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High frame rate and high image quality, iQOO 12 Pro gaming experience tested

High frame rate and high image quality, iQOO 12 Pro gaming experience tested

If you don’t look at the price and choose a few mobile phones suitable for playing games, I think you will probably have the following options:

The first is the iPhone, such as the iPhone 14 Pro series or the iPhone 15 Pro series. Its strong performance, stable system, and exclusive optimization by game manufacturers have made the iPhone have a lot of player groups.

When it comes to Android, there are generally a variety of choices, such as models with strong performance, such as flagship phones of major brands, which basically use the best chips of the year, with strong performance and stress-free performance, and can run all major games smoothly. In addition, you can also consider professional gaming phones, such as Red Magic and ROG. This kind of mobile phone is not only powerful in performance, but it is also basically designed around the gaming experience, so there will be many additional points, such as X-axis motor, three-dimensional dual speakers, high refresh screen, etc., there is no shortage of them.

In fact, among Android phones, there are some phones that take into account both daily and gaming experience. They have powerful performance, good photos, good screens, smooth systems, and excellent peripheral configurations to ensure game immersion. Representative models are iQOO 12 series. Now that the iQOO 12 series has been released for some time, many players are still waiting to see it. So what is the gaming experience of the iQOO 12 series? The author will take you through actual testing to take a look.

The model we tested this time is iQOO 12 Pro. The “performance triangle” consists of the third-generation Snapdragon 8, LPDDR5X, and UFS4.0. The AnTuTu V10 score exceeded 2.13 million, and the 3D Mark Wild Life Extreme score exceeded 4539. , the benchmark test score has reached the first echelon of current flagship mobile phones, and there is no doubt about its performance.

Regardless of performance, what players are more concerned about is performance in actual game scenarios. In the 15-minute test of “Genshin Impact” (60 frames + ultimate image quality), iQOO 12 Pro’s performance was quite stable and could be stabilized at 60 frames throughout the entire process.

In addition to stable and smooth game performance, iQOO 12 Pro actually has several good highlights worth mentioning during the game.

The first is the cooling system. iQOO 12 Pro is equipped with a full-time four-zone heat dissipation architecture. The official said that the high-frequency touch area is targeted for temperature adjustment and real-time temperature control in four major areas. It can be specially adapted to the holding habits of most users when playing games. heat dissipation optimization. This optimization is mainly focused on areas that are frequently held and touched by users’ hands to ensure that these areas remain cool during gaming and provide a better hand experience. In addition, iQOO 12 Pro also uses a stainless steel VC vapor chamber, which can speed up the heat circulation inside the fuselage, thereby dissipating heat more effectively and further optimizing the heat dissipation performance of the phone.

The other is the highlight feature of iQOO mobile phones – game frame insertion. iQOO 12 Pro is equipped with the self-developed e-sports chip Q1. Based on this self-developed chip, iQOO 12 Pro achieves true low-latency frame insertion, and at the same time achieves the industry’s first in-game super score and frame insertion concurrency. This This means that players can get a high frame rate + high image quality gaming experience at the same time.

Based on the O1 chip, iQOO 12 Pro brings a self-developed super-resolution algorithm that can greatly improve the game resolution. Taking “Genshin Impact” as an example, it supports original image quality (720P), high image quality (900P), and ultra-high image quality. Quality (2K). In terms of frame rate, even playing “Genshin Impact” with 2K quality can now turn on 60 frames. In comparison, even if some other mobile phones support 2K resolution, the frame rate is generally only 30 frames.

Finally, let’s talk about the peripheral configuration of iQOO 12 Pro.

iQOO 12 Pro is equipped with a 6.78-inch 2K curved screen made of Samsung E7, with a screen refresh rate of 144Hz and a peak screen brightness of 3,000 nits. In addition to strong parameters, iQOO 12 Pro has narrower borders and good visual effects. It can be said to be a top-notch and balanced screen.

In terms of speakers, iQOO 12 Pro is equipped with dual stereo speakers. I checked it is AAC’s 1115E. This speaker has a large amplitude of 0.65mm and excellent low-frequency performance, and has a stronger sense of game immersion.

In addition, iQOO 12 Pro has a built-in large-capacity battery of up to 5100mAh, which supports both 120W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging, further improving players’ battery life experience while gaming.

  at last:

In general, with its powerful hardware configuration and excellent software optimization, the gaming experience of iQOO 12 Pro is still the best in the industry. More importantly, iQOO 12 Pro has become the designated machine for the KPL Honor of Kings Professional League, which also shows that its gaming capabilities have been recognized by professional e-sports teams. In fact, iQOO 12 Pro not only has an excellent gaming experience, but also exceeds expectations in terms of photography, screen, battery life, system, etc. If you want a mobile phone with a balanced experience, iQOO 12 Pro is still worth recommending.

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