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Tianjin Mobile’s 5G live broadcast helps “village BA” to watch games immersively

Tianjin Mobile’s 5G live broadcast helps “village BA” to watch games immersively

In August, the popular “Village BA” came to Jizhou District, Tianjin! In Guojiagou Village, Jizhou District, the Northeast Region of the National Harmony Country Basketball Competition (Village BA) kicked off. 16 teams from 8 provinces and cities including Beijing, Tianjin, and Liaoning competed here for five days, and nearly 10,000 spectators watched the match. In order to ensure the smoothness of the game site and live broadcast network, Tianjin Mobile relies on the high-speed and low-latency characteristics of the 5G network to provide high-quality communication network guarantee for the game and help “village BA” to watch the game immersively.

At the competition site, Tianjin Mobile Jizhou Branch did network testing and expansion in advance. During the competition, it carried out real-time network monitoring, set up emergency satellite communication vehicles on site, and monitored the operation status of the base station around the clock, ensuring nearly 10,000 spectators from all over the country Field communication needs.

In order to bring the fiery atmosphere of the “Village BA” scene to audiences across the country, authorized by the organizer, Tianjin Mobile used the 5G network to broadcast live events on the official WeChat and Weibo platforms of “China Mobile”, and at the same time put the exciting moments of the game on Mobaibox The start-up screen promotes Tianjin’s characteristic rural culture to users on the entire network, and shows the vitality and infinite charm of peasant sports.

It is understood that Tianjin Mobile Jizhou Branch has been deeply integrated into the blue ocean of rural revitalization. In the past two years, it has vigorously promoted the development of rural economy through activities such as 5G “Cloud Flower Appreciation”, 5G live streaming, 5G smart greenhouses, and 5G smart homestays. Promote the integrated development of regional “cultural, sports and travel business”, and use 5G to empower regional villages to enjoy a new life of “digital intelligence”. Tianjin Mobile was highly recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the regional government in this “village BA” guarantee and rural culture promotion work. In the future, Tianjin Mobile will continue to integrate advanced technologies such as 5G into rural revitalization and development, fulfill the responsibility of central enterprises, and join hands in the promise of revitalization. (Liu Yi, Xu Chunyu, Wang Shi)

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