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Tianjin Unicom’s Flood Control and Flood Fighting Zhongxian is in charge of going all out to ensure communication

Tianjin Unicom’s Flood Control and Flood Fighting Zhongxian is in charge of going all out to ensure communication

Recently, under the influence of the super typhoon “Dusuri”, the Haihe River Basin has received a large area of ​​heavy rainfall, and the flood control situation in Tianjin is very severe. Under the strong guidance of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, China Unicom Group Corporation, and Tianjin Communications Administration, the Party Committee of Tianjin Unicom, the leaders of the company and the heads of various units connected with the leaders of the party, government and military at the city and district levels in a timely manner, and took the initiative to fight and do a good job. Flood prevention and protection work. The cadres and employees of Tianjin Unicom gave up their lives for everyone, fully carried forward the fine tradition of “political excellence, excellent work style, excellent ability, and excellent culture”, escorted with ingenuity and went all out to ensure smooth communication, and resolutely won the battle against floods.

Resolutely shoulder the responsibility and mission

Go all out to ensure the smooth communication network

  Company leaders attach great importance toResponsibility for compaction and flood control.Since July 28,Tianjin Unicom paid close attention to flood control and the situation of flood discharge in the upstream river system, launched the emergency plan immediately, set up a special leading group for flood control work, held a flood control and flood protection work deployment meeting, and issued a call for flood control and flood control to all party and league members of the company.The leaders of the company commanded and held5 timesThe special meeting studied and deployed the work of flood control and flood control, and investigated and guided key flood control areas such as Wuqing, Jinghai, Xiqing, and Dagang through on-site visits and video connections.21 timesLayer by layer compaction responsibility, layer by layer refinement measures, overcome paralyzed thinking, and form an efficient and powerful flood control guarantee system.

  The preparations before the flood season were adequate, and the communication and coordination were in place.First, the personnel, materials and equipment are in place.Tianjin Unicom established23 sticksemergency support team,A total of 803 personnel are guaranteed, 116 vehicles are guaranteed, 50 generators, 40 water pumps, 150 submersible pumps, 20 satellite phones, 150 walkie-talkies and a large number of waterproof sandbags, life jackets and other flood control materials are prepared, and special trade union dues of 26 10,000 yuan to organize multiple emergency joint drills to fully prepare for flood control and flood fighting.Using digital means such as “civil air defense + technical defense” and “one-screen overview” to monitor and inspect communication rooms and key equipment rooms in real time, report network operation status in a two-hour cycle, and command and dispatch flood prevention and emergency repair work in real time.The second is collaborative guarantee and information communication in place.The municipal company and each branch company completed the docking with the flood control headquarters as soon as possible, and started the municipal government, municipal emergency bureau, fire brigade, water affairs bureau, drainage management office, municipal emergency center, etc. in advanceRe-insurance of 333 circuits for 145 important party, government and military customers related to flood control,Lay a solid foundation for a smooth flood.

  Fight hard during the flood season to ensure smooth communication.Tianjin Unicom made full use of its advantages in network resources and personnel technology, and connected with the flood control headquarters at the city and district levels in real time to understand the flood situation at the first time and carry out flood control and fighting work in a timely and efficient manner.The first is to strengthen communication support for key departments and key areas.Connect with the flood control headquarters of the Daqing River and Yongding River flood areas, and immediately provide key communication guarantees for the district defense command, armed police forces, embankment inspection areas, and resettlement points for transferred masses, and ensure important communication circuits215 articlesfor the District Government, District Defense Command, Flood Control Front Command, Central Theater Flood Fighting Force, Armed Police Force,The fire rescue team and others urgently opened 7 circuits and 15 bare optical fibers, and urgently used 180 private network wireless intercom terminals and 8 satellite phones for the district emergency bureau, especially for the communication between the front headquarters of the central theater and the front headquarters of the garrisons. , Urgent construction of 400 core-to-kilometer optical cables to efficiently guarantee the smooth command of troops at all levels.The second is to comprehensively do a good job in emergency protection of the communication network. Relocate equipment rooms and computer rooms that may be powered off in the flooded area in advance,111 sets of emergency backup communication equipment, 2186 emergency cutover broadband, 11 base stations,Effectively guarantee the smooth communication between the frontline command work of flood control and the disaster-affected people in the resettlement sites. Immediately strengthen network ring protection, improve network quality at important points,Optimize 118 wireless communities, expand 95, survey 230 kilometers of river embankments, add wireless access points for resettlement sites,At present, each node is running smoothly, and the user perception is good. It has been reported many times by mainstream media such as CCTV, Tianjin TV, People’s Post and Telegraph, Tianjin Daily, Tonight News, and Jinyun.

  Up to now, Tianjin Unicom has dispatched a total of 4,160 support personnel, 701 support vehicles, 605 sets of equipment, and inspected 2,259 flood situation points.

