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Sunshine Life won the “Insurance Industry Excellent Health Management Service Award” at the 2023 Global Insurance Brand Conference

Sunshine Life won the “Insurance Industry Excellent Health Management Service Award” at the 2023 Global Insurance Brand Conference

Recently, the “2023 Global Insurance Brand Conference and ‘Swallow Comb Award’ Annual Ceremony” sponsored by the financial industry was officially announced. “Program” won the “Insurance Industry Excellence in Health Management Service Award”.

  It is reported that this selection activity has been actively participated by hundreds of enterprises. Through data screening, quantitative review, online voting and expert review, it took nearly three months to produce.The judging team consists ofIt is composed of experts from well-known institutions such as Yanshu Research Institute, School of Finance of Renmin University of China, Financial Brand Research Institute of Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Economics of Nankai University, and School of Economics and Management of Fudan University.

The award-winning projects of Sunshine Life include Sunshine’s self-developed technology product “Sunshine Face Doctor” and Sunshine’s first service product “Dongtong 30” full-process medical management solution. Among them, the smart technology product “Sunshine Face Doctor” based on AI visual learning to predict health indicators is the industry’s first intelligent risk assessment model that uses machine learning to accurately predict health indicators and assist the insurance underwriting system to achieve full coverage of insured customers. More importantly, through the “Sunshine Face Doctor” face deep learning to predict health indicators, combined with the “customer health inspection” business service scenario, an intelligent customer health portrait can be formed, thereby providing customers with a full-process medical management solution. It has matched the “Straight 30” full-process medical management solution for 10 high-incidence specific diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, and rectal cancer.

Different from the traditional green medical service, Sunshine Life’s “Direct 30” service fully considers the patient’s medical treatment process, takes customer satisfaction with the service as the standard for service completion, and provides customers with better medical resources, more reliable service quality, Better process management. At present, Sunshine Life can provide customers with diagnosis and treatment from 32 authoritative hospitals in 9 regions in China, allowing customers to enjoy high-quality diagnosis and treatment service experience from first visit, follow-up visit, hospitalization and out-of-hospital rehabilitation in well-known domestic top three hospitals. In addition, Sunshine Life also provides exclusive critical illness insurance protection for this health service plan. Once the claim conditions are met, customers can also get insurance compensation to ease the economic pressure of medical treatment and truly achieve a “customer-centric” all-round Serve.

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