Sleep technology helps Mousse to upgrade its strategy

Sleep technology helps Mousse to upgrade its strategy

On February 27, 2023, Shanghai was sunny and sunny. In the conference center of the Shanghai Building, the tallest building in China, the mattress brand Mousse made an important strategic release. It is relatively low-key, and there are few powerful market public relations activities on the brand side. This is the first strategy conference after Mousse’s listing, so this strategy conference has attracted a lot of attention from inside and outside the industry. The content, in addition to retaining the release content of the traditional mattress brand on the sleep index and white paper, is refreshing to see the new strategy of Mousse and the release form of strategic products such as technology, of course, the appearance of global supplier representatives and the world’s top sleep The video appearance of expert Nick Littlehals swears that Mousse has accumulated in the sleep field for 18 years and is an industry leader. So how to interpret the connotation behind Mousse’s press conference from a strategic point of view and give the industry and What changes will be brought about by the future development of Mousse is a matter of concern both inside and outside the industry.

  Adhere to the brand positioning high-end route

In the past, Mousse, as a “global sleep resource integrator”, was positioned as “privately customized healthy sleep”. The brand was positioned as high-end at the beginning of its establishment. In the past 18 years, Mousse has continued to lead in product innovation, marketing innovation and other fields. In the industry, Mousse has insisted on focusing on high-end products for so many years, but has never regarded the positioning of high-end brands as a communication strategy. The slogan of “National High-end Mattress Sales Leader” was clearly displayed at the press conference, and the sales volume of high-end mattresses is undoubtedly ahead of Mousse. It deserves its name, because the mattress mousse with a value of more than 10,000 yuan is far ahead of domestic and foreign competitors. At this time, it is necessary to put forward this slogan at this stage, and mousse should firmly occupy this position in the minds of the industry and consumers. High-end leading position, more than one brand in the Chinese market has achieved leapfrog success through high-end positioning. This sentence is the need to improve communication efficiency, because a brand’s communication information is multi-level, how to make consumers remember the most important first Information must be considered in communication work. Undoubtedly, establishing a high-end cognition in the minds of consumers has already made a good first impression on potential users. Of course, as a corporate strategy, saying this sentence cannot just stay in the slogan In terms of development, it must also implement a set of interlocking internal operation actions to support the high-end positioning. Over the years, Mousse has obviously made a lot of preparations. He has participated in the formulation of 22 national, team, industry, etc. Standards, accumulatively obtained 1,336 patents, and the world’s leading Industry 4.0 smart factory has been put into use, which undoubtedly provides a solid support for high-end positioning.

  Focus on core categories and expand product scenarios

In the past, the brand layout of Mousse adopted the strategy of multi-category parent-sub-brands. From the outside, the main brand was very strong, but the granularity was placed on the sub-brands and did not form a very strong main brand and main category. Multi-brand operation is in the channel. The era of being king is a better strategy, but after competition enters the era of consumers’ minds, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, because multiple brands mean the dispersion of resources. This approach has the risk of becoming an umbrella brand structure, and the result is big but not strong. . Through this strategy release, we can clearly see that Mousse will focus on sleep and focus on the core category of mattresses. In the future, core categories will drive the development model of sleep peripheral categories. The entire category matrix will be based on consumers, whole families, and life The layout is based on the principles of cycles and full-life and work scenarios. And clearly put forward the mission of Mousse in the new stage of “giving the whole family a healthy and good sleep for a lifetime”. Compared with the corporate mission of Mousse “to make people sleep better”, it will be more concrete and clear internally and externally at this stage.

As a high-end brand, Mousse will have a great opportunity to become a brand choice for consumers in the whole life cycle and in all scenarios. Many mass brands find it difficult to meet the needs of consumers when their consumption upgrades. This time, Mousse takes consumers’ life The cycle is divided into child growth period, campus boarding period, family and business establishment period, middle-aged high pressure period, and retirement period. Suitable sleep products and services can be provided at every stage of consumers or every family member. Mattresses are durable goods, so the consumption frequency is low and the repurchase cycle is long. This layout turns a once-in-a-lifetime transaction into a lifetime transaction, which will provide long-term performance support for Mousse.


