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There are changes in the heating appliance market this year due to steep cooling in many places.

There are changes in the heating appliance market this year due to steep cooling in many places.

The second round of cold wave this winter has arrived, and many regions across the country have experienced “cliff cooling”. Entering winter, it has also ushered in the hot-selling season for heating appliances. Nowadays, there are many categories of heating appliances, and various new heating products are also favored by users. In As users increasingly pursue a quality life experience, the consumption of heating appliances has also presented a series of new products, new technologies, and new changes.

From regional popularity to national consumer awareness, the electric heating table market has developed rapidly data shows that since November, “new” heating artifacts represented by baseboard heaters, heating tables, and warming cutting boards have been selling like hotcakes, with sales of heating tables increasing by 63.5% year-on-year.

The electric heating table is a new heating appliance that combines a table and a heater. Based on the traditional table, it uses far-infrared radiation and convection heating technology for heating, and integrates thoughtful designs such as voice control and free lifting. It has Hunan Local consumers said, “Hunan people highly recommend it. It can be used for two purposes. It can be used as a fire table in winter and as an ordinary coffee table in the other three seasons. It has multiple uses for one price. The middle layer can also be used for drying clothes. The power on and off and the height of the tabletop can be controlled by voice. Many people can sit in the fire circle, which is really comfortable.”

“In recent years, electric heating tables have moved from offline channels to online, and the audience has been relatively fully covered. From a regional product that was only popular in Guizhou, Hunan and other places, it has gradually been accepted by consumers across the country. The market size It has also made great progress from its original offline scale of more than 3 billion,” Du Wenbo, Midea’s innovative home product manager, told a China State Grid reporter.

The reason why electric heating tables are quickly recognized by the market has a lot to do with the fact that this product continues to meet the preferences of young people in terms of function and design. In addition to the blessings of modern technologies such as free lifting design and voice control mentioned above, , electric heating table products are also constantly iterating in terms of appearance, function, safety, etc. For example, the fashionable design can be better integrated with the home. In addition to heating, the current electric heating table can also cook hot pot, store things, and even Play music, etc., to satisfy users’ pursuit of comfort and health.

On e-commerce websites, there are many brands of electric heating tables. In addition to the well-known Midea, there are also home appliance manufacturers such as Oaks, Changhong, Meiling, Konka, and Airmate. In addition, there are also non-home appliance brands such as Yancube and Huoyanshan. The prices Also more uneven. Similar to most small household appliance categories, there are always a large number of workshop-style factories or white brands in the early stages of development. This has also led to frequent safety accidents such as the explosion of electric heating table tops in recent years.

In response to the safety issue that users are most concerned about, Du Wenbo said, “Some products have had desktop explosion problems before. The main reason is that the desktops of early electric heating table products used a large amount of tempered glass. Tempered glass inevitably has a certain probability of self-explosion. Among them, In the glass industry, the self-explosion rate of original sheets of large first-tier manufacturers is generally 0.1%~0.3%, and the self-explosion rate of small glass factories is even more uncontrollable. At present, the desktops of Midea electric heating tables are all made of slate material, which solves the problem of desktop cracking. For the sake of the product Safety and safe use are also the first factors consumers consider when purchasing big-brand electric heating tables.”

Demands for comfort and health are highlighted, and heating appliance technology innovation is active

With the development of technology, heating appliances are becoming more and more abundant in product form and technological innovation. In addition to the electric heating table mentioned above, wall-mounted electric heating paintings that can be hung on the wall like an ornamental painting and can provide warmth, Warming cutting boards that can warm meals, flexible heating film technology represented by heating scarves, etc., have become new heating “artifacts” loved by young people.

Wall-mounted electric heating painting products

With the continuous emergence of new products and new technologies, Feng Siyun, Midea heater product manager, believes that the current heating appliance market has ushered in these new changes.

First, the application of graphene has been further expanded. This year graphene coating has been applied to most new heater products, and graphene rapid heating has become a standard feature of heaters.

Secondly, intelligent control technology has opened up a new track, which can use words but not hands. From summer to winter, more users choose products with voice functions. Compared with app operation, voice control has low learning cost and is more friendly to the elderly and children. It is believed that voice control will be further popularized in the next 2-3 years.

Third, the dual warmth of sight and touch. In recent years, everything from simple ambient lights to simulated fireplaces to flame humidification have reflected the importance users attach to home atmosphere.

Fourth, heating technology continues to make new breakthroughs, as well as the emergence of some new forms of products.

Take the air-heating four-season circulation machine product launched by Midea this year as an example. This product also creates a new form of heating appliances. Compared with ordinary electric heater products, this product adopts a circulation fan design and integrates Midea’s professional Saturated air preheating technology, rapid heating technology, and golden section heat flow technology have greatly improved heating efficiency and comfort. In addition, this product also integrates multiple functions of heating, humidification, and air circulation. It can be used in summer and winter, saying goodbye to the pain points of using heaters such as dry heating air and insufficient humidity in the past.

Midea air heating four-season circulation machine

As a leading company in heating home appliances, Midea has always played a “guide” role. The launch of the air-heating four-season cycle machine product has also attracted attention in the industry, and this “circulation machine” trend may also be in the future. The popularity among heating appliance companies has pushed the heating appliance industry to usher in a new round of product upgrades.

Regarding the development of the heating appliance market this year, Jia Dongsheng, general manager of Beijing Fanborui Consulting Co., Ltd., said, “In terms of products, heaters are still the largest category during Double Eleven, with a share of 36.6%, an increase of 2.8 percentage points compared to the same period. ; Baseboards, electric heating oil heaters, and European-style fast heating stoves followed closely. On the other hand, products with graphene heating elements as technological innovations continue to be popular, aiming at the pain points of ordinary electric heaters’ dry air and single product functions. , manufacturers are also working hard on functions such as fog-free humidification and air purification.”

More and more heating appliances are designed from the perspective of comfort and health, such as water heating blankets, quilt heaters, floor heating blankets, simulated fireplace heaters, etc., to overcome the shortcomings of previous heating appliances and bring a better experience to users. The “warm economy” is a periodic consumption boom. Under the blessing of the cold wave, innovation has always been the “only magic weapon” to determine which heating appliances can win the favor of consumers.


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