… From the financial service exhibition area to the outdoors, the most lively places are the Postal Savings Bank of China, Beijing Post, State Grid Power, Centennial Yili, and Arctic Ocean. , Shuanghesheng and other high-quality digital RMB merchants jointly created the “Time Street District”.

Visitors stroll here, as if they were in the streets and alleys of the 1980s and 1990s. Taking out mobile devices such as mobile phones, visitors can fully experience the century-old changes of these time-honored brands through the scenes displayed by AR technology. At the same time, you can also participate in drawing blind boxes of stamps, tasting food, and experiencing the digital RMB payment scene. The wonderful experience of immersive shopping has won everyone’s praise.

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