The global mobile phone market is reshuffled: Samsung returns to the first place and Apple falls

The global mobile phone market is reshuffled: Samsung returns to the first place and Apple falls

Friends who often pay attention to the smartphone industry should know that after Huawei’s mobile phone market ebbed overseas, the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer has changed hands several times between Apple and Samsung. According to the latest report, Apple is no longer the No. 1 mobile phone market share, and Samsung has returned to No. 1.

According to research data from foreign research organization Canalys, the global smartphone market will continue to fall by 12% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2023, which is the fifth consecutive quarter of decline. Apple’s mobile phone market share is 21%, and Samsung’s mobile phone market share is 22%. .

  In other words, Apple lost the number one position in the global mobile phone market, while Samsung regained the number one position.

The report also pointed out that the mobile phone market in the first quarter of 2023 is still in decline, but it has stabilized, and Samsung, which ranks first, has become the only manufacturer to achieve quarter-on-quarter growth in the midst of a declining market. Back to No. 1 with a 22% market share.

Apple temporarily ranks second with a 21% market share, only 1% behind Samsung. It can also be seen that the combat effectiveness of the iPhone 14 series is still very good, especially the iPhone 14 Pro series, which significantly narrows the gap with Samsung in the same period last year. up.

The contest between Samsung and Apple has never stopped. According to relevant data reported by Atlas, in the first two months of this year, Apple surpassed Samsung and became the mobile phone manufacturer with the highest market share.

In January this year, Apple narrowly beat Samsung with a 27.6% market share (27.09%). In February, Apple once again widened the gap with Samsung, with Apple’s share of 27.1% and Samsung’s 26.75%. But by March, Apple failed to stabilize, and Samsung achieved a go-ahead.

Samsung’s return to the first place may be unexpected to many people, because the current sales of Samsung mobile phones in the Chinese market are not impressive, but it must be known that its sales performance in the global market has always been one of the best.

The recent report also pointed out that Samsung is the only brand that has achieved month-on-month growth.According to industry analysts, thisIt proves that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series has good market feedback, and the Samsung folding screen Galaxy Z series and Galaxy Z Flip series have also received a large number of user recognition.

Although Apple has slipped to the second place, as the only one of the top five mobile phone brands in the world that focuses on high-end flagships, its performance is very stable. Even in the current recession of the smartphone industry, the starting price is higher than that of other phones. The sales of new iPhones have not fluctuated much, which is still very admirable.

Of course, Apple’s share in the global mobile phone market has indeed declined, so what are the reasons for it? Li Nan said that it is reasonable for Apple’s mobile phone to lose the number one market share, because Apple is too aggressive in its products, especially in the field of folding screen mobile phones. Apple’s lag can be calculated on a yearly basis.

When Apple hit “light-years ahead by several light years”, I don’t know if I thought of this day. There is one thing to say, as far as products are concerned, the Android camp has indeed taken the lead in terms of folding screens, and Apple’s folding screen mobile phone does not know when it will be released.

As for the information about the global smartphone market share data in the first quarter of 2023 that deserves attention, I think the share gap between Apple and Samsung has narrowed, which deserves attention. After all, the gap between the two in the first quarter of 2022 is 6. %, and only 1% in the first quarter of 2023.

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