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Songdian Image: The new bus advertisement makes a surprise appearance, showing the style of the domestic brand

Songdian Image: The new bus advertisement makes a surprise appearance, showing the style of the domestic brand

Recently, Songdian Image’s bus advertisements can be seen everywhere on the streets of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The bus body consists of brand ambassador Chen Jianbin and a domestic camera. The route covers 20 bus lines in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and passes through crowded places. It attracted a lot of attention at once, and the brand image of domestic products is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Domestic brands accompany citizens in their daily travels, shorten the distance between brands and consumers, and increase brand visibility and exposure. This move of the brand is not only to let more consumers understand Songdian and choose Songdian, but also reflects the strength of Songdian as a domestic brand.

Scientific and technological innovation, insisting on independent research and development for more than ten years

Founded in 2010, Songdian Imaging is a well-known imaging brand under Shenzhen Suoda Digital Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the R&D and production of digital imaging products. Since its development, the brand has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship, complied with market development, and continuously pursued excellence in the electronic and digital industry. From creating entry-level cameras that better meet the needs of Chinese people to now entering the professional imaging field, it has made breakthroughs in the technical fields from digital zoom to optical zoom. It reflects the technological innovation strength of a domestic brand.

Quality first, focus on creating high-level products

Quality is the lifeline of a brand and one of the reasons why Songdian Imaging is chosen by the public. Since the brand was founded fourteen years ago, Songdian Imaging has carefully polished every component and every process, striving to produce products that meet user needs and aesthetics. After gaining insight into the real needs of consumers, it has successively launched various types of products such as children’s cameras, card machines, and mirrorless cameras. These products have led the sales of major e-commerce platforms.

Integrity, mutual win-win, cooperation to create a better future

Only through enterprise cooperation can a win-win situation be achieved, and this is true for all walks of life. Purchasing its own factory is an important step in the development strategy of Songdian Imaging. It will enhance the company’s visibility and influence, reduce costs and increase efficiency, meet greater market demand, enhance the trust of customers and suppliers, and have a long-term impact on the enterprise. Planning and layout have positive meaning and role. On December 10, 2023, Songdian Imaging successfully settled in Tongde Intelligent Manufacturing City, Shunde, Foshan City.

Customer-centric, innovate and iterate in development

As the leader of domestic imaging products, Songdian Brand always puts customers at the core and protects the rights and interests of consumers on different sales platforms. As long as you purchase Songdian Imaging products, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial period. After purchase, We provide consumers with a 3-year original factory warranty, always stand from the perspective of consumers, and strive to allow every consumer who likes to record life to use domestic cameras.

Over the years, Songdian Imaging has been insisting on creating high-quality imaging products and leading domestic brands to the world. This time it debuted in the form of offline bus advertising, not only to expand brand awareness, but also so that Chinese people can use the products we produce. We work hard for cameras and look forward to the future in which Songdian Imaging will promote the development of the industry to the world.

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