  Comprehensively upgrade healthy sleep, spanning from a home brand to a technology brand

At present, Mousse is under the attack of the American brand 3S1K and several major domestic brands. The best defense is to attack, open up a new battlefield, not follow the opponent’s rhythm, and raise the threshold of competition. Undoubtedly, this press conference has revealed Mousse. In the past 18 years, Mousse has been deeply cultivating healthy sleep, but it is partial. The healthy sleep HSP technology platform integrated by Mousse system this time will undoubtedly raise the industry’s product development threshold to a new height. The thinking of its technology platform is close to the technical thinking of technology companies and car companies. With the basic platform as the bottom layer, it is constantly upgraded. Mousse divides this platform into three levels. The first level is sleeping technology, which mainly includes antibacterial, anti Mildew, anti-mite and other technologies are aimed at purifying the sleep microenvironment and improving health protection; the second layer is sleeping technology, which mainly includes edge reinforcement technology, constant temperature sleeping technology, negative ion aerobic technology, etc., mainly to improve sleep quality , so that consumers can fall asleep faster, with the goal of prolonging the duration of deep sleep; the third layer is sweet sleep technology, which mainly includes technologies such as three-dimensional ridge protection, smart sleep, and scene sleep aids. The main purpose is to systematically satisfy each consumer Personalized sleep needs, the 1.0 version of the HSP technology platform released this time also laid the foundation for the continuous upgrade and iteration of the platform in the future. Looking at other brands in the entire industry, in the past, product R&D technology was mainly based on point releases, lacking a system, resulting in a lack of scientific decision-making basis for product planning, and most of them follow the market feeling, so most brands have no SKUs. The method is controlled within a reasonable range. This time, Mousse has systematically sorted out the context from basic technology to advanced technology, which provides a very good basis for future product planning. In this way, from general products to high-end customized products, all It can be covered, just like the product matrix of Mercedes-Benz from C-class to E-class to S-class, which provides a clear configuration boundary for each series of products, avoids the problem of many brands in the industry competing with each other, and saves enterprises A large number of product resources have greatly improved the efficiency of product sales and promotion. This model will also help Mousse provide product planning basis for China’s diversified market in the future.

The Mousse Healthy Sleep HSP technology platform gathers more than 100 sleep experts from around the world. Based on the 4 major scientific innovation platforms and the CNAS laboratory, Mousse has recruited experts across multiple disciplines to form a R&D dream team, including ergonomics. Experts, exercise physiology experts, sleep medicine experts, textile engineering experts, environmental engineering experts, etc., in order to provide consumers with better healthy sleep products, the technical achievements of these experts will be integrated into the HSP platform and will be applied to Mousse in the future Among the products of Mousse, the appearance of this expert team will undoubtedly become the highlight of the industry in 2023, because the impression given by the traditional home furnishing industry is that it does not pay attention to research and development. The release of the HSP technology platform and the debut of the R&D dream team will undoubtedly change people’s perception of traditional home furnishing brands.

These two measures have another layer of strategic significance for Mousse, which will lay the foundation for the transformation of Mousse from a traditional home furnishing brand to a technological sleep brand, which will also help Mousse stand out from the listed brands in the home furnishing industry in the capital market in the future. Lay the groundwork.

  Upgrade service to make the longboard longer

Mousse has worked hard on customer management since she founded the brand in 2004. Over the past 18 years, she has insisted on sending gifts to old customers every year and visiting customers every year to remove mites. Up to now, the annual cost of customer management has exceeded 100 million. 18 years of persistence has allowed the brand to gain customer loyalty and reputation. Mousse’s annual referral rate of old customers exceeds 35%. This data is unique in the entire home furnishing industry and has become a benchmark for many brands to learn from. Mousse has not only successfully shaped the customer value at the level of product function, but also shaped the value at the emotional level of customers. These values ​​have made Mousse the number one brand in the industry. The value at the emotional level has become a very strong moat for Mousse. In the second strategy release, Mousse will further upgrade the existing Golden Butler service, introduce healthy sleep AI diagnosis and consulting services, and provide customers with healthy sleep butler services throughout the family life cycle. Looking at the current consumer market, Consumers are not short of products and information, but professional services, and the service of Mousse is the bridge between products and needs. What consumers want is not products but solutions. Between products and customer needs, A service is required to connect. The upgraded Jin Guanjia service will lock in customers through services, forming the path dependence of customers in terms of demand. This path dependence covers products, services, and brands; and customer data will be deposited with the service, and customer data will in turn firmly lock in customer needs. The new service model will allow Mousse to transform from a manufacturer to a solution provider , From product attributes to service attributes, there are currently 300 million people in China who suffer from sleep disorders, and there is a huge market demand for services in the sleep field. The newly upgraded Golden Steward service of Mousse will further open up the market space for Mousse.


The CR4 of China’s mattress market has reached 22% in 2021, and CR5 in 2019 is 16%. Obviously, the development of the industry has accelerated the increase in market concentration. In the past five years, most of the growth of home furnishing brands has come from channel expansion and professional channel coverage. growth, then after the competition of opening stores in the traditional channels of the home furnishing industry, it will really enter the stage of brand competition. The final winner must have clear strategic guidelines and resolute tactical execution. Brands that are diligent in strategy and diligent in tactics will fall behind, because tactical diligence cannot make up for strategic laziness. To what position and height can Mousse’s new strategy take Mousse, time can give the answer. In the short term, strategic We will wait and see the market performance of the single product Century Dream!

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