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What do good banks rely on?Remember the National May 1st Labor Award Women Model Gang Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch Business Department

What do good banks rely on?Remember the National May 1st Labor Award Women Model Gang Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch Business Department

  What is the most important thing about a bank? Is it a majestic office building? A spacious and bright business hall? Or brilliant business data? Or is it a customer base with deep pockets? We have interviewed many bank customers, in their opinion,The most important thing is the bank employees who serve on the front line, their thoughtful service details, superb business ability and those entrepreneurial stories that stand shoulder to shoulder with customers.

  In Tianjin, which has a long financial history, the demeanor of first-line financiers is more memorable than the modern buildings and tall bank buildings on both sides of the Haihe River. There is such a bank on Jianshe Road, Heping District, Tianjin. They serve the real economy, help technological innovation, take root in private enterprises, and sincerely serve the community. They have worked hard day and night to achieve resounding performance and polished their own brand.This isMinsheng Bank Tianjin Branch Business Department,They stand out in the fierce market competition,In 2023, she will be awarded the National May 1st Women’s Model Post.

  Minsheng Bank shares the same roots with private enterprises, and has unique advantages such as market-oriented systems and mechanisms, making the bank always stick toThe strategic positioning of “the bank of private enterprises” satisfies the needs of the market and customers with better products, better services and higher efficiency.

  It is this love of the same origin that makes the business department of Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank stage a moving story in its work of serving the real economy and serving private enterprises.

  walk away journey

  One day in the autumn of 2021, after a simple phone call, Jiang Wei, general manager of the business department of Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank, immediately booked a ticket and embarked on a flight to Haikou. On the other end of the phone is Tang Guilin, the financial director of Fangda Group.

  I met Fang Da many years ago.

  In 2020, Fangda Group, headquartered in Liaoning Province, will strategically acquire Yishang Group, an established retailer in Tianjin. As the landing bank, Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch had business contact with Fang Da for the first time. At that time, the team’s excellent professionalism and dedication to service left a deep impression on the other party. After that, they kept in touch frequently and became friends with each other. Because of this, when this old friend called and revealed Fangda Group’s plan to acquire Hainan Airlines, Jiang Wei immediately realized his mission, and he immediately said: “I will visit you right away.”

  Jiang? He didn’t go alone, but also brought his team and the whole service plan.

  It was this walk-and-go journey that allowed the business department of Tianjin Branch to obtain the largest bankruptcy, restructuring, merger and acquisition business in the country at that time.“Admission Ticket”.

  In the following six months, Jiang’s team traveled between Tianjin and Haikou more than ten times, and took the lead in contacting multiple branches of Minsheng Bank through the strategic customer department of the head office to jointly promote the implementation of M&A business.On January 6, 2022, just after the New Year’s Day holiday, Jiang Wei and Zhang Zonghua, general manager of the investment banking department of Tianjin Branch, led their respective team elites, including Wu Qiong, assistant general manager of the sales department, and Zheng Yipeng, professional investment manager of the investment banking department, to fly to Haikou again. This time , They stayed for more than a month, conducted full research and visits on the front line, formed a due diligence report of nearly 300 pages, and stood out among peers as the only bank that landed M&A loans in this historic restructuring case.

  That time I just left“Travel” has become a legendary story.

  The Business Department of Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch is located on the side of the branch office building.This branch is made ofMore than half of the team of 31 employees are lesbians. As the most important external service window of Tianjin Branch, this team is the benchmark among peers, the “people who know you best” in the eyes of customers, and the financial advisors to community residents.

  Help the eagle return to the blue sky

  Huang Shuai, chief financial officer of Tianjin Airlines, was even happier than himself when he heard the news that the sales department of the branch had won the award.

  In Huang Shuai’s eyes, the sales department is a friend who can send charcoal in a timely manner.

  On the photo wall in the lobby of the Tianjin Airlines office building, there is a photo in the center.that was this yearOn January 4, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Tianjin Airlines and Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch.

  Huang Shuai told reporters:“Tianjin Airlines, which has just undergone restructuring, urgently needs to return to the track of rapid and healthy development. The recovery of capacity and flights requires capital investment.” But at that time, Tianjin Airlines’ asset-liability ratio was still high.

  Jiang Yue and his team saw it and were anxious. They actively conduct research,Add new features to your business when you need it most100 million yuan in credit was the first shot to break the ice.

