Buy a refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine and avoid thunder!Look at these dry goods

Buy a refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine and avoid thunder!Look at these dry goods

Nowadays, whether it is a new home decoration or an old house renovation, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners are three-piece home appliances that are necessary for modern families.

But now home appliance technology is developing rapidly, and many product technologies and functions have been updated and iterated for several rounds. When users choose, they are always dazzled by various parameters. Today, starting from practicality, we have sorted out the 8 tips for buying refrigerators and washing machines for you, so that you can choose good things without stepping on thunder.


Capacity to buy big or not small

When buying a refrigerator, you can choose the capacity according to the number of people, but you would rather reserve more than less, otherwise you will have to buy another refrigerator in the future, which will take up space and cost money.

Generally speaking,The capacity of about 200 liters is enough for 1-3 families. Families with sufficient space and budget can also choose products with more than 400 liters, which have more storage space.

Style buy multiple doors not single door

Although two-door and three-door refrigerators are cost-effective, their capacity is relatively small; while multi-door refrigerators such as cross-door and side-by-side refrigerators have large capacity and more abundant and reasonable functional divisions.

Refrigeration buy air cooling not direct cooling

I believe that many people have troubled about defrosting the refrigerator. To avoid this situation, we have to choose an air-cooled refrigerator.

It improves the disadvantages of frosting inside the direct cooling refrigerator. The evaporator is placed at the bottom, and the cold air is blown into each area of ​​the refrigerator through a fan. Frost trouble.

Compressor buy variable frequency not fixed frequency

In terms of performance, compared with fixed frequency refrigerators, inverter refrigerators are more energy-efficient, have smaller temperature differences, and lower noise.

This is because the speed of the compressor of the inverter refrigerator can be adjusted according to the load of the refrigerator to achieve the effect of energy saving and low consumption; while the fixed frequency refrigerator can only control the temperature by stopping or starting the compressor, which has a certain impact on the temperature of the food, and the temperature control ability poor.

Cyclic mode buy double not buy single

The refrigerator and freezer of the double-cycle refrigerator are more independent, and it is not easy to have odors. The single-cycle refrigerator has only one refrigeration system, which is particularly prone to the problem of odor.

Buy metal panels instead of ceramics and glass

Although refrigerators with panels made of glass, ceramics, and slate panels look good, they are not easy to get dirty or expensive, which is not affordable. Metal panels are more common, dirt-resistant and inexpensive, and more cost-effective.

Buy energy efficiency level 1 and level 2 instead of level 3, 4, and 5

Refrigerators are major appliances that have to be turned on all year round. If you don’t pay attention to energy consumption, you can spend a lot of money in a year. If the budget is sufficient, you can directly upgrade the energy efficiency, saving electricity and money.

Buy practical ones, not complicated ones

Now refrigerator technology is gradually advanced, and many functions will be added, such as electronic touch screen, ice making and so on. But the core function is to store fresh ingredients, and the rest of the flashy functions will only make the price inflated. If you just need it, it is recommended to choose the anti-bacterial and anti-odor function.

  washing machine

Buy large capacity instead of small capacity

The first washing machine at home must have a large capacity, otherwise it will be very difficult to wash some large clothes or bed sheets. If 1-2 people are renting a house, a washing machine of about 8kg can meet daily needs, and a family of more than 3 people is best to choose a washing machine of 10kg.

Buy a roller instead of a wave wheel

Although the pulsator washing machine is cost-effective and occupies a small area, it consumes more water and the clothes are easy to be entangled during washing; on the contrary, the drum washing machine saves water and wears less on the clothes.

Buy washing and drying independently instead of washing and drying

From the perspective of drying effect, the independent washing and drying set adopts the heat pump drying method, which is not easy to damage the clothes. When washing the clothes, the other side can also dry the clothes at the same time, while the washing and drying integrated drying method is mainly in-line or condensation. In terms of energy consumption, the all-in-one washing and drying machine is cheap to buy, but the energy consumption in daily use is higher than that of the washing and drying set. In the long run, the washing and drying set is more energy-saving.

Buy DD motors which are quieter than BLDC motors

DD direct drive variable frequency motors are generally used in mid-to-high-end products. Once broken, the maintenance cost will be more expensive, but in terms of noise, the washing machine with DD direct drive variable frequency motor is quieter than the washing machine with BLDC brushless motor. Friends who have sufficient budget and don’t like too much noise can choose DD direct drive.

