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Tianjin Meijiangnan fully liquid-cooled supercharging demonstration station officially launched

Tianjin Meijiangnan fully liquid-cooled supercharging demonstration station officially launched

Recently, the Meijiangnan Super Charging Station jointly built by Tianjin Municipal Construction Group and Lightning Fast Charge has been officially put into operation. The station uses Huawei’s fully liquid-cooled supercharging to provide new energy car owners with an extremely fast charging experience and will effectively enhance Meijiangnan’s cultural and health industry. The level of supporting facilities in the business district.

Supercharging demonstration station lands in Meijiang:

The super charging station is located on the west side of the Meijiang South Cultural and Health Industry Business Block on Youyi South Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, and on the south side of the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center Station on Metro Line 6. There is a strong demand for charging. Opposite the station is the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition hall has 6 indoor exhibition halls with an exhibition area of ​​50,000 square meters. It can accommodate 2,600 international standard booths for simultaneous exhibitions and can meet the needs of large and medium-sized international exhibitions. As the station is put into operation, it will Effectively alleviate the corresponding charging problems when the convention and exhibition center holds large-scale meetings.

Create high-quality charging infrastructure:

  Meijiangnan Super Charging Station is the first station in Tianjin to introduce Huawei’s new generation of fully liquid-cooled supercharging with “one kilometer per second”. The maximum power of the fully liquid-cooled supercharging charging host reaches 720kW, and the liquid-cooled supercharging terminal The maximum power is 600kW, and the fastest high-speed recharging is close to “one kilometer per second”*. It truly achieves “a cup of coffee and a full charge”, bringing a new charging experience to users and ensuring that car owners can “charge as much as they can.” Fast and good charging”, maximizing the satisfaction of car owners’ increasing charging and energy replenishment needs, while also providing optimal operating income, achieving “the ultimate experience for users, the highest quality of equipment, and the best returns on investment” .

The ultimate user experience:

Huawei’s new generation fully liquid-cooled supercharger has wide compatibility, regardless of car model, and has a single charging success rate of more than 99%. The maximum power of the supercharger terminal is 600kW, achieving extremely fast energy replenishment of “one kilometer per second”, and achieving “a cup of coffee, “Start with a full charge” effectively solves the pain points of users such as inability to charge, slow charging, and long queues during daily charging. At the same time, the liquid cooling system allows the charging host to operate in a silent state of less than 55dB, providing users with the ultimate charging experience of “plug and charge, charge and go, quiet and far away”.

Tianjin Municipal Construction Group firmly grasps the primary task of high-quality development, takes the “three quantities” work as the starting point, takes market demand as the guide, gives full play to its own asset resource endowments and comparative advantages, and continuously promotes technological innovation, management innovation, model innovation, product innovation Innovation, actively cultivate effective increments, enhance core competitiveness, and inject vitality into corporate development.

  [*]The charging rate is measured in a laboratory environment. In actual use, it may be slightly different due to vehicle models, software versions, vehicle power consumption, usage conditions and environmental factors. Please refer to actual usage.

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