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Optimize service experience, China Life Insurance creates a one-stop convenient insurance service

Optimize service experience, China Life Insurance creates a one-stop convenient insurance service

From manual and single counter service to manual, self-service and multiple intelligent services, behind these technological innovations is China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”), which is making great efforts in customer service. The intuitive expression of kung fu.

Take China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch as an example. In recent years, the company’s counter services have been continuously optimized and upgraded, uniform counter dress codes, standardized service behaviors and terms, creating a “love station” for elderly services, and creating high-tech smart counters. , realizing intelligence, intelligence connection, and intelligence sharing, showing the spirit of counter service in the insurance industry in the new era.

Warm counter, aging service warm in the heart

“The biggest feeling in these years is that I haven’t gone to the customer service center to handle business for a long time.”

65-year-old He Xiumei feels that there is nothing special now, and she does not need to go to the customer service center for a year, and the pension insurance pension will be credited to her account in real time. This was unimaginable many years ago.

In the past, He Xiumei had to take several bus stops every month to come to the China Life Customer Service Center in Yuzhong District to collect insurance money.

“At that time, there was no calling machine, and people queued up to handle business.” He Xiumei recalled that when there were many people, seven or eight service windows were opened. Even so, it usually took about 20 minutes to handle business.

Nowadays, when you enter the customer service center of China Life Insurance in Chongqing Yuzhong District, there is an additional “Golden Station” service area, which has a health care area, a convenience care area and a scholarly garden. Elderly customers enjoy priority calling at the counter, and the post station can provide rest and entertainment. Paper documents are too small to read clearly? Reading glasses are thoughtfully prepared on the counter. Keep cash for business transactions and respect usage habits.

Figure: Customer service staff explaining the use of smart teller machines to elderly customers

“In the past, as long as the business involved insurance, you had to come to the counter to handle it.” Zhang Tingting, a counter worker, said that now those who know how to use smart phones like to operate online. Most of the customers who come to the counter are elderly people who are not familiar with smart devices or are still using phones for the elderly.

  The establishment of the service window of the Golden Station is based on the characteristics of the elderly customer group, reducing the waiting time of the elderly customers, and providing high-quality and convenient services for the elderly. Since 2022, China Life Insurance has served 58,000 elderly customers over 60 years old at counters in Chongqing.

Smart counters, good service at your fingertips

What impressed He Xiumei deeply was not only the improvement of China Life Insurance Company’s “soft power” service, but also the innovation and change in hardware brought about by technological innovation.

“We are also the first elderly to enjoy services suitable for the elderly.” He Xiumei introduced that the service staff at the counter taught them how to operate, and quickly learned how to use the life insurance app.

“It’s so convenient. Just press the button on the phone, and it’s still the elderly version of the APP interface. I can see clearly without wearing glasses, and the insurance I bought is clear at a glance.” He Xiumei said that the elderly also have to keep pace with the times.

The elderly-friendly service is just a microcosm of the high-quality counter service of China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch. The concept of “customer-centric” has already penetrated into the daily service of the counter.

  In the manual handling area, the unobstructed handling desk shortens the distance between the teller and the customer. In the friendly conversation, the business has been processed.In the smart service area, the smart teller machine has multiple functions such as face recognition, comprehensive inquiry, security service, life insurance APP account service and voucher printing, so that customers can worry-free and independentoperation, has served 242,000 person-times.If the operation is difficult, the service personnel in the hall are ready to help customers answer difficult questionsquestion. In the glass room at the corner of the hall, China Life’s “air customer service” is making video connections face-to-face for customers and answering their inquiries.This initiative crosses geographical barriers and breaks time constraintshas served 5221 customers,Get through the “last mile” of online services.

  Through the integration of digitalization, China Life Insurance Company enables customers to enjoyConvenient and intelligent service. The official WeChat account of China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch provided 106,000 response services to customers through “artificial + intelligent customer service”. The enterprise WeChat customer service provided nearly 76,000 customers with full-process services such as terms consultation and claims reporting. Through the life insurance APP, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch has provided intelligent services to 5.6 million users, and the e-ization rate of customer policy preservation services has reached 99%.

In the future, China Life Insurance Company will continue to focus on customer experience, deepen service integration, continuously promote the intelligent and comprehensive transformation of counter stores, continue to provide customers with high-quality insurance services, and promote customer service to a new stage of high-quality development.

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