Oriental Selection was involved in excessive use of “shrimp medicine” and was cracked down on counterfeiting Wang Hai: 7 million pieces


Wang Hai emphasized that Dong Yuhui introduced in the live broadcast that the country of origin of this shrimp is “Ecuador”, the size is “2030”, and the ingredients are “shrimp water and salt”.

On February 20, Oriental Selection became a hot search topic again.

On February 18, Wang Hai, a well-known anti-counterfeiter, posted a video on his social platform account saying that Oriental Selection’s self-operated Ecuadorian vannamei shrimp concealed the addition and “excessive use of shrimp medicine.”

After this incident was exposed, netizens also quarreled. Some supported Wang Hai, others supported Dongfang Selection, and others believed that all products in the industry should be carefully investigated.

It is understood that the product is still on sale, with 7.023 million units sold so far.

According to the cover news report, Wang Hai told reporters that this anti-counterfeiting video came from a whistleblower. “The whistleblower bought this product and sent it for inspection. The inspection results were not consistent with the product promotion.”

The ingredient list of this “frozen South American white shrimp imported from Ecuador” only shows “South American white shrimp, water, salt”. Wang Hai also emphasized that Dong Yuhui specifically mentioned the ingredient list when bringing the goods in the live broadcast room. According to the video posted by Wang Hai, Dong Yuhui introduced in the live broadcast that the country of origin of this shrimp is “Ecuador”, the size is “2030”, and the ingredients are “shrimp water and salt”.

The informant’s inspection report showed that the product contained 0.155g/kg of sulfur dioxide residue.

On the evening of February 19, the topic “Oriental Selection Alarm” became a hot search topic. The reason was that an insider revealed that Oriental Selection was going through the alarm process.

On the 19th, the relevant person in charge of Oriental Selection told Nandu reporters that the official store of Oriental Selection has test reports for relevant products. The product test report and information are displayed on the store page. The ingredients column is South American white shrimp, water and salt. The test report showed that the residual amount of sulfur dioxide was 0.0220g/kg.

In this regard, on February 20, Wang Hai once again posted on his blog that the test report uploaded by Dongfang Selection also detected residual sulfur dioxide.

In the last item of the test report, the residual amount of sulfur dioxide is 0.0220g/kg, and the detection method is the same as the revelation.

Public information shows that the scientific name of shrimp medicine is “sodium metabisulfite”. In the aquatic industry, this substance can be used as a preservative, but the dosage is strictly controlled. The maximum dosage is 0.1g/kg (based on sulfur dioxide residue). According to China Quality News Network, a well-known food expert said that long-term or excessive consumption of sodium metabisulfite in such excessive foods may have an impact on human gastrointestinal tract and other health.

Wang Hai said that whether it is concealed or excessive, it does not meet food safety standards. It is recommended that consumers who buy Oriental Selection’s self-operated South American white shrimps stop eating them immediately and ask the platform for a refund as soon as possible without returning them, and then ask for a refund of 100 yuan starting from 10%. The price is one thousand meters.

He also suggested that Oriental Selection take the initiative to refund compensation to consumers and spend 6.9 billion to build a responsible image.

In addition, Wang Hai has repeatedly revealed recently that Dongfang Selection’s products are counterfeit “Wuchang Rice”; Dongfang Selection’s Tianqi prune juice has been found to contain laxatives and other issues.

According to the China Securities Journal, the reporter asked the official customer service of Oriental Selection for verification. The official customer service staff of Oriental Selection responded that Oriental Selection also conducted testing on the batch submitted by a certain anchor for inspection, and the inspection results were in line with national standards. required. Oriental Selection will test products every month, and the products will also be tested by customs.

“The test report that meets the requirements of national standards can be seen on the product details page. The ingredients of white shrimp are only shrimp, water and salt.” said the above-mentioned staff member.

Currently, Oriental Selection’s stock price has retraced nearly 70% from its 2023 high.


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