  Huang Shuai told reporters:“As the epidemic prevention and control enters a new stage, civil aviation is ushering in a period of rapid development. With the strong support of Minsheng Bank, Tianjin Airlines has seized market opportunities and vigorously promoted the unblocking and resumption of aircraft flights. Since joining Fangda Group, Tianjin Airlines has successively resumed the capacity of 50 aircraft ‘Return to the blue sky’; successfully introduced 3 new Airbus A320NEO aircraft; newly opened and resumed more than 10 international routes. In January this year, it has achieved operating profit. new highs.”

  “It is our duty to help enterprises to unfreeze and resume operations, and to assist in recovery.” Jiang Chen is very firm.

  Today, Tianjin Airlines and Tianjin Branch are more like inseparable“Comrades”. They have customized customs guarantee, bank note settlement and other services for Tianjin Airlines; Tianjin Airlines is also actively introducing customer resources into the people’s livelihood system through points exchange and other forms. “We have been actively exploring the integration of ecological strategies.”

  The cooperation experience between Tianjin Airlines and Tianjin Branch is being used by the subsidiary of HNA Aviation Group13 airlines learned from it to promote in-depth cooperation between Minsheng Bank and HNA Aviation Group.

  Stand firmly behind the advanced manufacturing industry

  Suiqun, the vice president of Evergreen Group, drove over in person to express his congratulations to these old friends after learning the news of the sales department’s award.

  Evergreen Group, located in Beichen District, Tianjin, is a technologically innovative enterprise specializing in the production and manufacture of printing and packaging equipment.Decades of technology and market accumulation, especiallyAfter becoming the largest single shareholder of Heidelberg, a famous printing equipment company in Germany, in 2019, Evergreen Group’s position as an industry leader and market leader has been further enhanced and strengthened. Its annual R&D investment of more than 50 million yuan is the key to maintaining its vitality and growth. Important Guarantee. Therefore, ordinary financial services are difficult to meet its development needs.

  Recalling the situation a few years ago, Suiqun said:“Private enterprises, especially our scientific and innovative private enterprises, especially need medium and long-term loans, but at that time, banks generally gave us one-year loans.”

  Minsheng Bank has always upheld theThe strategic positioning of “a bank of private enterprises, an agile and open bank, and a bank with attentive service”. In 2019, the branch business department quickly and accurately captured customer needs, took the lead in providing long-term loans to Evergreen, became the first bank to optimize its loan structure, and provided practical help to private enterprises.

  The COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 is the most unforgettable for Suiqun. “In those few years, the company’s exports were severely affected, and the overall performance declined and even suffered losses.” During that time, Jiang? often led the team to visit customers, visit companies, and do research, and he knew the company’s operating conditions and practical difficulties well. They immediately replenished liquidity for companies, helped many customers successfully overcome the special period, and rejuvenated these science and technology companies.

  In fact, Suiqun is an old financial veteran who participated in the preparation of a branch of a commercial bank in Tianjin and served as the president. Serving such a professional client is not easy.

  “The professional level and comprehensive quality of employees are the most important in the competition of banks now. Loans to private enterprises will test the professionalism and dedication of bankers. It is necessary to do a good job in investigation, review and follow-up services.” Suiqun said with emotion: “We are completely We met by chance, and the cooperation between Minsheng Bank and Evergreen has gone from a zero start to becoming a major cooperative bank in just a few years. Among them, the excellent personnel quality of Jiang’s team played a vital role.”

  Jiang Wei told reporters that the proportion of employees with postgraduate degrees in the entire branch business department is as high asMore than 20%, which is very rare in the first line.

  Today, Evergreen is confidently promoting the intelligent upgrade of production equipment and products. The sales team of the branch is also actively thinking about how to provide customers with better personalized services based on professional knowledge.

  Girls’ classes and their male class leaders

  The team that can best warm customers must have a warm heart.

  This team, which is mainly composed of female employees, is more like a girls’ class, and Jiang Wei is the male monitor of this class. From business management to team building, every detail makes this team full of warmth.

  As a comprehensive branch, the branch business department takes into account both corporate and personal businesses, and carries a lot of business. As members of the team, female employees are also wives and mothers, so they inevitably face situations where they cannot take care of both.There are often female employees who take their children to work in the office and take care of the baby. Jiang? In the officePrepares snacks 365 days a day, teases babies, takes care of them, and gives small toys. He has done everything.

  “No matter how fierce the competition in the industry and how busy the business is, we have to be humane.” That’s what Jiang Chen said, and he did the same. In the “class group”, he knows who is pregnant, who is married, and whose child is in what grade. The year before last, a female colleague got married, and Jiang? also acted as a witness. While reading the marriage testimony, he couldn’t help but burst into tears, like a brother saying goodbye to his married sister.

