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“The customer’s business is my own business”?? Wuqing Unicom Bai Yunhe

“The customer’s business is my own business”?? Wuqing Unicom Bai Yunhe

  He said, “Clients are no small matter. Clients’ affairs are my own affairs. It is my pursuit to serve every customer well.” He has only been working in China Unicom for two years, and he has grown from an ordinary Unicom employee to an outstanding employee. Zhijia engineer. In his work, he has the courage to take responsibility, is willing to contribute, constantly strengthens his skills, strives to improve service quality, and provides customers with more professional, meticulous and caring high-quality services, which has been praised by customers many times. He is Bai Yunhe, an engineer of Chengguan Integrated Grid Smart Home of Tianjin Unicom Wuqing Branch.

Bai Yunhe said that only by putting the service at the forefront can customers experience better network services. Bai Yunhe is in charge of 4 residential quarters, 5 natural villages and an industrial zone around Dawangguzhuang Town, Wuqing District, serving more than 2,400 households. He spends half a day every week to inspect the light-transmitting boxes, overhead lines and other points in the area under his jurisdiction, to detect and report the points with hidden dangers early, and cooperate with the network department to deal with them in a timely manner to prevent problems before they happen. In the daily work of entering households, Bai Yunhe always insists on entering and testing each household. Even if the customer does not raise the problem of network speed, he must ensure that the network speed of every customer’s home he goes to can meet the standard.

On weekdays, Bai Yunhe earnestly does every job well and wins the trust of customers with ingenious services. One night at 10:30, it was raining, and the network of a live broadcasting company in Building A7, Jingbin Ruicheng, Dawangguzhuang Town broke down. After receiving the call from the user, Bai Yunhe rushed to the customer’s unit after 15 minutes of rain, and gradually checked the obstacles. After confirming that it was a problem with the user’s firewall, he helped the customer reset and successfully solved the network problem. It was nearly midnight, and the customer repeatedly thanked Bai Yunhe for his dedication and professionalism.


  During the May Day period, a customer from Zaolin Village made an appointment to handle the new installation of Gigabit broadband in the business hall. After receiving the appointment form, Bai Yunhe immediately contacted the customer to determine the time for on-site installation. After arriving at the customer’s home, it took only half an hour to complete the broadband installation. However, the customer’s home has a large yard and many houses. After explaining the problem of network signal coverage to the customer, Bai Yunhe introduced China Unicom’s room WIFI service to the customer according to the layout of the house. Through reasonable deployment of WIFI equipment, all rooms in the customer’s home Signal coverage is full. After the customer experience, he exclaimed, “Master Bai, you let me see the professional level of China Unicom. I like you! Like China Unicom!”

Although Bai Yunhe has only been employed for two years, he always firmly believes that sincere service will definitely win the trust of customers. With the most professional skills and the most considerate service, he interprets the mission and belief of “China Unicom provides good service and serves customers with heart”. With his excellent professional knowledge and considerate service to solve problems for customers, he has been recognized by many customers in the jurisdiction within a short period of time, and has become the most trusted communication manager of customers in the jurisdiction.

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