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The accumulative payment of more than 1.73 million yuan has been paid 30 times by Sunshine Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

The accumulative payment of more than 1.73 million yuan has been paid 30 times by Sunshine Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

A guarantee to protect the hope of a family. It has paid 30 times successively, and the accumulated claims have exceeded 1.73 million yuan. Sunshine Life has supported the hope of life for Ms. Liang’s family.

  A guarantee makes persistence more emboldened

At the end of August 2021, Ms. Liang’s 10-year-old son Lele (pseudonym) suddenly suffered from stomach discomfort, vomiting and convulsions, and was admitted to the PICU for emergency treatment. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with B-lymphoblastic lymphoma. It is reported that B-lymphoblastic lymphoma is an aggressive malignant lymphoma. Due to its heterogeneity, the treatment response varies greatly. Relapse, Lele had to start a long road to treatment.

This sudden change made Ms. Liang’s family feel like a bolt from the blue, and the huge medical expenses made the family, which was not considered wealthy, breathless.

Fortunately, in 2018, Ms. Liang insured her son Lele with a copy of “Sunshine Life Cares How Many Children’s Critical Illness Insurance” and a copy of “Sunshine Life Ronghe Medical Insurance Type C”. When Ms. Liang was disheartened, the customer manager of Sunshine Life Insurance, who had been caring about her, contacted her and assisted her in submitting a critical illness claim. The 200,000 yuan critical illness claim was quickly paid to Ms. Liang’s account. The compensation helped Ms. Liang solve her urgent needs, and also gave the family more confidence in their persistence.

  Multiple payments, basically achieving “zero payment” for customers

With this confidence, Ms. Liang resolutely put down her job and took Lele to Dongguan, Beijing and other places for treatment. In order to encourage the child, she also shaved her son’s head together, leading by example and accompanying her son to fight against the disease in a positive state. During the long journey of fighting the disease, Lele has experienced relapse during treatment, immunotherapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, human cytomegalovirus infection, and graft-versus-host disease after transplantation.

Since Lele was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma in 2021, he has been hospitalized 26 times, costing more than 2.38 million yuan. “Sunshine Life Ronghe Medical Insurance Fund C” paid for 29 outpatient and emergency medical expenses before and after hospitalization. Excluding medical insurance reimbursement and more than 7,000 yuan of self-pay, the remaining 1.33 million yuan was paid by Sunshine Life. Sunshine Life’s quick compensation time after time gave Ms. Liang great encouragement and strengthened Lele’s confidence in fighting against the disease.

  All for the customer, take the initiative to settle claims to convey “love and responsibility”

  During the past two years, the staff of Sunshine Life have kept in close contact with Ms. Liang, always caring about the child’s condition, and constantly caring and encouraging Ms. Liang.In a communication, Ms. Liang talked to the customer manager of Sunshine Life Insurance about Lele’s current situation, and said that she still had other medical information about Lele’s condition, but she had been with her child in Beijing, so she couldn’t complete it, and she didn’t know if there was any Possibility of payment. The staff was anxious about the client’s urgency, and after obtaining Ms. Liang’s consent, they went to the hospital to obtain relevant medical record information on their behalf. After verification, it was found that Lele was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia due to lymphoma infiltrating the bone marrow, and this disease is one of the specific children’s diseases covered by his critical illness insurance.

  After obtaining medical records,The staff once again assisted Ms. Liang to submit a claim application for a specific juvenile disease. In less than one working day, the compensation of 200,000 yuan was successfully paid to Ms. Liang’s account.After receiving this “unexpected” claim, Ms. Liang specially sent a letter of thanks and a pennant from Beijing, saying: “It is Sunshine Life’s continuous support that has allowed my son to regain his life.”newThe hope of life is the great love transmitted by the sun through the business personnel, which allows us to move forward bravely. No words can express my gratitude at this moment! “

Later, Ms. Liang spontaneously recommended and praised Sunshine Life’s products and services in her patient group.

In recent years, people’s awareness of insurance has been increasing day by day, and the whole society’s views on insurance have also undergone tremendous changes. For families like Ms. Liang, an insurance policy can not only reduce the psychological burden during the treatment process, but also effectively prevent poverty due to illness and return to poverty due to illness. In the face of major challenges in life, there is more confidence, more calmness, and more choices.

Sunshine Life will also continue to uphold the concept of “love and responsibility” to provide sunshine care to every family, so that the warmth of insurance will be recognized by more people.

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