Adhere to the people-centered

Take multiple measures to do a good job in communication services for the disaster-stricken masses

  While completing communication guarantee with high quality,Tianjin Unicom provided a number of caring services to users in the disaster-stricken areas, warming the hearts of the people in the disaster-stricken areas.

  Carry out the special service of “constant communication in flood situation, and warmth through Unicom”.Tianjin Unicom practiced the concept of “people-centered”. During the flood prevention and fighting period, all business offices in the city remained open, and provided disaster-stricken users in Jinghai District, Wuqing District and other disaster-stricken users with no-call and stop-off communication services;Provide 60GB Internet traffic for 6 months;For all mobile phone users in the resettlement site (including users of different networks)Provide free Wi-Fi service;For users who cannot access the Internet due to power outages, the 10010 customer service hotline will do its best to inform and appease users, so as to ease their tension. Up to now, it has provided services for more than 40,000 users in 113 villages and towns, and assisted the government in sending 14 batches of 30.12 million early warning text messages such as evacuation of people in flood storage areas and reminders of river flood safety.

  Fulfill social responsibilities and help victims of disasters.Tianjin Unicom actively implements the service tenet of “people’s post and telecommunications for the people”,Actively cooperate with the two levels of government to undertake the evacuation and transfer tasks, assist the transfer of 2365 people, and provide food, drinking water, tents and other emergency supplies for the people in the transfer resettlement sites.

Based on technological innovation

Comprehensive support for flood fighting, emergency rescue and disaster relief

Tianjin Unicom gave full play to its advantages in digitalization and intelligence, and innovatively applied a number of scientific and technological achievements in this flood prevention and fighting site.

  Cooperate with the municipal and district headquarters and the frontline army headquarters to build the command system and video conferencing system as soon as possible, and set up the flood control emergency communication headquarters.Tianjin Unicom immediately provided the city and district headquarters with an emergency command system and Unicom cloud video conferencing system, provided high-speed 5G network access, guaranteed more than 30 video conferences, and ensured that the frontline headquarters communicated with the city, district government and defense departments in real time. It refers to the smooth communication to ensure the rapid deployment and efficient implementation of flood control and flood fighting work. Docking with the frontline headquarters of the central theater, and cooperating with the establishment of the command system for flood control of the troops, it effectively guarantees the smooth communication between the front and rear. Under the guidance of the Municipal Communications Management Bureau, Tianjin Unicom’s territorial branch has set up two flood control emergency communication headquarters, Jinghai and Xiqing, to coordinate and allocate communication resources for the front line of flood control and flood control, and coordinate and handle emergencies.

  The mobile cabin is innovatively used, and one cabin can protect two networks.At the flood fighting and disaster relief site in Wuqing, the network environment was quickly built through the innovative use of mobile shelters. The built shelters have both mobile network and broadband network service access capabilities, and comprehensively carry communication services. The mobile shelter has the characteristics of flexible deployment, and can be quickly deployed according to the situation of the communication support site.The support team of China Unicom Tianjin completed the construction and opening of the shelter within 6 hours, effectively ensuring the smooth communication of more than 2,000 villagers in 8 administrative villages.

  Innovative use of portable base stations and satellite communication equipment to ensure smooth network.Tianjin Unicom took the lead in using portable 5G base stations to provide network signals, quickly responding to the mobile communication needs of customers in flooded areas, supporting directional and omnidirectional coverage, and quickly expanding capacity according to the load conditions of base stations. This technology is mainly used in the Huanghuadian Flood Control Headquarters, providing voice and 5G business services to more than 600 users.passEnable satellite + 4G portable stations and individual satellite backpack stations to quickly restore 4G/5G communication services for the affected people within 1 hour. While providing voice calls and data services through satellite links, shared wireless services are also enabled to facilitate people at any time. go online.

  Innovation enabled5G+ platform+Drones provide flood inspection services.In order to support the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau’s inspection of rivers, water regimes, and embankments, China Unicom Tianjin provides a new inspection solution of 5G+ platform + UAV. Three UAVs are equipped with 5G modules independently developed by China Unicom. Using 5G network, unmanned The real-time pictures captured by the mobile phone are sent back to the application platform independently developed by China Unicom to help the water department monitor the development of the flood situation remotely and in real time. As of August 11, a total of 173 drone sorties have been dispatched, which strongly supports the work of the water affairs department.

In the next step, Tianjin Unicom will continue to play the role of “the national team, the main force, and the vanguard”, focus on strengthening the organization and leadership of flood prevention, sum up experience, make up for deficiencies, strengthen the sense of responsibility and the overall situation, so that we will not shrink back in the face of danger and not shrink in the face of difficulties. Shake, fully complete the flood control and flood fighting work and various annual tasks, test the results of the theme education with the effectiveness of flood control and flood fighting, hand over a satisfactory answer to the party and the people, and contribute to the high-quality implementation of Tianjin’s ten actions with practical actions.

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