The official online direct sales platform of “Guishui Farming” is officially launched, allowing Yanqing’s selected agricultural products to enter thousands of households


At the foot of the Great Wall, return to the “Gui” countryside. On March 3, 2023, the press conference of the official online direct sales platform of the regional public brand of agricultural products in Yanqing District “Guishui Farming” was held as scheduled at the DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing Badaling.

The event was sponsored by the Yanqing District People’s Government, organized by the Yanqing District Agriculture and Rural Bureau and Beijing Badaling Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., and co-organized by the Propaganda Department of the Yanqing District Party Committee, the Yanqing District State-owned Assets Management Committee, the Yanqing District Culture and Tourism Bureau, and the District Commerce Bureau.

At the event site, Badaling Cultural Tourism Group, as the brand operator of “Guishui Farming”, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Bank of China Co., Ltd. and Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd. , Beijing Jinsu Planting Professional Cooperative, Beijing Beicaiyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other cooperative representatives signed a cooperation agreement on the online sales of organic products.

In addition, Badaling Culture and Tourism Group used the global tourism e-commerce platform “Inside and outside the Great Wall · i Tour Yanqing” to conduct live broadcast sales of high-end agricultural products of “Guishui Farming” at the event site. Drinking Yanyun organic yellow millet porridge, appreciating Lipao apple bonsai, tasting Sihai chrysanthemum tea… The guests at the meeting started the “immersive” experience of high-quality agricultural products on the spot, and enjoyed a healthy life rich in green ecology.

It is understood that the official online direct sales platform of “冬水农气” is quick and easy to operate. You can enter it by searching for “冬水农气” in the WeChat applet. When shopping on the platform, pre-sales consultation is in place in one step, after-sales service is considerate and thoughtful, and the delivery timeliness is guaranteed. You only need to “order with one click”, and you can enjoy the organic life of the ecological pastoral at home. The platform products cover 5 major categories of green and safe vegetables, high-quality dried and fresh fruits, high-end flower gardening, high-quality and high-quality food, and healthy and characteristic farming. Vegetables and fruits are naturally green, which makes people feel at ease; Don’t worry; horticultural breeding is very distinctive, which makes people feel at ease, and provides favorable conditions for consumers to enjoy high-quality green life.

Yanqing District, as the capital’s ecological conservation area, is a “national ecological civilization city”. Over the years, it has always adhered to the concept of ecological districts, established circular development, low-carbon development, and green development strategies, and solidly promoted the green development of agriculture. It has successively won honorary titles such as “National Organic Product Certification Demonstration Zone” and National Agricultural Green Development Pioneering Zone.

Good mountains, good water and good ecology have produced rich and high-quality “native products”. “Soil” refers to finding local resources in Yanqing’s water and soil; “Special” refers to creating characteristic agricultural products with Yanqing’s unique advantages; “Production” refers to respecting the laws of Yanqing’s agricultural development and building industries.

As a regional public brand of agricultural products in Yanqing District, the slogan is “Not all agricultural products in Yanqing are called ‘Guishui Farming’.” According to the standards of enterprise qualification, product quality, service system and other standards, the company selects the best from the best and strictly enters 21 enterprises and enterprises. Cooperatives, including Beijing Lvfulong Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Guiyuan Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Yanyun Planting Professional Cooperative, etc.

“Guishui Farming” not only launched a high-end and convenient official online direct sales platform, but also launched a popular membership card for the first time. Consumers can choose experience, companionship, VIP, and enjoy four kinds of membership benefits, and enjoy preferential services such as shopping discounts, customized membership days for four seasons, free tours to Yanqing’s characteristic scenic spots, and agricultural, cultural and tourism coupons. Agriculture and brand strengthening of agriculture, focusing on promoting the development of green agriculture, the transformation of scientific and technological agriculture, and the revitalization of rural agriculture in Yanqing District.

It is reported that at the beginning of 2019, the Yanqing District Party Committee and District Government decided to organize major agricultural cooperatives to establish regional public brands, ensure product quality through quality control, increase publicity and promotion efforts, and achieve product premiums. Under the advocacy of the Yanqing District Party Committee and the District Government, in September 2019, the regional public brand “Guishui Farming” came into being. It is committed to allowing consumers to eat good products, increasing farmers’ income, promoting agricultural quality improvement, and accelerating the integration of regional ecology industry.

In the next step, Yanqing District will integrate high-quality resources of regional agricultural products, strengthen the brand building of “Guishui Farming”, promote the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, take the digital economy as the guide, promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, and revitalize the countryside, and strive to promote the high-speed development of Yanqing. Quality and green development has reached a new level.



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