Tianjin Mobile made every effort to do a good job in post-disaster communication recovery and service guarantee


At present, our city has entered a critical period of flood relief and post-disaster restoration and reconstruction, and the resettled people affected by the disaster are moving back one after another. Tianjin Mobile, while continuing to do a good job in communication security in the flood discharge area, immediately invested in post-disaster communication recovery and service security work to help the city restore production and living order as soon as possible.

Orderly recovery of mobile escort communication network

In order to ensure the timely restoration of the communication network of the relocated villages, Tianjin Mobile actively cooperated with the flood control headquarters to formulate a restoration plan for communication infrastructure such as base stations and computer rooms in the pan-region. Maximize the efficiency of communication recovery, ensure the unimpeded communication network in the relocation area and along the route, and escort the “homecoming” of the affected people.

Up to now, Tianjin Mobile has dispatched 917 on-site guards, 2,421 emergency repair personnel, 1,231 support vehicles, 3 emergency communication vehicles, and 1 satellite vehicle in this flood prevention and fighting work.

(Tianjin mobile communication security personnel are conducting network testing in Pangzui Village, Shuangjie Town, Beichen District)

In the flood storage and detention area of ​​the Yongding River flood zone, Douzhangzhuang Town and Huangzhuang Street in Wuqing District, Pangzui Village, Shuangjie Town, Beichen District, Zhouzhuang Village, Lizui Village, and Qudian Village in Beicang Town, which are affected by flood discharge, Mobile signal is now fully restored. For Huanghuadian Town, Wuqing District, which is about to be relocated, Tianjin Mobile is tracking the power supply control situation in real time, doing a good job in the relocation of the aggregation computer room in the town and the installation, commissioning and restoration of base station equipment, so as to restore the smooth communication network before the villagers go home.

In the Dongdian Flood Storage and Detention Area of ​​the Daqing River Flooded Area, emergency communication support for flood control and disaster relief is still underway. On August 10, the main canal in Wen’an Beach, Hebei Province, burst, flooding the cultivated land and approaching Wangkou Town, Jinghai District. 15 villages in the town had to be evacuated urgently. Tianjin Mobile immediately rushed to the concentration point of the evacuated people, and adjusted the surrounding wireless network coverage on the spot to ensure that the communication network indicators were normal. With a granularity of 30 minutes, key base stations around the evacuated villages are monitored for key information such as the maximum number of connections, so as to grasp the first-hand situation at any time. As of now, in the Dongdian flood storage and detention area, except for the three base stations that were disconnected due to power supply interruptions, all other existing network base stations are operating normally, and the network coverage is normal.

Heart-warming service lights up the “way home” of the affected people

While doing a good job in post-disaster communications, Tianjin Mobile also brought various heart-warming services to the affected people.

  (At the China Mobile free charging station, officers and soldiers of the armed police on the berm are charging their mobile phones with power supplied by the communication room)

In the small computer room, the lights are “on” in the dark. When the power was cut off in the flood storage and detention area of ​​Taitou Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin Mobile used the communication room to supply power, and set up “China Mobile Free Charging Stations” in the town government and along the Daqing River to provide temporary power for the armed police officers and soldiers along the embankment and the masses , to solve the problem of difficult charging in flood storage and detention areas.

In the flood storage and detention area, Tianjin Mobile set up four volunteer service teams with a total of 20 people to go deep into Dahuangbao, Douzhangzhuang, Huanghuadian and other towns and streets in Wuqing District to participate in voluntary work such as relocation of the masses, sanitation and epidemic prevention, and infrastructure restoration. Provide services such as home broadband service guarantee, door-to-door troubleshooting, and mobile phone cleaning and filming; Tianjin Mobile has set up convenient service points for residents in the resettlement sites of the transferred people such as the No. 6 Middle School in Jinghai District and Daqiuzhuang Middle School to provide basic services such as mineral water and fans supplies.

In the mobile business halls in the disaster-stricken areas, Tianjin Mobile launched emergency assistance services, providing free rest, free communication, mobile phone charging, hot and cold drinking water and other heart-warming services to disaster-stricken and disaster-rescue personnel.

Up to now, Tianjin Mobile has opened a total of 44 flood control staff in the disaster-stricken areas to provide free shutdown services, and provided emergency start-up services for 4,698 person-times in arrears; according to the actual situation in the disaster-stricken areas, it has provided preferential services for 196 people in flood areas and flood control staff; Through the customer service hotline, provide services such as finding relatives, reporting safety on behalf of customers, and making emergency calls to 12345/119 on behalf of customers; in case of abnormal interruption of calls of customers in disaster-stricken areas, a callback mechanism is established, and the case of three or more consecutive callbacks not being dialed through Do a good job in number registration and reporting; in view of the situation that it is impossible to go to the hall to handle business due to flood conditions, Tianjin Mobile has strengthened online services, relying on functions such as video customer service, face recognition, and digital signatures to realize 100% online carrying of common businesses and expand payment and payment categories. Business is handled online, so that you can handle business without leaving your home. (Wang Shi)


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