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Tianjin Unicom Excellent Team: Wuqing Chengguan Integrated Grid Smart Home Team

Tianjin Unicom Excellent Team: Wuqing Chengguan Integrated Grid Smart Home Team

In Wuqing branch of China Unicom Tianjin Branch, there is such an energetic young team. They are not afraid of the severe cold and heat, and they go to the streets and alleys every day. With professional skills and considerate services, they bring smooth network experience to users, highlighting the What the new generation of young Unicom people should look like, they are the epitome of China Unicom’s thousands of smart home engineers. They are the Chengguan Grid Smart Home engineer team of Tianjin Unicom Wuqing Branch.

Li Bingwen, manager of Chengguan Grid, always regards “providing high-quality network, high-quality products, and high-quality services” as an important work goal. In his daily work, he pays attention to detail management. In the daily morning and evening meetings, he repeatedly emphasizes that if he wants to gain a good reputation, he must do every little thing well. Through advanced experience sharing, short-board comments, etc., the team’s service skills are continuously improved, and the service awareness of implementing standardized actions and norms is continuously strengthened when entering every house and every household.

A promise is a responsibility, and a responsibility is a practice. Under the leadership of Li Bingwen, every employee of Chengguan Grid regards “customer-oriented, service-oriented” as the core work concept, and “limited time machine repairs, quick response to contract performance” as the basis of daily work. The action fulfills the service commitment of “operation specification, delivery standard, and speed measurement standard”.

  Promise with heart and practice with deeds.During the wheat harvest in June, Wang Ying, the manager of Zhijia, received a call from a customer in Yangzhonghe Village to report for repairs. Because of the need to rush to harvest and plant during the day, the customer and Wang Ying agreed to come to the house for repairs at 6 pm. But when the time came, Wang Ying couldn’t contact the customer until 9:30 in the evening, and the customer called Wang Ying back, saying that the farm work had just been done, and it would be fine to fix it tomorrow. But Wang Ying said: “If you have time today, I will go to your place now, and I promise to fix it today.” This simple sentence moved the customers, and they really felt the service quality of Unicom people.


  Standardize the delivery of caring services.Chengezhuang Village is the first safe demonstration village within the jurisdiction of the Chengguan grid. After the communication between the Chengguan grid and the village committee, the village committee funded the installation of Unicom housekeeping services for more than 50 elderly households in the village. Due to the older age of the elderly, the installation of each household requires careful communication and explanation. Liu Haichang, a senior Zhijia engineer in charge of the village’s business, and other members of the team, after three days of hard work, installed indoor and outdoor monitoring for each household in strict accordance with the delivery standards. After the installation, he found that the elderly basically do not know how to use mobile phones, so after the normal work of each household, he helped the elderly to transfer the video on the mobile phone, and at the same time, he thoughtfully helped the elderly to share the video permissions with the elderly in each household. Children, let customers enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet to life, and at the same time experience China Unicom’s attentive service.

  Quickly respond to the responsibility of central enterprises.There are four townships within the jurisdiction of Chengguan Comprehensive Grid. As a central enterprise, it is also an unshirkable responsibility to help the government improve the level of informatization construction. During the construction of the beautiful countryside in Chengguan Town, the town government asked China Unicom to fully cooperate and complete the relocation and renovation of the village lines within a week. Time is tight and tasks are heavy. In order not to affect the normal use of users during the peak period, all members of the Chengguan Grid Smart Home team took the initiative to give up their rest time. After four nights of hard work, they completed the re-deployment of 108 households in the village. The completion of line cutover for users has been highly recognized by users in the village and township governments, demonstrating China Unicom’s responsibility as a central enterprise.

A united team will burst out with steel-like energy, gather sand to form a tower, and accumulate less to make more. The manager team of Chengguan Grid Smart Home will continue to insist on solving the problems that customers care about, direct and practical, adhering to the mission and belief of “Unicom provides good service for customers with heart”, serves with ingenuity, and constantly brings better network experience to customers. Polish up China Unicom’s network and service brand.

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