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People-oriented and collaborative symbiosis to create value China Pacific Insurance won the ecological brand certification

People-oriented and collaborative symbiosis to create value China Pacific Insurance won the ecological brand certification

  On August 29, Xinhua News Agency Brand Work Office, Xinhua Publishing House, Kantar Group, Caijing Magazine and Saïd Business School of Oxford University jointly held the “Second Eco-Brand Summit” in Beijing.The 2023 Ecological Brand Certification List was released, and CPIC was certified as an Ecological Brand.

  Eco-brand building mainly revolves aroundBrand ideals, co-evolution and value cyclesThree dimensions, through co-creation with users and partners, continuously provide continuous iterative overall value experience, and finally realize the win-win symbiosis of life-long users and all parties in the ecology, and create a value cycle for the societynew brand paradigm. In the two ecological brand certification lists that have been released, a total of 22 brands have been certified.China Pacific Insurance is the only insurance brand among them.

  The organizers believe thatChina Pacific Insurance adheres to the people-centered ecological brand ideal, and contributes to promoting sustainable development and enhancing the overall value of society,existOutstanding performance in building a product industry ecosystem, creating user value, enhancing user experience, promoting collaborative symbiosis, and contributing ecological valueto become a “breakthrough” of ecological brands.

Build a product industry ecosystem and continue to promote brand evolution

  The brand of China Pacific Insurance takes continuous evolution as its internal driving force, and continuously improves its ability to promote business development and strategy implementation.From the basic stage of brand promotion to the empowerment stage of brand synergistic business development, and then evolved to the symbiotic stage of building a product industry ecosystem.

  Today, relying on superior resources such as sports, national exhibitions, and culture, the China Pacific Insurance brand has initially established a collaborative symbiosis and two-way business ecosystem.A new model of sports ecology.In 2020, China Pacific Insurance will become the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, stepping into a new field of sports marketing and establishing the “Sports + insurance + health + service” model,Tailor-made insurance plans and risk management plans for international large-scale events, guided by the “CPIC Blue Team”, innovated new forms of Asian Games experience for customers, magnified the spillover effect of CPIC Asian Games marketing, promoted national fitness and health, and enhanced brand reputation; and China The women’s volleyball team has cooperated with the women’s volleyball team for five years. With the spirit of the women’s volleyball team as the core, it has closely united employees, customers, and the public, and cultivated the marketing ecology of CPIC Women’s Volleyball Team.A new platform for the National Exhibition Ecology.In recent years, China Pacific Insurance has cooperated with major exhibition brands such as the China International Import Expo, the Service Trade Fair, and the Flower Expo to build a new platform of “insurance + service”, carry out brand marketing activities, and cooperate with the government on themes of green, cooperation, and development. , customers, partners, and the public share development results.The new direction of cultural ecology.China Pacific Insurance cooperates with cultural resources such as the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to create a national symphony tour customer event of “Music in the World”, hold customers’ children and “masters face to face”, build a bridge of communication between the company and customers, enhance brand style, and enrich service content.

(Picture: China Pacific Insurance has escorted the CIIE for five consecutive years)

  Create CPIC service brand and create lifetime customer value

  China Pacific Insurance strives to build the brand of “Pacific Insurance Service”,Customer-centricaround the brand connotation of “responsibility, wisdom, temperature”, build coverageInsurance service system with full life cycle and all-round protectionTowards the value goal of “one-time insurance, life-long service”.

  According to the needs of customers in health protection, pension protection, child rearing, wealth management, etc., we provide comprehensive solutions of products + services.In health services,China Pacific Insurance provides daily medical care and special critical illness protection for children; CPIC creates a national medical pass based on its blueprint, which can efficiently make appointments for expert clinics in tertiary hospitals, arrange hospitalization and surgery, and professional accompanying services, so that young people can rest assured to pursue their dreams far away;In terms of elderly care services,China Pacific Insurance has built an “insurance + pension” ecosystem, and established 13 Taibao homes in 11 places across the country, forming a trinity of happy care, nursing care and health care, and a service system covering all ages, so that the elderly can enjoy “comfortable, happy and joyful” , peace of mind, peace of mind” good times.In wealth management,From the fund planning of child rearing to the use of annuity insurance planning to provide sufficient pensions equal to the length of life, and then connect the insurance fund trust with whole life insurance to realize asset value preservation and appreciation, risk isolation, and directional inheritance.

(Picture: CPIC Home Hangzhou International Care Community)

Strengthen the driving force of technological innovation and improve customer interaction experience

  China Pacific Insurance regards scientific and technological innovation as the cornerstone of the company’s high-quality development, and continues toIntroduce intelligent technological innovation services, improve the level of refined services, and continuously bring customers a good service experience.

