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ICBC North Station Sub-branch won the title of “Tianjin Publicity and Education Base for Preventing Illegal Fund-raising”

ICBC North Station Sub-branch won the title of “Tianjin Publicity and Education Base for Preventing Illegal Fund-raising”

June 15 this year is the eleventh publicity day for preventing illegal fund-raising. In order to further strengthen the publicity of financial laws and regulations, financial common sense and typical cases, and earnestly raise citizens’ awareness of preventing illegal fund-raising, this morning, Tianjin City’s Centralized Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising was hosted by the Office of the Municipal Leading Group for Prevention and Handling of Illegal Fund-raising and undertaken by the Hebei District People’s Government. The publicity day event and the unveiling ceremony of the publicity and education base for preventing illegal fund-raising in Tianjin was held in the business office of ICBC Tianjin North Railway Station Sub-branch.

Relevant responsible comrades from the Municipal Non-official Office, Tianjin Branch of the People’s Bank of China, Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hebei District Committee and District Government, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Tianjin Branch attended the event.

After the unveiling ceremony, the responsible comrades of each unit came to the North Railway Station Sub-branch business room to participate in the centralized publicity day for preventing illegal fund-raising with the theme of “keep the money bag and protect the happy family”. At the event site, by arranging publicity arches, hanging publicity banners, distributing publicity materials, on-site explanations and other forms, the relevant content of the “Regulations on Prevention and Handling of Illegal Fund-raising” was publicized to the public, and everyone was encouraged to learn the necessary legal knowledge and financial knowledge. Form a correct consumption concept and remind everyone to stay away from traps such as illegal fundraising and financial fraud. The atmosphere at the event site was lively and the publicity effect was good.

Since the beginning of this year, ICBC North Railway Station Sub-branch has adhered to the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, thoroughly implemented the main responsibility of preventing illegal fund-raising publicity, fully utilized the role of the bank’s business outlets as a propaganda and education position, and continued to carry out the theme publicity activities of “ICBC Station” to serve the people. Actively enter the community, enter the campus, enter the enterprise, distribute publicity leaflets to the “new citizen” groups such as silver-haired customers, school students and migrant workers, explain typical cases, deeply reveal the harm caused by illegal fund-raising and identify the risks of illegal fund-raising method skills. Do a good job of reminding customers about transfers and remittances, e-banking, etc., and strengthen risk warnings for new types of illegal fund-raising traps that use new concepts such as Metaverse and NFT under the banner of technological innovation, green transformation, “One Belt, One Road” and rural revitalization. , to protect the safety of customer funds.

It will take a long time to improve the public’s financial literacy and risk prevention awareness. Beizhan Sub-branch will take the opportunity of winning the title of “Tianjin Publicity and Education Base for Preventing Illegal Fund-raising” to promote the normalization and long-term effect of illegal fund-raising publicity activities, so that ordinary people can understand and prevent them, and strive to build a bank that satisfies the people. Contribute financial strength to “keep the money bag and protect the happy family”.

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