Gorenje’s Secrets of Imported Home Appliances Growth against the Trend


A romantic reply waiting for 999days, a passionate embrace across 7050km, and an art gathering with a taste of 12.5%vol. On March 2, “The Art of Burning Love is Still Unfinished” – Gorenje Art Appliance Advanced Summit opened in Qingdao Easy House. Su Lan, the Slovenian ambassador to China, and his entourage came to the scene. Together with more than 20 authoritative media in the country and Zhu Laihua, general manager of Goroni (China), they witnessed the high-end home appliance gorenje igniting the extremely free and easy Shanghai style city with its extremely elegant European design.

  Transnational cooperation makes the leader of international home appliances

Slovenia is located in the middle of Europe. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations with China on May 12, 1992, the two countries and the two peoples have established a solid friendship and excellent relationship. China is Slovenia’s largest trading partner in Asia.

As a Slovenian “national treasure” home appliance brand, gorenje entered China in 2018, allowing high-quality, high-tech art appliances to enter tens of millions of Chinese families, and is loved by many high-end consumers.

“Gorenje, adhering to the concepts of technological advancement, high innovation, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, provides the most designed and elegant home appliances for families all over the world. Gorenje has won the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award for many years in a row, and has always been favored by Slovenia It is even loved by consumers all over the world.” Ms. Su Lan, Slovenian Ambassador to China, introduced.

Su Lan, Ambassador of Slovenia to China

Zhu Laihua, general manager of Gorenje (China) Co., Ltd., mentioned the close cooperation between China and Slovenia in politics, economy and culture in recent years, and said that gorenje attaches great importance to the Chinese market, and will further innovate marketing methods in the future to strengthen in-depth communication with users Gorenje will be able to seize the “new blue ocean” opportunity in China and even the global market, and become a model of luxury home appliance solutions.

Zhu Laihua, General Manager of Guloni (China) Co., Ltd.

The reporter learned that since entering China in 2019, the market turnover of the gorenje brand has maintained an annual growth of 100%, and it is expected to achieve a turnover of 800 million yuan in 2022. Gorenje brand stores have also expanded from 30 in 2020 to nearly 200 exclusive stores in China, maintaining an annual growth rate of nearly 100. At the same time, more than 150 alliance channels such as haute couture and HVAC have cooperated with each other. On this basis, the gorenje brand plans to build another 100 specialty stores in 2023.

  The designer series is brand new and upgraded, and the flavor of life is cooked with heart

In the world, only love and delicious food cannot be let down. High-end home appliances gorenje’s love for quality life, how can it be without the company of delicious food and fine wine. At the summit site, star chefs from Europe prepared multiple dishes of traditional Slovenian food, paired with famous Slovenian red wine produced in 1970. All the cooking process uses gorenje brand products, using the most artistic cooking tools, paying tribute to the most wonderful natural gifts, and entertaining the most beloved old and new friends. Different taste buds may have different flavors, but the same exquisite pursuit finally reached a consensus in the high-end home appliance gorenje.

This summit also set up a surprise link, the gorenje brand designer series has been upgraded, and new members have been added to its popular product family. The new master series ovens and steam ovens integrate design aesthetics and pragmatism, equipped with the world’s top supply chain to create a 4.3-inch TFT smart color screen, automatically select recipes as you like, and bring home global delicacies. While bringing new cooking experience to gluttonous old customers, It also brings exquisite life enjoyment to the global high-end home appliance consumer group.

  The perfect fusion of technology and art, the “art” is still unfinished

Gorenje originated in 1950, and the quality of life it has advocated for a long time is now being favored by more and more professional artists and high-end consumers.

If gorenje is compared to the peak of art of high-end home appliances, then the set of products designed by two top artists can definitely be called the peak of the peak. The gorenje by Starck series uses a minimalist design with high-end glass materials and stainless steel to enhance the sense of space. The high-reflective glass fully demonstrates the style of life; the gorenje by Ora-ito series is designed in pure black and pure white colors. The mysterious avant-garde and ethereal and pure color scheme deduces the elegant and simple quality temperament. The two sets of products in different styles have both noble and beautiful artistic taste and extremely elegant user experience, presenting a charming life attitude that integrates design aesthetics and excellent functions.

The advanced summit of gorenje art appliances provides an elegant choice for the ideal way to open up the art life. Taking this as a new opportunity, gorenje, a high-end home appliance, will continue to bring the ultimate artistic enjoyment and European-style quality life experience to consumers around the world, leading the revolution in the lifestyle of the upstart class.



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