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In the past year, more people have picked up books “2023 National Reading Insights” released

In the past year, more people have picked up books “2023 National Reading Insights” released

On the occasion of World Book Day, Dangdang released “2023 National Reading Insights”. Through the analysis of the trend of national book consumption quantity and categories in the past year, the report has insight into the “taste” of national spiritual food; reviewed the influence of social environment variables on reading in the past year; insight into the reading differences of residents in different cities, in order to scan the It explores the development path of spiritual civilization construction.

During the same period, Dangdang released the top 10 scenes of national reading, the 10 most purchased books by nationals in 2022, the 10 new books that are most purchased by nationals in 2022 (published in 2022), the list of book consumption driven by popular film and television dramas, and the 2022 national books Many lists, such as consumption economy list, management list, and social science list, depict the vane of national reading, help “books in China”, and call on the whole people to resist piracy and work together to promote the healthy development of the book industry.

In the past year, more people have picked up books, and new first-line customers have grown rapidly. The number of book customers on has increased by more than double digits year-on-year, and more people pick up books to embark on a journey of spiritual enrichment. From the perspective of city level, the number of customers mainly increased in the new first-tier cities, followed by third-tier and second-tier cities; the per capita book purchase volume in first-tier cities was the highest. More customers pick up long-lost books through social e-commerce and content e-commerce platforms.

Reading is an aerobic exercise for the brain, but it has its own resistance. In real life, not being able to think about reading, and not knowing what books to read when thinking about reading, are the main problems faced by current reading promotion. Combined with the consumption trend of categories and popular books, released the “Top 10 Scenes of National Reading” in order to remind more readers to think of reading and think of books.

Just need to read strong, serious literature picks up. The national consumption of primary and secondary school books and children’s books accounts for more than 40%, accounting for less than half of the national book consumption. In the era of big Chinese, the reading needs of children and primary and secondary schools have increased significantly, and “chicken babies” are still the mainstream in the field of reading. Parents are not only “chicken baby” but also “self-chicken”. Consumption of books such as philosophy, social science, serious literature, and biography is on the rise. the height of life.

In addition, the changes in the spiritual diet of the Chinese people are a true portrayal of the living conditions of the Chinese people in the past year. In the past year, many cities proposed policies to encourage childbirth, which led to high growth in the consumption of maternity/prenatal education books; “Liu Genghong Girl” became popular all over the Internet during the epidemic, triggering more Chinese people to consume sports/sports books; In addition to keeping fit, citizens also use manual/DIY books to flex their hands while staying at home; with the deepening of high-quality development, the number of industrial technology customers has increased significantly.

Readers in different cities have different reading preferences. Young people in small towns take exams while lying down. They like success and inspiration, and they prefer youth literature, novels, literature, success and inspiration, exams, medicine, and law. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen do not believe in the study of success, and face the issue of “making money” directly, and study economics, management, technology, financial management and foreign languages.

Among the 10 most purchased books by the people in 2022, psychology, healing, success inspiration, serious literature, and science fiction books dominate the list. Reading while lying down is the annual reading theme. On the one hand, readers fight against internal friction and seek self-consistency through self-help psychological, spiritual healing, and serious literature books; mentality.

Among the popular new books in 2022, topics such as feminism, animation, healing, and little people are more in line with young people’s reading interests and social issues. The continuous content output of high-quality short video creators has boosted the explosion of new books; the demand for reading by primary and middle school students and postgraduate entrance examinations continues to be strong.

The past year has been a big year for domestic film and television dramas. A “Hurricane” has led the whole people to read “The Art of War”. The popularity of high-quality film and television dramas has driven the sales of related books to skyrocket. The imaginative text and more complete details of the original work bring a different content experience to fans of film and television dramas. The linkage of book and film, complementing each other, makes high-quality content have more vigorous vitality and better IP value, and promotes the continuous prosperity of the cultural industry.

In the economic list, as the influence of relations between major countries on economic activities increases, citizens’ demand for macroeconomic reading increases; in the management list, “bottom logic” tops the list, and insight into the basic laws in the ever-changing business era is more popular among industry professionals. Welcome; in the social science list, feminist books dominate the list, and in the era of pursuing brain power and service ability, the power of “she” is rising rapidly.

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