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Three years of protection, a letter of thanks

Three years of protection, a letter of thanks

In April 2023, a sincere thank-you letter quietly appeared in the message book of the Dagang Customer Service Center of China Life Tianjin Branch: “Thank you to every employee in the branch, and thank you for your support and help over the past three years. It made me feel the enthusiasm for service, and your kindness warmed my depressed mood. Words cannot express how grateful I and my family are to you, thank you again! May you all be happy and safe!”

  The person who left the letter of thanks was Ms. Q, the sister of Mr. Q, a customer of China Life Tianjin Branch. In 2020, Mr. Q accidentally injured the back of his head when riding an electric car. Ms. Q hurriedly took the medical bills to the Dagang Customer Center to apply for a claim. Due to the sudden change at home, she was choked up and burst into tears. The counter service staff at the reception comforted her while patiently sorting out nearly a hundred medical receipts for her. With the staff’s gentle reassurance and professional assistance, Ms. Q gradually calmed down and completed the necessary supplementary materials for claim settlement in time.

From 2020 to 2023, during the three years, Ms. Q applied for claims for her family many times. The timely and efficient claim settlement service of China Life really made her feel convenient and warm. After handling the business for the last time, Ms. Q watched the busy counter service staff and silently wrote her message in the guest book.

In recent years, China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has made great efforts to improve customer experience. By optimizing the counter environment, adding smart machines and tools, providing convenient service facilities such as reading glasses, wheelchairs, and charging piles, setting up “love seats” for special groups, and opening up ” “Green channel”, provide “air customer service” online remote video and other services, and provide customers with financial and insurance services “at your fingertips”. China Life continues to create a “fast and warm” claim settlement service brand, making “good service” an intuitive evaluation of China Life by customers. The “speedy and warm” claim settlement service fulfills every love and promise, and protects the people’s better life with high-quality, efficient and professional services.

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