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Theme Education|Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank enters the campus to actively carry out financial knowledge popularization activities

Theme Education|Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank enters the campus to actively carry out financial knowledge popularization activities


In order to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, solidly carry out educational activities on the theme of learning and implementing Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, practice the political, popular and professional nature of financial work, and effectively protect consumers’ right to education, effectively To help consumers understand financial knowledge and financial risks, improve consumers’ financial literacy, and stabilize consumers’ financial confidence, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively went to campuses to carry out a series of activities of “popularizing financial knowledge for thousands of miles”, and organized a number of activities for teenagers and preschool children. A characteristic financial knowledge publicity activity has achieved good results.

Learn financial knowledge and celebrate Children’s Day together

On June 1, when the International Children’s Day came, Dongli Zhangguizhuang Sub-branch entered Beilei Kindergarten and gave a lively and interesting financial micro-lecture for the children. The staff popularized the knowledge of RMB to the children through the physical display and vivid explanation of RMB. In a pleasant teaching atmosphere, the children got to know RMB in various denominations such as RMB 5, RMB 10, and RMB 20, and understood the role of RMB in payment and circulation. Through interactive games, children are guided to establish a correct view of consumption and develop good habits of thrift and thrift.

Jinghai Central Sub-branch entered the Jinghai District Model Kindergarten, brought financial knowledge to the campus, gave a lively and interesting anti-counterfeit currency publicity and education class for the children, and spent a meaningful Children’s Day with the children. In the classroom, the staff carefully explained to the children the face features of RMB, anti-counterfeiting marks, identification methods of counterfeit currency, and financial knowledge of caring for RMB, and told the children to consciously resist counterfeit currency and help them develop a sense of love and respect from an early age. A good habit of RMB, establish a correct concept of money and consumption. The classroom was interspersed with interesting interactive question-and-answer sessions, entertaining and entertaining, and the children actively participated in it, eagerly answering questions and actively interacting. The atmosphere was very enthusiastic, and the staff also carefully prepared small gifts for the children. This activity stimulated children’s interest in learning financial knowledge, and truly brought financial knowledge into the campus and into the classroom.

Walk into bank outlets to experience “Little Banker”

Dongli Wuxia Sub-branch invited 10 children from Huasheng Kindergarten to the branch to participate in the “Little Banker” activity. The staff led the children to experience the manual money counting activity on the spot, and explained to the children the simple method of identifying counterfeit money. After explaining financial knowledge, the staff led the children to the bank business hall for on-the-spot visits, explaining the functions of each functional area and the process of handling business, etc. The children were enthusiastic about learning, and they gained a lot of financial knowledge in just half a day. Knowledge, the children have expressed that they want to share the knowledge they have learned today with their families and kindergarten children.

Financial knowledge enters the campus to avoid risks and protect youth

Taking the 36th World No Tobacco Day promotion as an opportunity, Jinnan Central Sub-branch and Haitang Street Health Center went to Tianjin Mechanical and Electrical Technician College to carry out publicity activities. While preaching to the students the dangers of smoking and advocating that young people stay away from cigarettes, they also gave a lecture on financial knowledge for the students. The propagandists explained the knowledge of financial management, popularized the prevention methods of financial fraud, guided the students to establish a rational view of consumption, and improved the awareness of financial risk prevention. An interactive game of financial knowledge quiz was also organized on site, and students were organized to participate in prize-winning contests on deposit insurance, prevention of telecom fraud, and the eight major rights and interests of consumers. The activity was unanimously welcomed and praised by students and teachers.

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has always regarded young people as the key group of financial knowledge popularization, and has effectively helped young people learn financial knowledge and master financial tools by carrying out a series of publicity activities such as “Financial Knowledge in Campus”, “Little Banker” and “Finance and Integrity” , Prevent financial risks, and establish rational consumption concepts, rational borrowing concepts and values ​​of honesty and trustworthiness from an early age. Next, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will continue to carry out the activities of introducing financial knowledge into the campus, effectively helping young people learn, understand and use finance, and escort the healthy growth of children.

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