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The bank and the police work together to stop fraud and work together to protect safety? CCB Tianjin Nanfang branch successfully intercepted a telecom fraud

The bank and the police work together to stop fraud and work together to protect safety? CCB Tianjin Nanfang branch successfully intercepted a telecom fraud

In recent years, there have been various forms of telecommunications fraud cases, especially the elderly customer group is extremely vulnerable to being deceived by criminals. The Shuijun Huayuan Sub-branch under the jurisdiction of CCB Tianjin Nanzhi Branch maintains a high degree of vigilance against telecommunications fraud while providing daily financial services. Recently, Nankaishui County Huayuan Sub-branch successfully intercepted a telecommunications fraud using online Chinese medicine courses as a bait, avoiding economic losses for customers.

At around 9:30 am on June 4, 2023, Aunt Han (hidden real surname) of the bank went to Nankaishui County Huayuan Sub-branch to handle deposit business and asked how to pay for online courses. High, in order to prevent being deceived, immediately remind customers to be careful of telecom fraud. At the same time, the customer had a long-term voice call with the person who claimed to be the “head teacher” on WeChat, hoping that the other party would guide him on how to pay. Seeing this situation, the operation manager immediately stabilized the customer and tried his best to persuade the customer to stop contacting the other party.

Through further communication, I learned that the customer is learning “Hand Diagnosis Chinese Medicine Online Course” in a WeChat group of more than 100 people. The 5-day free class period has expired. If you want to continue to attend the class, you need to pay the tuition fee. The “class teacher” said that it is first come first served , and there is a 50% discount for the elderly. I am afraid that I will not be able to pay the tuition fee in time, and I will miss the course registration, and I am anxious to pay. With rich experience, the operation director judged that this was a typical Internet fraud, and immediately called the local police station.

The police rushed to the outlet as soon as they received the report, and together with the employees of the outlet, they contacted the relatives of the customer to explain the situation. After repeated dissuasion, the customer realized that he had suffered a telecommunications fraud and immediately deleted the scammer’s WeChat account. Through the joint efforts of the bank and the police, this online fraud was finally “stillborn”. The customer expressed his sincere gratitude to the bank staff and police comrades for their serious and responsible work attitude and putting themselves in the customer’s shoes.

For a long time, the sub-branches of the business outlets under the jurisdiction of CCB Tianjin Branch have insisted on using morning meetings and evening meetings to study telecom fraud cases and share methods for identifying new types of telecom fraud. At the same time, actively go out, carry out financial knowledge publicity, improve customers’ awareness of preventing telecom fraud, popularize financial knowledge, “keep the money bag” for the people, and prevent criminals from taking advantage of it, which demonstrates CCB’s responsibility and responsibility.

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