Buy practical functions? Don’t buy complicated functions

Now many high-end washing machines on the market are equipped with functions such as wool washing, down washing, air washing, silk washing, smart feeding, and mobile phone networking. But in fact, most people will only choose standard washing or quick washing, and other functions are generally not used. The practical functions of the washing machine depend on whether it has the functions of quick washing, separate dehydration, drum self-cleaning, and high-temperature washing, which saves trouble and budget.

Speed ​​selection 800-1200 rpm

Generally, the speed of the washing machine is between 400-1600 rpm. Under normal circumstances, the higher the speed of the washing machine, the better the cleaning effect, but if it is too high, it will consume more electricity and consume more life. Therefore, if you want to take into account the cleaning effect and save energy, you can choose a product with a speed of 800-1200, which kills two birds with one stone.

Buy level 1 and level 2 energy efficiency instead of level 3, 4, and 5

According to national standards, the first-level energy efficiency of washing machines means that the product has reached the international advanced level, and it also means that it is the most energy-saving and energy-saving; Compared with the average level of the market, products with other levels of energy efficiency only meet the qualified standards, and the energy consumption is also high. Therefore, if the budget is adequate, try to choose a washing machine with first-class energy efficiency.

Choose high or not low for washing ratio

The cleaning ratio refers to the standard of the cleanliness of the washing machine in washing clothes. The national standard stipulates that the qualified value is 0.7. If the cleaning ratio is 0.91, it has reached the first-class energy efficiency.

Generally, the cleaning ratio of the wave wheel washing machine is about 0.8, and that of the drum washing machine is about 1.0. If you want to achieve better cleaning effect, you can choose the drum washing machine.

  air conditioner

buy sooner or later

In addition to large-scale e-commerce festivals such as 6.18 and Double 11, which offer more discounts, many brands will launch new products in April and May. With sufficient air-conditioning resources, many stores will also launch some promotional activities. It is also a good time to buy at this time. Of course, in winter, many manufacturers will also launch price reduction activities in order to prevent inventory accumulation.

The number of horses should conform to the applicable area

The number of air conditioners must first be selected in combination with the area of ​​use, otherwise it will easily affect the cooling effect and consume a lot of electricity. In addition to referring to the table below, you can also choose according to your needs such as climate environment and personal habits. For example, if you want to have a good heating effect in winter or if the room has a large bay window or a sliding door, you can choose a product that is a little larger than the reference value.

The smaller the energy efficiency grade number, the more energy-saving and energy-saving

The level of energy efficiency can judge the performance of an air conditioner. The lower the level number, the better the performance and the lower the energy consumption. Now there are two energy efficiency standards, old and new, on the market. The first-level energy efficiency of the old standard is equivalent to the second-level energy efficiency of the new standard. Pay attention when purchasing. If you need to use the air conditioner for a long time, you can choose the product with the newest level of energy efficiency; if the frequency of use is low, you can choose the product with the newest level of energy efficiency.

Inverter compressor saves electricity more than fixed frequency

The inverter air conditioner maintains the indoor temperature by continuously operating at a specified temperature at a lower frequency; while the fixed frequency air conditioner stops the compressor after reaching the temperature, and starts the compressor to adjust after the temperature changes.

From the price point of view, the price of the frequency conversion is one or two thousand yuan more expensive than the price of the fixed frequency. If the air conditioner is not used for more than 5 hours each time or the frequency of use is low, it is recommended to choose a fixed frequency air conditioner; if you need to turn on the air conditioner overnight for a long time, you can choose Inverter air conditioner.

Self-cleaning function is more clean and easy to use

Dust and bacteria tend to accumulate inside the air conditioner after being used for a long time, and it is generally difficult to clean the inside by yourself. Self-cleaning uses the principle of evaporator frosting to clean up the dirt on the evaporator when defrosting. In this way, the service life of the air conditioner can be extended to a certain extent, and the air blown out can be cleaner.

It is more comfortable if the wind is not blowing directly

The air conditioner can be turned on for several hours. If it is blown directly, it will easily cause headaches. When purchasing an air conditioner, it is best to choose an air conditioner with partitioned airflow and no wind feeling. This can change the airflow angle and wind speed to make the body feel more comfortable. It is also suitable for families with elderly and children at home.

Appropriate selection of smart functions

Intelligent functions can be selected from intelligent control, intelligent timing, query power consumption, and intelligent constant temperature, which can not only improve the convenience of use, but also reduce energy consumption, which is both intelligent and energy-saving.

Optional dehumidification function in the southern region

The dehumidification function of the air conditioner mainly reduces the water vapor content in the air through cooling. It is very effective for the rainy days in the southern region and returning to the south. Basically, it can reduce the humidity in the room after a few hours of operation.

The above is the dry goods that I want to share with you today! If you have a better way to buy dry goods, you can comment and share with everyone~

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