  This kind of family-like friendship makes thisThe “girls’ class” was united as never before, bursting out with abundant “combat power”. Up to now, the deposit scale of the business department has exceeded 4 billion yuan, and the scale of on- and off-balance-sheet loans has reached 4.5 billion yuan, which has won unanimous praise from more than 40,000 residents in the surrounding area and customers from more than 200 enterprises and institutions.

  In 2022, in the face of multiple “invasions” by Omicron, many sub-branches within the jurisdiction of the Tianjin Branch were unable to operate normally, and the branch business department took the initiative to provoke the heavy burden.

  “The branch must be open at any time.” It was Li Yujie who spoke, and she was the wealth director of the branch business department. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the business of more than 30 outlets under the jurisdiction of Tianjin Branch was merged and undertaken by the sales department.

  Faced with the sudden increase in business volume, no one in the entire team complained, and even one employee even had to undertake all the work inside and outside the counter when it was the most difficult. Li Yujie introduced to the reporter that the hall service manager and financial manager are all female employees.“As long as the antigen test is negative, everyone will immediately apply for resumption of work.”

  There is a scene that makes the newly hired The teller Feng Huiying for 3 years will not be forgotten for a long time. It was one day in May 2022. A customer called the sales department in a hurry, saying that he had a business that needed to be handled urgently, but he could not arrive at the scene due to the epidemic. At that time, the traffic was stopped, and even a bicycle could not be found on the whole street. Feng Huiying walked two kilometers to get the documents at the junction, and solved the urgent need for customers. “On the way back, everyone was going out, and only I was going in. At that time, I felt that I was a retrograde person, and a sense of mission and honor emerged spontaneously.”

  Now, in the streets and alleys of Tianjin, you can see this group of people at any timeThe figure of the “women’s army”, they visit orphans and old households in their spare time, help maintain the community environment, form a square dance team, publicize anti-money laundering knowledge, and act as community grid members… In the words of “male squad leader” Jiang Yu, ” We are on the front line, and what we do is some little things, but service, we are always on the way.”

  Good seedlings also need good soil

  In 2023, while the business department of the branch was awarded the National May 1st Female Model Post, Wang Guan, manager of the Anti-Money Laundering Center of Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch, also won the National May 1st Labor Medal.It is rare for a unit to win two National May 1st Awards in the same year, in the financial system and in Tianjin.

  Wan Qingyuan, chairman of the labor union of Minsheng Bank, told reporters:“Competition in the modern financial industry is, in the final analysis, competition for talents. Labor union work can continuously enhance the sense of gain, security, and happiness of the majority of employees, thereby mobilizing enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity, and creating greater value for the enterprise.”

  Tianjin Branch has its own unique methods in the journey of working as an entrepreneur and in the details of team building.“The most important thing for a unit is the human environment. No matter how good the seedlings are, they will not blossom and bear fruit if the soil is not good.” Ju Weiyu, president of Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank, told reporters that the reform and transformation promoted by Minsheng Bank in recent years have given employees confidence multiply. Tianjin Branch has further stimulated organizational vitality by establishing a clean culture and optimizing business layout.

  Sun Chao, Vice President of Tianjin Branch, is in charge of labor union work. In his view, the things that the employees are most concerned about should also be the things that the trade unions are most concerned about. He told reporters,“The care for employees often lies in asking more questions. Where do you live? Where do your children go to school? What are the difficulties in work and life…” In order to understand more about the confusion of employees, not just the difficulties of employees.

  In the words of Sun Chao, the labor union of Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank often engages in some“Team social interaction” that “does not see results” involves extensive participation from employees to the general public to enhance the sense of gain and happiness. For example, participating in organizing a badminton match for employees in the entire Tianjin financial system; forming 9 activity teams covering the whole bank Men and women, old and young; set up the vice-chairman of the trade union, and annually assess the work performance of the members of the trade union; open the service facilities such as the branch lobby, book corner, and coffee shop to the outside world, and invite guests… “But this has just become the characteristic of our branch. Just like the feeling that Tianjin, the ‘me capital’, presents to the public, what we try to create for our employees is a happy and entrepreneurial atmosphere.”

  After all, the most important thing about a bank is the employees who are fighting on the front line of serving the real economy, and those who warm people’s hearts, retain talents, and forge the human touch of the team.

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