  Innovative “Customer Scenario Customization” service,Accurately judge the customer’s intentions, realize the push of thousands of people and faces, and have launched 8 customized scenarios, serving more than 800,000 person-times, and the intelligent response rate is 93%.Build a claim settlement factory to realize fast service.7 claim factories have formed a large-scale disaster emergency response team, focusing on 60% of small-amount and low-risk cases, and 20% of manpower to serve 40% of cases. Through video “0” seconds direct connection, 400 people can support in place within 30 minutes , The daily response service volume is 12,000 pieces.Online transformation of offline store services.Developed cloud store applets to provide personalized, differentiated, and refined services. Cloud store applets completed more than 2.2 million tasks.Elderly-friendly services make insurance more warm.Build a service system for the elderly that combines “online + offline”. Apps and small programs have launched elder-like services, and customers over 60 years old can access manual services with one click. Offline stores provide exclusive services, provide exclusive channels for elderly customers, and provide door-to-door service by appointment.

(Illustration: Using RPA technology to build a black lamp factory)

Adhere to openness, synergy and symbiosis to optimize the circle of friends of strategic customers

  With the tenet of “strategic cooperation, altruistic side by side, openness and win-win”, China Pacific Insurance is committed to building a “circle of friends” of thousands of strategic customers, providing solutions around serving national strategies and serving green development and joint strategic partners, creating win-win cooperation and creating Prosperous pattern, all-round help partners grow,Maximize the creation of “symbiosis” value, making “synergy” a highly recognizable business card of CPIC.

  Make a good “Lian” characterto actively explore various forms such as equity joint investment, industry alliances, and public welfare linkages, to promote mutual learning among strategic partners, integration of different industries, collaborative technological innovation, and joint construction of industry platforms;Sing the word “chain” wellimplement the domestic and foreign economic dual cycle strategy, create online and offline production and service scenarios, link the supply and demand of strategic customers, create a “big coffee market” platform, carry out strategic customer-themed activities, and create “Pujianghui Living Room”;Play the word “Jie” wellIntegrating all product and service lines within the group, launched the “CPIC Service Experience Pop-up Pavilion”, promoting CPIC services to strategic customers, linking offline physical services with online comprehensive service platforms, and developing “one CPIC” shortcut key on the employee side of strategic customers, so that Employees can directly access CPIC services with one click.

(Picture: China Pacific Insurance held a strategic customer Pujiang Hui living room event)

Adhere to the ideal of ecology for the people and promote the construction of a beautiful China

  China Pacific Insurance takes “serving the great nation and safeguarding a better life” as its mission, taking people’s satisfaction as its yardstick, taking green ecology as its background, and adhering to the ideal of ecology for the peoplestarting from green insurance, green investment, green operation and green public welfare, contributes to the protection of green water and green mountains, and aims to become the leader of sustainable development.

  Follow the principles of sustainable insurance and innovate green insurance.China Pacific Insurance focuses on climate change, clean energy, pollution consumption, ecological protection, green transportation and other fields, providing green guarantees exceeding8.2 trillion yuan. Innovate a series of green insurance such as exclusive water pollution insurance, ecological carbon sink insurance, and ecological green environmental rescue liability insurance.Follow the principles of responsible investment and implement green investment.China Pacific Insurance has participated in green project investment and construction through various forms, covering clean transportation, clean energy, resource conservation, recycling and pollution prevention, ecological environment, green service industry, etc., with green investment exceeding 150 billion yuan.Deeply plant the concept of ecological civilization development and protect the source of the three rivers.China Pacific Insurance donated more than 33 million yuan to build the Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest, and planted more than 2,000 acres of forest in Sanjiangyuan, Gonghe County, Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai, with more than 120,000 trees, providing vivid practice for green ecological protection and the construction of a beautiful China. In July this year, the construction of a sports park was launched at the location of the public welfare forest, which will create a new high-quality fitness platform that integrates forests and gardens and serves the people.Build a new model of ecological brand to achieve a win-win situation.China Pacific Insurance created the green brand of “Green China Pacific Insurance, You and I Together”, and integrated ESG concepts and practices into communication with customers, employees, partners, society and other stakeholders. At the same time, introduce carbon inclusiveness into major exhibitions and activities, create new forms of national exhibitions such as zero-carbon import expo, green service trade, and implement “carbon inclusiveness” incentives for individual customers.

(Picture: China Pacific Insurance Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest)

  China Pacific Insurance will take the ecological brand certification as a new starting point, focusing on the original intention of firmly believing in the long-term and sticking to the valuewith the goal of “building a new brand highland”, continue to improve the core capabilities of ecological brands such as user experience interaction, open collaborative co-creation, customer value creation, and social value contributionwhile maximizing the value of customers, shareholders, employees, ecological partners, etc., and at the same time contributing to the maximization of the overall value of society.

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